Balloon Twister

Balloon Twister showing Manny his work
Balloon Twister showing Manny his work

Delighting patrons of the Day of the Dead Carnival in El Marrow, the Balloon Twister isn’t the most cheerful of clowns but he boasts an impressive range of balloon creations ranging from a dead worm to Robert Frost. Expect your balloon twisting experience to be brief though, because if the relentless squeaking of his balloons doesn’t drive you away then his personality certainly will.

Role in Grim Fandango

It turns out that balloons are a very useful resource in the Land of the Dead. Manny Calavera is able to use the ‘dead worm’ balloons (i.e. straight out of the packet) to sabotage the Department of Death’s mailing system, much to Brennis’ frustration. Additionally, the blown-up balloons are great for scaring away pigeons.


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