Designer Diary: Saturday, February 15, 1998

Grim Fandango title card
Grim Fandango title card

It’s done-done! Oh my freakin’ God! I can’t believe it’s done! 7000 lines of dialogue in three months!? “Are you the biggest stud in the world,” you ask? Well, apparently… yes! I printed out the extracted text from the game, and it’s thicker than a phone book! I love it! I want to show it to everyone. I’m going to have it bound and wear it around my neck on a gold chain, like some sort of cross between Flavor Flav and that fat guy who no one wants to study with in the Paper Chase.

Sigh. Now I can finally finish Final Fantasy VII. Come to think of it, I can actually go outdoors. I can go out at night. I can go away for the weekend. I can do anything I want!

Tim Schafer, Grim Fandango Designer


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