Designer Diary: Wednesday, February 18, 1998

Grim Fandango title card
Grim Fandango title card

Nothing to do anymore

What do I do now? I’m so depressed. I have no direction anymore, no focus. I’m adrift. Who am I? What do I do on weekends? I miss crunch mode.

Oh forget it. You don’t want to hear this endless whining and neither do I. I want this diary to be full of wisdom and insight. If I could at least impart one meaningful observation in every entry, just one nugget of knowledge that will make people think and possibly change their lives, I would be a happier man. So for this entry, here it goes. My one piece of wisdom:

Put your dental floss in the shower.

I’m not kidding. You’ll find yourself flossing more often, and everything, including good game design, begins with good oral hygiene.

Tim Schafer, Grim Fandango Designer


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