Demon Beavers

Demon beaver guarding its dam
Demon beaver guarding its dam

Deep within the Petrified Forest lie demon beavers. They ravage those brave enough to approach them and use their victims’ dismantled bodies to build a dam. Hundreds of souls have met this sorry fate, the agony on their faces clear to see as the beavers continue to build upon them.

Role in Grim Fandango

Manny and Glottis encounter the demon beavers when trying to proceed towards Rubacava. While Celso was able to evade their wrath by hitting them over the head with the Elcelsior stick, that isn’t an option for Manny due to the necessity of carefully driving the Bonewagon across the bony dam — during which a flaming beaver would most likely cause an explosion, or at the very least damage Glottis’ fine paintwork.

Because the demon beavers’ flaming bodies make the tar that their dam is built upon as easy to swim in as water, Manny has the devious idea of using a fire extinguisher on them as they jump into it for a dip. This quickly leads to the tar becoming a sticky grave for the horrid beasts.


  • The only known way to truly kill a person in the Land of the Dead is to sprout them. Merely breaking apart their skeleton only makes it more difficult for them to get around; as such, it’s likely that the dismantled bodies that comprise the demon beavers’ dam are still alive and have been trapped there for many years.

Behind the scenes

  • The Demon Beavers’ fate of sinking into tar was devised after designer Tim Schafer witnessed a family of squirrels sinking into a freshly laid road outside his home.


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