Celso Flores

Celso reading a DOD brochure
Celso reading a DOD brochure

Celso Flores came to the land of the dead guided by Manny Calavera. He was searching for his wife, who recently passed away. At the Department of Death Manny found that Celso only qualifies for the excelsior line, and has to walk the great distance to the underworld.

He broke the stick to save his afterlife and then ended up in Rubacava, running his diner, the Rub-A-Mat, waiting for his wife to turn up. There, he met Manny who came there looking for Meche. Having proven to him that his wife sailed away with another man, Celso went out on a quest for her, leaving Manny to run his diner.

Celso is eventually reunited with his wife in a ship and had a cruise together. In Year 4 they visited Nuevo Marrow and visited Hector LeMans who attempted to sell them a Number Nine ticket. While there, Manny met them (disguised as Johnny Thunder and managed to persuade them to buy the tickets.


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