Designer Diary: Friday, January 23, 1998

Grim Fandango title card
Grim Fandango title card

OK, one last crunch-mode gripe: The final insult to injury comes when your sleep cycle goes totally haywire, and you just can’t get to sleep anymore until 5:00am. Then you can’t get up in the morning, and when you finally get into work it’s almost noon. People look at you funny and say, “Well, look who decided to come in today,” somehow forgetting they’ve made this same joke every morning for the last month. I want to stop and stand on their toes, poke their wishbones, and yell, “Hey! I was here late!” but it just seems so petty and insecure. I do it anyway, but I don’t like the way it sounds. I thought about wearing an “I WORKED UNTIL 4:00am” T-shirt, but then I’d just have to wash it, and who has time?

Working vampire hours

Then I had an ingenious idea: To let everyone know that I’m working these vampire hours, I’ve started wearing a cape to work. Get it? Believe me, it has stopped the funny looks! In fact, now when I walk the halls, with my cape swirling dramatically around my ankles, people don’t even look at me at all. Sometimes they even look at their feet!

Tim Schafer, Grim Fandango Designer


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