Hector’s Agents

Hector's agents lose their target
Hector’s agents lose their target

Sent to kill Manny Calavera when the SS Lola docks at Puerto Zapato, Hector’s Agents are a pair of mobsters armed with Sproutella guns — likely two of many at Hector LeMans’ disposal. They’re ruthless and willing to take as many innocent lives as is necessary in order to complete their mission.

Role in Grim Fandango

Hector’s Agents board Manny’s ship and kill his crew, something which visibly shakes our protagonist. But their real target is Manny himself, who they chase through the ship until Glottis saves him by pulling him into the engine room.

After some experimentation with the anchors, Manny is able to cause one half of the ship to split apart from the other and escape. Unfortunately, the elation is short-lived as the ship soon runs out of momentum and sinks into the depths of the Sea of Lament.


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