Composed by Peter McConnellGrim Fandango features a timeless soundtrack that brings the game’s world to life. With influences and genres including bebop, big band, jazz, swing, and traditional Mexican music, the soundtrack is a joy to listen to whether playing the game at the time or not.

Grim Fandango soundtrack CD cover art
Grim Fandango soundtrack CD cover art

Grim Fandango Remastered soundtrack

The soundtrack was revamped for Grim Fandango Remastered with certain parts enhanced with live instrument performances. It’s available on subscription platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, etc.


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  2. Ryan Williams avatar
    Ryan Williams

    I’m aware that the links above don’t work right now. I’ll see what I can do.

    In the meantime, your best bet is streaming from Apple Music or Spotify, as both have the remastered soundtrack. The Apple Music version is now lossless.

    Apple Music:


    1. A good number of us dislike the remaster and would STRONGLY prefer the original soundtrack, as the tracks DO in fact differ (sometimes significantly) from the remastered soundtrack. Those of us who are die-hard fans and grew up with the original FAR prefer the original music. Pretty seriously irked with the remasters. Just listen to the difference between “Hector Steps Out” between original and remaster.

    2. Cris, you’re right that the remastered tracks do change the character of some tracks a bit.

      Personally I like that new renditions a lot, as they introduce live instrument performances that breathe even more life into the fantastic music, and from an in-game perspective aren’t heavily compressed like in the original game.

      Of course the original game and its soundtrack is still there, and it even had an official release with many of its tracks available in CD quality. This reminds me that those links above need to be fixed.

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  4. […] listening for Music lovers. You can find the free original soundtrack (Not the HD remastered) using this link from the official website. The voice acting by the Spanish artistes infused with slight hints of […]

  5. Hi, I’m an aspiring youtuber and was intending my first game played to be Grim Fandango and I was wondering if anyone new what the soundtrack copyright is and if I would be able to use some of these songs as endcard/outro for the videos. Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Hey Andres,

      This site was given permission specifically many years ago by LucasArts to provide this music for fans, however it should be considered copyrighted by LucasArts.

      As a general rule I wouldn’t recommend using any non-licensed or royalty free music for videos.

  6. payam sbr avatar

    thank you in advance, a clear place for getting sound tracks easily

  7. Matt Souza avatar
    Matt Souza

    Great Soundtrack, love every song. Someday I will make great musics like those

    1. payam sbr avatar

      i hope :)

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