Manny Calavera talking to Carla
Manny Calavera talking to Carla

If you’re looking for the definitive transcript of all 7332 lines of Grim Fandango‘s dialogue, you’ve come to the right place.

Gownaar very kindly put together a document for us that contains all of Grim Fandango‘s dialogue, taken directly from the game’s resource files and matched up to the characters’ names.

Unlike the dialogue transcript that the game automatically generates as you play, this includes every piece of dialogue whether you trigger it or not. While the dialogue is generally presented in groups as it’d be encountered when playing the game, the order of those groups isn’t necessarily logical, and sometimes there is no sense to the grouping at all. Therefore it’s best used as a dialogue reference rather than a script.

Manny: My scythe–I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.
Manny: Our relationship has moved beyond that.
Manny: I don’t want to mess up my blade.
Manny: It’s some sort of special work order…
Eva: To: All agents. From: Office Manager Don Copal.
Copal: All right you boneheads, thank your lucky stars and get to your freakin’ cars!
Copal: We have a mass poisoning on our hands!
Copal: Too many dead to assign specific cases, so all clients are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!
Copal: So as you sow, so shall you reap, and as you reap, so shall you receive your commission!
Copal: So, let’s see some hustle out there!
Copal: Move it! Move it! Move it!
Manny: Whatever you say, jefe.
Manny: I could make a paper airplane with it, but I’m kinda busy.
Manny: Memos are for reading and throwing away, and not much else.
Manny: Looks like I got a message.
Manny: My message tube is full of nothing, as usual.
Manny: There’s no air pressure.
Manny: The server must be down.
Manny: There’s something in there already.
Manny: Heh. Look out below.
Manny: My boss is always giving me these motivational sales books…
Manny: “They Bought the Farm, Now Sell Them the Cows,” stuff like that.
Manny: Read ’em already. Didn’t help.
Manny: This deck of cards is a little frayed around the edges.
Manny: Then again, so am I, and I’ve got fewer suits.
Manny: It’s a deck of cards.
Manny: Better take these cards– it looks like a long day of solitaire for me.
Manny: I’ve already got one card out, and I’m not dealing more until there’s money on the table.
Manny: A deck of cards just wouldn’t help there.
Manny: Oooh, must be a pinochle deck!
Manny: I don’t know how to pick locks that way.
Manny: This card’s full of holes.
Manny: I keep meaning to mark these cards…
Manny: I don’t feel like pitching cards right now.
Manny: I couldn’t play this card there.
Manny: My computer gives me instant access to our database of deadbeats.
Manny: (I just don’t understand it.)
Manny: (Why can’t I find anything good for Meche?)
Manny: I should close Bruno’s record before the black marks burn into my screen.
Manny: Here’s Celso’s file.
Manny: That walking stick was too good for him.
Manny: Ah the old files, the old clients, the glory days…
Manny: When people died with dignity, and Domino Hurley didn’t exist.
Manny: I don’t want to re-read the old files; it’ll just make me sad.
Manny: This end cabinet is where I hang my cloak.
Manny: Nothing in there but my cloak.
Manny: Eh, I’m going to let it air out some more.
Manny: She looks fine to me.
Manny: I don’t like to get involved with the customers that way.
Meche: I’m sorry I let you down, Manny.
Meche: That’s a lot of responsibility, Mr. Calavera.
Meche: What makes you think I’ve been all that good?
Manny: Ms. Colomar–
Meche: Meche. Please.
Manny: Meche. I can see it in your face.
Manny: And in your file here, where it says you’re entitled to a first-class ticket to…
Manny: …nowhere?
Manny: WHAT?!
Meche: Did I do something wrong?
Manny: Not according to your bio! It was spotless!
Manny: …at least the part I read was.
Meche: I’m not sure I like the implication, Mr. Calavera.
Manny: I’m still on the case, Meche, but I haven’t found anything for you yet.
Meche: Maybe I’m not the woman you were hoping for.
Manny: I’ve been thinking about your case…
Meche: Mm-hmmm?
Manny: The only implication here is that I’m fired.
Meche: Is it something I did?
Manny: Are you SURE you’re Mercedes Colomar?
Meche: Yes, would you like to see my birthmark?
Manny: Anything about your past you haven’t told me?
Meche: Quite a bit, considering I’ve told you nothing.
Manny: Anything else you want to come clean about?
Meche: What else can I say?
Manny: Excuse me, but I have to go straighten this mess out.
Meche: Sorry to be so much trouble, Mr. Calavera.
Manny: It’s no trouble, but please…
Manny: Call me Manny.
Manny: You know what I have to do, I just have to go straighten this mess out.
Manny: Sure. Where is it?
Meche: It’s wherever you guys put my skin!
Manny: Maybe later.
Meche: Well, hurry up because it’s going to be cremated soon.
Manny: On second thought, I’d better go.
Meche: Well, it’s probably cremated by now anyway…
Manny: Did you kill much when you were alive?
Meche: Very little.
Manny: Never killed anybody?
Meche: I have to confess, I never killed anybody.
Manny: Not even a teensy bit of killing?
Meche: Maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough.
Manny: Were you a big shoplifter?
Meche: Well, they accused me of it once…
Manny: Really?
Meche: But it wasn’t my fault. That puppy followed me out of the store.
Manny: Oh.
Manny: Mean to animals?
Meche: Oh no! I love animals.
Meche: Once, when I was volunteering at an animal shelter–
Manny: Just stop right there.
Manny: Ever cheated on your taxes?
Meche: I’ve never paid taxes in my life.
Manny: Ah-ha!
Meche: I’ve never made enough money to be taxed.
Meche: You know, it’s mostly been all volunteer work…
Manny: Uh-huh.
Manny: Ever cheated on your husband?
Meche: Mr. Calavera, there’s no ring on my finger.
Manny: There’s no skin on it either…
Meche: I guess you’ll just have to trust me then.
Manny: Litter?
Meche: Oh, Manny. Is that the best you can do?
Manny: Work with me Meche. Give me some dirt.
Meche: Well, I could do something bad right now if that would help.
Manny: Wouldn’t count. Sorry.
Manny: I give up.
Meche: Don’t say that, Manny.
Manny: Oh, I sold so many car travel packages when I was first starting out.
Manny: When did I lose my edge?
Manny: We can’t operate cars, that’s how they keep us from skipping town.
Manny: “NO PARKING. Client car pick-up only.”
Manny: I remember the year they built that…
Manny: Mostly because it cost so much we didn’t get bonuses that year.
Manny: I’m not going in there!
Manny: They still think I’m locked up, hopefully.
Manny: The Petrified Forest, Rubacava…
Manny: Not really that far away, but to me they might as well be on the other side of the world.
Manny: This is the on-ramp to the freeway.
Manny: I’m not walking on the freeway!
Manny: I shouldn’t even be STANDING here…
Eva: Manny, what are you doing?
Manny: Safety inspection.
Eva: Well, hurry up, you’re giving me a migraine.
Eva: Server’s down again.
Manny: What else is new?
Eva: What is that horrible squeaking noise you’re making?
Manny: New shoes.
Eva: Manny, stop messing around and go dig up a driver in the garage.
Copal: Hey! Funny Bones!
Copal: In my office!
Copal: NOW!
Manny: It’s a hole punch.
Manny: Could I take your hole punch?
Eva: Ha! I doubt you could take my HALF punch.
Eva: Heh.
Manny: Mind if I use your hole punch?
Eva: Knock yourself out.
Manny: Thanks.
Eva: Gets the aggressions out, doesn’t it?
Manny: Any more holes and it would fall apart!
Eva: Manny, what are you doing?
Manny: Just marking cards, honey.
Manny: That might alter their performance.
Manny: It’s my boss’ secretary, Eva.
Eva: It’s my boss’ whipping boy, Manny.
Eva: Oh, Manny. Just take the sentences one word at a time. You’ll get it.
Eva: Maybe card tricks some other time, when I’m not so busy.
Eva: Thanks, but I got solitaire on the computer, Manny.
Eva: Oh THAT’S what’s making that terrible noise.
Manny: Domino’s door is locked.
Manny: Probably scared I’ll steal one of his files.
Manny: Not a bad idea, actually.
Eva: Big Mr. Boss Man doesn’t want to be disturbed today.
Manny: Ah, the big, golden door to mediocre management.
Eva: A little respect for our fearless leader, please.
Manny: Why? I’ve worked here longer than he has, you know.
Eva: And you’re proud of that?
Manny: Hmmm. Good point.
Manny: Wasn’t too long ago that the name on the door was, “Supply Closet.”
Manny: That’s the express elevator down to the garage.
Manny: That’s the elevator to the lobby.
Manny: Buenos DÌas.
Eva: Manny? Why aren’t you at the poisoning?
Manny: Eva, I really need the boss to sign this work order.
Eva: I’ll give it a shot.
Eva: Mr. Copal, I’ve got Manny Calavera out here to see you…
Eva: Eh.
Eva: Sorry, Cal.
Eva: Maybe tomorrow.
Manny: That’s too late.
Eva: Oh yeah, like you’re going anywhere.
Manny: Hey, you missed a great poisoning.
Eva: Yeah, and you missed a great client.
Eva: Domino came back from there with a nun.
Manny: HÌjole – I got a tiny little man with a mean temper and no commission.
Eva: Well, at least you don’t work for one.
Manny: You know, Copal’s not really in his office.
Eva: Sweetheart, I know what you’re up to.
Manny: Huh?
Eva: You’re trying to get me away from my desk so you can link all my paper clips together again.
Eva: Grow up, darling.
Manny: Just one more question about my job…
Eva: Mmm-hmmm.
Manny: What poisoning?
Eva: Yeah, the code three gazpacho poisoning that everybody’s at but you!
Eva: Why do I send out memos if no one reads them?
Manny: Where was the poisoning again?
Eva: Just ask your driver for crying out loud. He’ll know.
Eva: He’ll know.
Manny: I forget… am I supposed to be somewhere right now?
Manny: I can’t find my driver.
Eva: Manny, you know what to do.
Eva: Stop playing dumb just to flirt with me.
Eva: Manny, do I have to explain your job to you again?
Manny: Any messages for me?
Eva: Besides the one about the poisoning?
Manny: Yeah.
Eva: I only have one other message for you, Manny…
Eva: I’m not your secretary!
Eva: I don’t take your messages!
Eva: So get it through your thick skull, and stop forwarding your phone to me!
Manny: Alright, but that sounded more like FOUR messages to me.
Manny: In my heart, though, you’re still my secretary.
Eva: Manny, what are you talking about?
Eva: I was NEVER your secretary, even when you were on top.
Eva: I got one boss, same as you–Don Copal.
Manny: Come on. I know you work for another man besides Don.
Eva: Wh–
Eva: Wh…What are you talking about?
Manny: I know you take memos for Hurley some times.
Eva: Ah, Manny. Just beat it, will ya?
Manny: Busy as ever, I see.
Eva: I’d have more work to do if you had more clients.
Manny: Ouch!
Manny: Where is everybody?
Eva: Oh, Manny, did you forget what day it is today?
Manny: Oh, man. Did I come in on Saturday again?
Eva: It’s the Day of the Dead!
Eva: Everybody’s back in the Land of the Living, visiting their families, like we should be.
Manny: Why aren’t you visiting your family today?
Eva: Ah, the boss is here so I gotta be here.
Eva: How about you, Cal?
Manny: No one back there I want to see.
Eva: …and you don’t want Domino here alone, getting all the good leads.
Manny: That too.
Manny: Domino’s here?
Eva: He’s at the poisoning right now, stealing your commission.
Manny: So… you going to the Christmas party?
Eva: After the spectacle you made of yourself last year?
Eva: I wouldn’t miss it for the world!
Manny: Any good gossip?
Eva: Well, I heard Domino got a raise.
Manny: Por favor. Tell me some good news, why don’t ya?
Eva: I still love you.
Manny: You’re all I really need, Belleza.
Manny: Yes.
Eva: Well, the Manuel Calavera that I know picks up people in the Land of the Living…
Manny: Dead people.
Eva: Preferably.
Eva: And he brings them here and tries valiantly to sell them the best travel package they qualify for.
Eva: If he sells enough premium packages, our hero will be free to leave the Land of the Dead.
Eva: Until then, he and I are stuck here…
Eva: …having the same conversation…
Eva: …over and over again for eternity.
Manny: No, but I’d like to hear your description of it, just for kicks.
Manny: No, I just want to know where my driver is.
Eva: Do you want me to have him paged?
Manny: Yes.
Eva: Then get Don to stop being such a cheapskate and install a paging system.
Manny: No.
Eva: Good, because we don’t have a paging system.
Eva: You’re just gonna have to troll the carpool until you find a demon with a driver’s license.
Manny: Well, enough about me. What’s your job like?
Eva: Like babysitting, except I don’t get to watch TV.
Manny: Why do I have to use a demon for a driver?
Eva: Only demons can operate the cars.
Eva: If the company let you guys drive, you’d all be A.W.O.L. in ten minutes.
Manny: Got me there.
Manny: What if we just skipped town tonight?
Manny: You and me, baby!
Eva: Thanks for the offer, but we’d never make it out of the city alive.
Manny: But…
Eva: In one piece, I mean.
Manny: I bet I could get out, if I really tried.
Eva: Oh, Manny. Look at you.
Eva: You’re a trapped soul, and you don’t even know it.
Manny: Why do some clients qualify for better travel packages?
Eva: They led good lives.
Manny: Que traes! How do you define a “good” life?
Eva: Better than yours and mine.
Manny: How do I get a lead on a good client?
Eva: Sweetie, I send out the leads, but I don’t pick who gets them, and I don’t look inside.
Eva: They all look the same to me.
Eva: Kinda like you guys.
Eva: I just drop them in the tube, and the dispatcher down stairs sorts ’em out.
Manny: So, what did you do in life to get stuck here?
Eva: What I did back in the fat days is none of your business. You know the rules.
Manny: Well, I gotta go hit the bricks.
Eva: Okay, you show those bricks a lesson.
Eva: Manny, if you don’t mind, I’ve got a lot of filing here to do…
Manny: Right. Hay te huacho.
Manny: Ah, the old head of the department…
Manny: Way before my time.
Manny: Copal’s always saying what a slave driver he was, though.
Manny: Now this guy…
Manny: I don’t know who this guy is.
Manny: I think he just paid for the lobby renovation.
Brennis: Grmmmble, grrr…
Brennis: You and your fancy suits and your nose holes way up in the air…
Brennis: Sticking your empty beer bottles down the message tubes, how fancy is that?
Brennis: Huh? Don’t you boys upstairs realize the tube switcher is a sophisticated and delicate piece of machinery?
Manny: Uh…
Brennis: You think you’re better than me??
Manny: No.
Brennis: Good.
Manny: There she is–The Number Nine…
Manny: One of these days I’m going to ride her right on outta here!
Manny: Good afternoon.
Manny: How’s it hanging?
Manny: Not that I have a choice, but I wonder if I’d be happier working on a ship.
Manny: Then again, I’m so competitive, I wouldn’t be able to relax until I was captain…
Manny: Let’s see… where am I on this… Don Copal, Domino Hurley…
Manny: Junior sales associates? That better not be me!
Manny: That’s the door to the communications room.
Manny: That’s the express elevator upstairs.
Manny: That’s the door to the packing room.
Manny: That’s the door to the streets of El Marrow.
Manny: Hey, Genie. Come out of the lantern already.
Manny: Hey! Service!
Glottis: Huh?
Glottis: Hey! Who the–
Glottis: Who’s messing with my stuff?
Glottis: Oh, heh, sorry, sir! I didn’t expect…
Glottis: Sales agents usually don’t come over to this part of the garage…
Glottis: Hey! Manny!
Glottis: Did you get that work order signed yet?
Manny: No. Can’t we just do it without?
Glottis: I told you! I could lose my job!
Glottis: Manny, if I lose my job…
Manny: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Don’t worry. Just go on back to work.
Manny: I’ll get that work order signed.
Manny: Somehow.
Manny: I’ve got to get this work order signed.
Manny: That won’t help it get signed.
Manny: I wonder what happened to Glottis…
Manny: This sign says, “I’m at the junkyard. Wooooo!”
Manny: Who’s afraid of a little rusty water?
Manny: It’s a tool cabinet.
Manny: It’s locked.
Manny: No one in there.
Manny: There’s something big going on in there.
Manny: Not when there’s a door.
Manny: There are lights for “Wash,” “Rinse,” “Wax…”
Manny: …and “Land of the Living” depending on your destination.
Manny: The driver-demons operate this somehow, and the company won’t tell us salesmen how it works.
Manny: Gotta keep us down somehow.
Manny: Through there lies the Limbo Highway, and on the other side of that, the Land of the Living.
Manny: Can’t go through on foot.
Manny: People have tried, but they never came back.
Manny: Ha!
Manny: Regular cars.
Manny: Here’s what I need–wheels!
Manny: Oooh, I MIGHT get hurt if I try to get one down by myself…
Manny: I’m not going upstairs!
Manny: I want them to think I’m still locked in the shop!
Manny: That door opens up onto an alley.
Manny: Hey, you a driver?
Glottis: Me?
Glottis: Ha!
Glottis: No.
Glottis: No no no.
Glottis: I don’t ride ’em. Just wrench ’em.
Manny: I’m Calavera. Manny Calavera.
Glottis: My name’s Glottis.
Glottis: I don’t get many visitors–Hey! I got a message for a Mr. Calavera…
Glottis: Uh…
Glottis: …your driver said…
Glottis: …that Mr. Hurley said…
Glottis: …that he could have the rest of the day off.
Manny: Domino sent my driver home?
Glottis: Yeah, wasn’t that nice?
Manny: Looks like I need a new driver.
Glottis: OH!
Glottis: I…
Glottis: UH… I!
Glottis: Uh… I, would agree with that.
Glottis: Yes you do.
Manny: You want to be my replacement driver?
Glottis: ME?
Glottis: OH, oh, no. Sorry.
Glottis: Can’t.
Glottis: Rules.
Manny: Come on, Glottis. I need you to be my driver.
Glottis: I told you…
Glottis: No, I can’t. I’m… I’m…
Glottis: I’m too big.
Manny: You’re not too big! You’re just right!
Glottis: No, they told me again and again.
Glottis: I’m too big to drive.
Manny: You’re not too big. You just have a self-image problem.
Glottis: A what?
Manny: Repeat after me:
Manny: I am not fat.
Manny: I am thin.
Manny: Women find me attractive…
Glottis: Hey, I never said I was too fat for the ladies, just the cars.
Glottis: The ladies like me just fine (heh, heh, heh).
Manny: You’re not too big. The cars are just too small.
Glottis: Yeah! Those dang compact cars–
Glottis: Hey! That gives me an idea!
Glottis: I could alter your car just a bit–with just a quick torch job to let out the seams, you know?
Glottis: Ah, but I’m not allowed to modify the cars without a work order from upstairs.
Glottis: I could lose my job.
Manny: A work order, huh?
Glottis: Yeah yeah yeah!
Glottis: I can’t torch anything bigger than a cigarette without one of these signed by the boss himself.
Manny: Hey, that’s my line–getting people to sign.
Manny: Back in a snap.
Glottis: Yeah, too small! I’m not too big!
Glottis: Everything around here is just too small!
Manny: Screw the rules! Come with me!
Glottis: No, I don’t want to get in trouble again…
Glottis: They said one more strike and I’m out!
Manny: Well, do you know anyone who can drive?
Glottis: Everybody’s gone.
Glottis: It’s the Day of the Dead, you know.
Manny: Yeah, yeah. I know.
Manny: Okay, see you later, Chicken.
Glottis: Yeah. Okay.
Manny: Glottis… Glottis… Is that a German name?
Glottis: Oh, no. My roots lie not in any Earthly nation’s soil.
Glottis: I am an elemental spirit summoned up from the Land of the Dead itself and given one purpose, one skill, one desire:
Glottis: to DRIVE.
Glottis: Or, to change oil and adjust timing belts, if no driving jobs are open.
Manny: Nice hut.
Glottis: Yeah, I wonder how nice it would seem to you if you were TRAPPED in it all day like me.
Manny: If you hate your job, why don’t you quit?
Glottis: It’s not just a job. It’s what I was created to do.
Glottis: If I get any farther away from cars than this, I’ll get sick and die.
Glottis: It’s like I’m not happy unless I’m breathing in the thick, black, nauseating fumes…
Manny: Hmm. Can’t imagine.
Manny: Quick! There’s a fire! We have to drive the cars to safety!
Glottis: Nope. Not even a fire would get me outta here.
Glottis: I’m stuck here. Forever.
Manny: That makes two of us.
Manny: Alright, back in the shack, mac.
Glottis: Later oney, Boney.
Copal: Get in there and stay put until the boys downtown tell us what they want done with ya.
Copal: Someone’s gonna take the fall for this, Calavera, and it ain’t gonna be me!
Manny: Hey, what did they do with Glottis?
Manny: It looks like it dispenses something called “Fil-a-Dent.”
Manny: It stays here.
Manny: It came out like soft-serve ice cream, but judging by the smell, I think it’s auto-body filler.
Manny: It’s already full of that stuff.
Manny: Fil-a-Dent: good for dents, great for dentures!
Manny: I don’t see anyone out there.
Manny: Doesn’t open.
Manny: I could smash it with my scythe, but the noise would bring them all down on me in a second.
Manny: I’ve already escaped.
Manny: Hey, is anybody out there?
Manny: Hey, guard!
Limones: So, Manuel…
Limones: Have you thought about what you have done?
Limones: How’s my little Count of Monte Cristo?
Manny: Who’s out there?
Limones: I’m you.
Limones: Or rather, I was you years ago.
Manny: Yeah, well I’m me now, so get lost.
Manny: No, really. Who ARE you?
Limones: I am a fellow prisoner, my friend.
Manny: Maybe, but your cell is a lot bigger than mine, jailmate.
Manny: Cramped. Ready for walkies.
Manny: Hey, why don’t you open that door so we can talk about it?
Limones: The only way out, Manuel, is to be taken back in.
Limones: If you are truly still loyal to this company, declare it loudly.
Limones: The management might hear and stick you right back in their fold.
Limones: If you are still loyal–
Manny: Lay down and roll over and bark the company fight song, I know.
Manny: How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?
Limones: I do not care if you’re sorry. I want to know if you’re loyal.
Limones: Are you ready to reveal your loyalties?
Manny: Get me out of here!
Manny: I’m a sorry little skeleton. Now let me out!
Manny: I’m busy plotting my heroic escape.
Manny: I’m thinking about getting out and getting even. That’s it.
Manny: What are they going to do to me?
Limones: I don’t want to alarm you, Agent Calavera…
Limones: But have you ever seen a man SPROUTED?
Manny: Tell me that sprouting story again!
Limones: It’s not a bedtime story, Manuel…
Manny: Look, you gotta open that door for me, amigo.
Manny: Get cracked, flunky. I don’t need any chatter right now.
Limones: Hmmm… I see you still have a lot of anger issues, my friend.
Limones: I’ll come back when your head is clearer.
Manny: Yeah, well I got something they can stick in their fold…
Limones: You have to try harder than that Manuel.
Limones: A man’s loyalties decide his destiny.
Manny: My loyalty is still to the DOD, believe it or not.
Limones: Hmmm…Good boy.
Limones: You just keep up that spirit, and I’m sure you’ll get out of here soon enough.
Manny: The DOD runs a crooked game, and I intend to prove it.
Limones: You would do that?
Limones: That could cause this agency a lot of trouble…
Limones: I’ve heard you make threats in anger before.
Limones: My question is, would you really want to hurt the DOD?
Manny: Look, I did what I had to do. So what?
Manny: I ain’t saying nothing until my lawyer gets here.
Limones: Lawyer?
Limones: Ha ha ha!
Limones: Oh, Manny, that is quite humorous.
Manny: No, I don’t go to those parties anymore.
Limones: Then you don’t know…
Manny: Yes, I think it was during pledge week.
Limones: Then you know…
Manny: Yeah, I saw this boxer get a pretty bad cauliflower ear once…
Manny: What do you mean, “sprouted?”
Limones: …there’s nothing more horrible than the bite of the sprouter.
Limones: Its deadly stinger spreads a green disease through every calcified pore on your body…
Limones: …leaving you veined with roots and flocked with grass…
Limones: …steadily growing thicker and thicker until you crash and bloom out…
Limones: …in a horrifying bouquet of pain and fragrant suffering…
Limones: …screaming until your mouth fills with petals and your nostrils shoot out thorny stems…
Limones: …and the bulbs sprout in your eyes…
Limones: …leaving you nothing but a patch of wildflowers on the ground, swarming with butterflies.
Manny: Are you done?
Limones: Yes.
Manny: No, I’ve never seen that.
Manny: I love that story.
Manny: I’m gonna blow the lid off this place!
Limones: Young man, you are an enemy of the Department of Death!
Limones: Welcome to the club!
Manny: Well, no. But I am angry.
Limones: I see. Well, keep up the faith.
Manny: All I want is my job back!
Manny: It looks like a rope…
Manny: …but it’s really just a bunch of cheap ties tied together.
Manny: I wonder if Eva is looking at me right now.
Manny: I don’t like the way that eye is looking at me.
Manny: Agent Calavera, and two guests.
Manny: Agent Calavera here.
Manny: Hello?
Manny: Check these babies out.
Manny: Got something here that might interest you.
Manny: It’s huge. I can’t open it.
Manny: That’s the door to the garage.
Manny: It’s the festival of the Day of the Dead.
Manny: Really more of a living person’s holiday, but we play along.
Manny: Those are some ugly ties.
Manny: I can’t believe I climbed up that thing.
Manny: It’s the loose end of the rope made of ties.
Manny: It’s pretty long, though…
Manny: I wonder if that’s how Domino meant it to be used.
Manny: You’d have to be crazy to climb on that.
Manny: Ay ay ay. It’s even scarier going down.
Manny: That ladder goes to the roof.
Manny: Domino’s in there.
Manny: Ah hah. There’s nobody in Domino’s office.
Manny: Domino locks his window.
Manny: Fear of pigeons, probably.
Manny: Not while Domino’s in there!
Manny: Hmmm… Dom’s office is empty.
Manny: No way. If I go any farther, Dom will see me and call the staff shrink to come talk me down.
Manny: The drapes are drawn–Dom and Don must still be in there.
Manny: The shutters are down–Don must be in there napping.
Manny: Looks like the Boss has gone fishing.
Manny: It looks like Don’s rigged his computer to automatically answer his intercom…
Manny: I’ll just change his auto-response here…
Copal: Not now, Eva!
Copal: It’ll have to wait! I’m in the middle of a very important meeting!
Copal: Didn’t I say no interruptions today?
Copal: Whatever it is, it will have to wait.
Copal: Ah, cripes, Eva! Just sign it yourself, will ya? I’m busy!
Copal: Eva, please. I need a little time alone.
Copal: Tell them the checks aren’t here yet!
Copal: I’m on the phone!
Copal: If you buzz me again, I swear I’ll jump out this window!
Copal: Are you trying to lose your job?
Manny: This place is a mess!
Manny: More junk I don’t have time to look through…
Manny: I would love to search Don’s office right now, but I’m late for the poisoning!
Manny: No time to ransack! Everybody’s at the poisoning but me!
Manny: I’ll come back after the poisoning and search the whole room!
Manny: Just thinking about Don’s file “system” gives me a cold chill.
Manny: “To all Employees of the Department of Death, Bureau of Acquisitions:
Manny: Employees who have made their sales quotas are invited to take the Day of the Dead as a holiday…
Manny: …as long as they make up the time lost on the following weekend.” Idiota!
Manny: “Memo from the desk of Don Copal:
Manny: Hey! Work orders are assigned by my office, and are not exchangeable among salesmen!
Manny: Swapping, selling, and especially STEALING work orders will result in SEVERE disciplinary action.”
Manny: So, this is where Copal sends out all the work orders.
Manny: Why don’t any of the good ones get to my office?
Manny: Hmmm… “Equal opportunity in the workplace is THE LAW…”
Manny: Amazing. This has been hanging up in Don’s office for so long and he’s apparently never read it.
Manny: Hey, that ledge doesn’t look so narrow from in here!
Manny: If I go out that way, everyone will know I was snooping around in here.
Manny: Ehhh, the living still give me the creeps.
Manny: Look at these poor saps…
Manny: Smiles as bright and wide as the blade on my scythe…
Manny: Soon, I’ll be coming for them.
Manny: Did I look like that when I was alive?
Manny: It’s the fear of Death that makes monsters of us all.
Manny: Boo!
Manny: Scaring the living is technically against the rules, but we all do it.
Manny: If I scare them to death then they’ll become a customer, but I’ll get nailed with a conflict-of-interest rap.
Manny: Pssst. It’s me, Death. I’ll see you soon, okay?
Manny: I know you can’t hear me, but try to feel what I’m about to say deep down in your soul…
Manny: Don’t… eat… the… gazpacho…
Manny: Ah, fun’s fun, but I’ve got work to do.
Manny: Bound only by the paper-thin wrapper of mortality, a soul here lies, struggling to be free.
Manny: And so it shall, thanks to a bowl of bad gazpacho, and a man named Calavera.
Manny: I can’t carry the whole package outta here.
Manny: He’s got to shuffle off his mortal coil, then we can split.
Manny: I can’t use my bare hands. I’m a professional.
Bruno: Nice bathrobe.
Manny: Can’t take the living. They gotta go through channels.
Manny: I have to say, this food looks pretty good.
Manny: In this world, all I can do is look, smell, and reap.
Manny: I can’t reap hamburger.
Manny: Cows are a whole other bureau, not to mention the lettuce.
Manny: Truth be told, I’d rather be setting this milkshake’s soul free.
Manny: Can’t reap the milkshake. Can only smell it.
Manny: Mmmmm… smells like the perfect client…
Manny: Rich, and sweet!
Manny: Nope. I’m NOT leaving here without a client!
Manny: Copal would make a set of wind chimes outta me.
Manny: Ah! That smell!
Manny: One of the chemicals for our packing material comes out of there.
Manny: It’s a lump of our packing foam.
Manny: It’s a nasty chemical puddle.
Manny: No thanks. That stuff smells terrible, man.
Manny: I’m not getting that stuff all over my hands.
Manny: This balloon is filled with a dark chemical.
Manny: This balloon is filled with a light chemical.
Manny: For those who enjoy no-hassle travel.
Manny: Bruno? You in one of these?
Manny: Must have picked him up already.
Manny: He doesn’t even HIDE his booze in a file cabinet.
Manny: What kind of salesman is he?
Manny: That’s some premium-looking scotch.
Domino: Have some, Manny, just so you don’t forget what “premium” tastes like.
Manny: No messages in Dom’s fancy red tube.
Manny: He’s got a lock on it!
Manny: I can’t believe he doesn’t trust me!
Manny: Cheap, paper-mill diplomas!
Manny: Look at all the diplomas!
Domino: You have to have the proper attitude to get diplomas like those, Manny!
Manny: Really? I thought you just had to have the proper postage.
Manny: I got plenty of my own.
Manny: I’m going to try to guess his password…
Manny: Nope. It’s not “GOLDEN BOY.”
Manny: And it’s not “MR. D” either.
Manny: So much for “DOMMY.”
Manny: “ARROGANT FRAUD” doesn’t work…
Manny: Whew. I was scared it might be “EVA.”
Manny: Well, he likes “BOXING” too, but that ain’t it.
Manny: Not “GREED.”
Manny: Not “VANITY.”
Manny: Not “SLEAZE.”
Manny: I give up.
Manny: Hey, Dom. What’s your screen-saver password?
Domino: Get away from my computer, Manny.
Manny: It’s Domino Hurley, sweatiest man in the office.
Domino: You gotta sweat to sell, Cally, and you know it.
Manny: No piggyback rides today.
Manny: One of these days, I definitely will.
Manny: Domino’s in all these pictures, shaking hands with dead celebs.
Manny: Those pictures come with the frames?
Domino: That suit come with those holes?
Manny: Not interested.
Manny: Nothing else in there.
Manny: There’s something glowing in there.
Manny: Desk drawers? I don’t have desk drawers!
Domino: Hey! Get out of there, Calavera!
Manny: What the?
Manny: “Congratulations, Domino, on your new job! — Hector”
Manny: Doesn’t do much but glow.
Manny: I can’t even imagine a way to use coral there.
Manny: What a jock.
Manny: It’s got a perfect plaster cast of my teeth in it!
Manny: This mouthpiece is full of Fil-A-Dent.
Manny: It’s Domino’s mouthpiece.
Manny: Why am I carrying this around?
Manny: Acch. Domino had this in his mouth.
Manny: Yep. A perfect fit.
Manny: Wow, that made a perfect impression of my teeth.
Manny: ..and left quite a chalky aftertaste, too.
Manny: Eccch!
Manny: Well, now I know what Domino tastes like.
Manny: I don’t want to mess up my tooth-cast!
Manny: I don’t want to make an impression of that.
Manny: It’s meant for mouths.
Manny: Even the view out his window is better than mine, somehow.
Manny: I think Dom would call the company shrink if I left through the window.
Manny: I can’t go strolling through the halls now…I’m on the lam!
Manny: I’m on the lam!
Manny: (Sigh.) My old door.
Manny: Well, at least you’re not hitting the BOTTLE anymore.
Domino: Heeeyyy, Cally. How ya doin’?
Manny: Hey, Hurl!
Domino: Yeah?
Manny: So, how’d you make out at the poisoning?
Domino: Well, let’s just say that Sister Calabaza has a secret passion…
Domino: …for trains.
Manny: You got a nun?
Domino: Hail Mary.
Manny: And you sold her a ticket on the Number Nine train?
Domino: Choo-choo, little buddy.
Domino: Say, how’d you score?
Manny: I want to ask you a question.
Manny: Got another question for you.
Domino: Shoot, slugger.
Manny: I wanna tell you something.
Domino: Let’s have it.
Manny: I’ve got something else to tell you.
Domino: Good, go on and let it all out.
Domino: There’s no reason for you to be afraid of me.
Manny: I wanna punch you in the mouth.
Domino: Oh, no. Not the Christmas party all over again.
Domino: Not the Christmas party all over again.
Manny: What happened at the Christmas party?
Domino: Blacked out on the whole thing, huh?
Domino: Maybe you should switch to lemonade, kid.
Manny: I want a drink.
Domino: Oh, sure thing, Manny…
Domino: …but if your sales are down you should be hittin’ the STREET, not the SAUCE.
Manny: I just wanted to stop by and touch base. See ya!
Domino: That’s great.
Domino: We should do this more often.
Manny: Well, see ya in Limbo!
Manny: Well, you sound pretty out of breath, so I’m going to blow.
Domino: Always a pleasure, Cal.
Manny: So what’s the big idea, sending my driver home?
Domino: Frankly, Manny, I’m surprised you noticed.
Domino: You haven’t had much use for him lately.
Manny: Is it hard to kiss up to the boss so much with no lips?
Domino: Hey, I got all the lip I need.
Domino: I get it from you.
Manny: Can I have one of your clients?
Domino: Sure, Cal.
Domino: Just as soon as I get one I think you could handle…
Manny: I can handle anything you got.
Manny: Especially if that’s your best right jab.
Manny: Why do you get all the good clients?
Domino: You’re asking the wrong guy.
Domino: You should be taking a good long look at the man in the mirror.
Manny: No thanks. I don’t enjoy that the same way you do.
Manny: What did you do to get this job?
Domino: You mean, what’s my secret to success?
Manny: No, I mean how did you screw up and get stuck here at the DOD?
Manny: What sin did you commit and how long are you going to have to work here to pay it off?
Domino: I could easily ask the same question of you.
Manny: But I don’t know the answer. I still don’t know what I’ve done.
Domino: How convenient! Then neither do I.
Manny: On second thought, I bet I can figure it out on my own.
Domino: That’s right, Cal!
Domino: Give it the old college try!
Domino: Oh, whoops! I keep forgetting.
Domino: You didn’t go to college, did you?
Manny: Well, that’s all I wanted to ask. For now.
Domino: Well, kid, come back any time you feel like continuing your education.
Manny: You know, this used to be my office.
Domino: Yeah, I know.
Domino: I found your name on some comic books in the desk.
Manny: I want my office back.
Domino: Don’t worry, you’ll have years and years to enjoy it after I get promoted out and you’re still here.
Manny: I think you’re up to something.
Domino: Yeah, I’m up to about four premium sales this week.
Domino: Heh heh.
Manny: I think we should team up, be partners.
Domino: Oh, Manny, I would, but I’m too intimidated.
Domino: I could never be partners with someone who was so much more of a man than me.
Manny: Oh, come on.
Manny: I’ve seen your wife.
Manny: On second thought, I don’t.
Domino: Well, thank you for those words of wisdom.
Manny: Okay, that’s the end of the lecture.
Manny: I got a nun, too.
Domino: Bruno’s a pretty strange name for a nun, wouldn’t you say?
Manny: Well, you know how cruel sisters can be about nicknames.
Manny: I got two nuns, actually.
Domino: Hey, that reminds me of this really funny joke…
Manny: Heard it.
Manny: I got a mean midget I had to send parcel post.
Domino: Ah, cheer up, Buddy. Another day, another death, am I right?
Domino: Another day, another death, am I right?
Manny: None of your business, Hurley.
Domino: You’re right.
Domino: What went on between you and uh Bruno is your business.
Clown: Well, suuure!
Clown: Heck that’s easy.
Clown: There’s no limit on those!
Clown: You’ve had enough of those.
Manny: You said there was no limit!
Clown: Well, how many do you have on ya?
Manny: Five.
Clown: Yeah, well, there’s no limit up to five, then there’s a limit.
Clown: Ta-da.
Clown: Did you lose the one I gave ya?
Manny: No.
Clown: Well, then just enjoy that one for a while longer, all right?
Manny: “Pedro’s Deli – Food and Drink…”
Manny: …closed of course. Does EVERYBODY have the day off but me?
Manny: Looks like some sort of crafty mime.
Clown: Some of my finest work.
Manny: It’s a squeaky little kitty.
Manny: It’s just a regular-old balloon dog. I don’t see what’s so “dingo” about it.
Manny: This doesn’t look anything like Robert Frost.
Manny: It’s a deflated balloon.
Manny: I don’t got the lungs for it.
Manny: That’s not what balloons are for.
Manny: The Bread of the Dead.
Manny: Since I really didn’t get to celebrate the festival this year, I think I’m entitled to a little Pan de Muertos.
Manny: I’ll just take a little more bread, to honor the dead.
Manny: I’ve got some!
Manny: I’d get crumbs all over.
Manny: That wouldn’t be a very good use of this special ceremonial bread.
Manny: Those crates are completely blocking the sidewalk.
Manny: What if there were a fire?
Manny: They’re just full of party favors, and I’m not in a party mood.
Manny: What’s goin’ down, clown?
Clown: Hey, back off, Suit.
Clown: I’m practicing.
Manny: Practicing what?
Clown: Wringing your neck, what does it look like?
Manny: Twist me up one of them, eh fella?
Clown: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Twist this, all right?
Manny: Bet ya can’t do a cat.
Clown: Shows what you know, buddy.
Clown: I can do anything.
Clown: I got yer mammals, I got yer reptiles…
Clown: I can do birds, amphibians, famous poets–Go ahead. Name one.
Manny: My kid wants another balloon animal.
Clown: Ah geez. What now?
Manny: Can I walk through your tent? I want to see the parade.
Clown: Well, walk through someone else’s tent, all right? Do I look like a turnstile to you?
Manny: Some festival, eh?
Clown: Yeah, yeah. Pretty busy.
Clown: My carpal tunnel syndrome is really acting up.
Manny: But you don’t have any… tendons…
Clown: Yeah, well you don’t have a tongue but that doesn’t seem to shut you up, now does it?
Manny: Could you teach me how to do that?
Clown: Well, um, since you’re a beginner, why don’t you practice the first step?
Manny: Which is?
Clown: Blow!
Manny: BANG!
Clown: Aaah! Popped another one!
Clown: Lousy bony fingers!
Manny: I have to go. That sound makes me want to kill somebody.
Clown: You too?
Manny: Okay, a cat.
Manny: Can I have another cat?
Clown: Pfft. No problem.
Manny: A dingo.
Manny: I’ll have another dingo, please.
Clown: That’s my specialty!
Manny: A dead worm.
Clown: Look, if I give you any more of those, you’ll be able to go into business for yourself.
Clown: So forget it.
Manny: Do you have any more dead worms back there?
Manny: Robert Frost.
Manny: Bet you can’t do Robert Frost again.
Clown: Trying to stump me, eh?
Manny: That doesn’t sound good.
Manny: I gotta stop doing this.
Brennis: Ah, not again!
Brennis: AAAAY-AY-AY!
Brennis: You trying to blow this joint sky high?
Brennis: That’s a magnesium-compound fire extinguisher!
Brennis: Spray that on this packing foam and we’ll both be riding the giant roman candle out of here.
Manny: What? Why would they put something so dangerous in here?
Brennis: I guess they didn’t expect this room to be full of hazardous waste!
Brennis: Good enough for government work!
Manny: That wheel should open it.
Manny: The wheel won’t turn, and the door won’t budge.
Manny: There must be something else keeping it shut.
Manny: The deadbolt looks set.
Manny: The deadbolt looks like it’s not set.
Manny: It’s held in place by the weight of the door.
Manny: There. I think that’s unlocked.
Manny: I’ve just locked an open door.
Manny: Strange, yet symbolically compelling…
Manny: It’s the wheel on the door.
Manny: The wheel won’t budge.
Manny: Ah, our cheerful communications maintenance staff is on the job.
Manny: That red tube looks familiar.
Manny: Mercedes Colomar, Client number 9308–blah blah blah…
Manny: …Died of chickenpox… time of death, yadda yadda yadda…
Manny: Ah-ha!
Manny: Positive Attributes: Volunteered time reading stories to dying children!
Manny: That’s good! That’s really good!
Manny: I think you’re it, Mercedes Colomar! I think you’re the one for me!
Manny: I think you’re the one for me!
Manny: Hmmm… too much air pressure.
Manny: I think that’s the other end of Domino’s message tube…
Manny: If I could just get in there…
Manny: There’s that dark chemical everywhere in there.
Manny: There’s that light chemical all over in there.
Manny: The switcher looks pretty gunked up.
Manny: It’s the sophisticated and delicate hub of all communications here in the Department of Death.
Manny: As a rule, I never touch anything more sophisticated and delicate than myself.
Manny: Hi. I’m not getting any messages. Is the server down?
Brennis: This is their idea of a joke?
Brennis: They think it’s funny?
Brennis: I’d like to jam THEIR tubes with packing material, see how they like that!
Manny: Hey, I’m still not getting any messages.
Brennis: I’m giving you one right now, but you can’t see my hand.
Manny: So, you’re saying the server is down, is that it?
Brennis: The server is not down, it’s never DOWN.
Brennis: It’s just temporarily unavailable while I’m doing some maintenance, that’s all.
Manny: So, how long is it going to be down?
Brennis: With a job like this you never can tell.
Brennis: Probably hours.
Manny: Or until no one’s around to see you sneak out, Aye?
Brennis: Whichever comes first.
Manny: Can I squeeze in there, just for a sec?
Brennis: Are you kidding?
Brennis: This is a highly secured area.
Brennis: No one’s allowed in here who ain’t me.
Manny: What’s so special about you?
Brennis: I, sir, am an elemental spirit, summoned from the Land of the Dead itself…
Manny: Yeah, yeah, let me guess…
Manny: You were given one purpose, one skill, one desire: fixing pneumatic tube switchers?
Brennis: No, I was created to run the elevators, but they put in those dang motion detectors…
Brennis: …and put me outta work!
Manny: What’s all that stuff on the walls?
Brennis: It’s that carcinogenic crud they stick stiffs in across the hall.
Brennis: Hardened in the tubes like a big chili dinner.
Manny: Who would do a terrible thing like this?
Brennis: It’s those punks in the mail room!
Brennis: They think this baby’s going to put them out of a job.
Brennis: And they’re right!
Manny: You know, I really think it’s clean enough.
Brennis: Oh, it’s clean enough to run, all right.
Brennis: I’m just fiddling around to be safe, you know…
Brennis: Gotta cover my ass!
Manny: Yes you do.
Manny: Just curious–How’d you get in there?
Brennis: I squeezed down one of these tubes, like a pixie!
Brennis: How d’ya think I got in here?
Brennis: Through the door, just like you!
Manny: Well, I gotta split.
Brennis: (grunt)
Brennis: Say, uh, Chatty Cathy…
Brennis: I got a lot of tubes to flush here…
Manny: Hey, me too. I’ll let you go.
Limones: You are a friend of the revolution, Agent Calavera, and now…
Limones: …let me be of service to you.
Manny: Salvador seems to be concentrating.
Manny: He can go up on our shoulders AFTER he wins the war.
Limones: EXCELLENT, Manuel!
Limones: With these, I can breed an entire ARMY of winged messengers!
Limones: Our revolution can spread now across the land, carried on the shimmering wings of justice, thanks to you…
Limones: …Agent Calavera!
Manny: I, myself, would also like to spread across the land…
Limones: But you can’t. We need your dental work here to access the computer.
Limones: I’m sorry, but freedom has its price!
Limones: I’m not sure what to make of that.
Limones: Why don’t you show it to my intelligence officer?
Manny: It’s my boss’ secretary’s evil twin!
Eva: Just me, honey.
Manny: Well, I guess I could, now that we’re not working together anymore.
Eva: Oh we’ll be working together again, if you want our help out of here.
Eva: Oooh, show those to Salvador!
Eva: Manny, this looks like a perfect impression of your teeth.
Eva: We can use this as a mold to make a fake set of teeth, and get into the computer system that way.
Limones: Good work soldier.
Manny: Will you lead me out of here now?
Limones: As soon as you bring us those eggs.
Eva: Oooh, what is that? Custard?
Manny: Try it.
Eva: No thanks. I’m watching my figure.
Eva: What’s that?
Manny: Domino’s mouthpiece. Think you can get a dental impression off of it?
Eva: No, the plastic’s so hard he didn’t leave a mark.
Manny: I don’t get it.
Limones: Nor do I Manuel, not yet.
Manny: I’d put on a hand-shadow show, but the mood just doesn’t feel right.
Manny: It’s a slide projector.
Manny: I think Salvador would get upset.
Limones: Manuel. I was looking at that.
Manny: Where does this go?
Limones: To a secret tunnel out of the city, but…
Limones: It opens for members of the LSA only.
Manny: It won’t budge.
Manny: This computer is shut off.
Limones: We salvaged that unit when the company threw it away, but we have yet to get it working.
Limones: When we do, we’ll need you to get us into the system.
Manny: I’ll be long gone before then.
Limones: We’ll see, Manuel.
Manny: That’s the elevator up.
Manny: Look, you got the eggs you wanted, now can I go?
Limones: Sorry, but your teeth… the revolution depends on your teeth.
Manny: Have you thought about using messages tied to balloons? I can get you plenty of balloons.
Manny: I can get you plenty of balloons.
Limones: PIGEONS, Manuel, bring me their EGGS!
Manny: Pues, okay.
Manny: I have a couple of things for show and tell…
Manny: Open that door, Sal, I’ve got places to go.
Limones: Does that mean you’re ready to join us?
Manny: Okay, I’m in. What do I have to do?
Manny: I’m not a joiner. Just pop the hatch and let’s part friends.
Limones: I’m sorry, but this is war, Manuel.
Limones: And you are the first draftee.
Manny: Do you know something I don’t know?
Limones: Have you ever wondered why your clients, even your BEST clients…
Limones: …never seem to qualify for the packages you know they deserve?
Manny: Yes, my last client in particular… Meche.
Limones: Well, they all DID qualify, Manuel. Especially her.
Limones: But somehow, somebody with access to the files has stolen their just rewards, their sweet hereafters…
Manny: Their tickets on the Number Nine?
Limones: Precisamente, amigo.
Manny: What would they do with the tickets?
Limones: A ticket on the Number Nine is like a leaf of gold, Manuel.
Limones: Especially to one who has died with a less-than-perfect record.
Limones: Someone is profiting here from those that would buy their way into Heaven.
Manny: But money’s not important here. We all just want out.
Limones: YOU want to get out, Manuel, and so do I someday.
Limones: But for some people, this world is all there is.
Limones: They have decided to seek pleasure and happiness here in the Eighth Underworld, and for that, you need money.
Manny: Just who’s in on this deal?
Limones: Don Copal had the access–he could open any account and transfer a ticket voucher to another.
Limones: We believe he would then pass the case on to Domino Hurley, who would cover their tracks…
Manny: So that menso WAS getting all the good clients!
Limones: You got some too, Manuel, you just didn’t know it.
Limones: Domino only got a case if the character of the client were obviously so deserving…
Manny: Like Meche…
Manny: Do you know who’s behind it all?
Limones: Copal and Hurley couldn’t have done it all on their own, without help from downtown.
Limones: There is a powerful player in this game who’s identity remains a mystery to me.
Manny: What do you want from me?
Limones: I am going to build an underground army of souls to fight the injustice I have seen in El Marrow.
Limones: Communication will become vital as the Lost Souls’ Alliance spreads out.
Limones: We’ll need messengers we can trust.
Manny: You want me to be your messenger?
Limones: No, Manuel. Our numbers are small and our agents are too valuable to risk that sort of work.
Limones: History shows only one messenger to be of use to a cause like ours:
Manny: If I grab some pigeons off the roof, will you let me go?
Limones: No, I need to raise them from birth, Agent Calavera–
Limones: I need you to bring me their eggs!
Manny: You’re keeping me here because you need the eggs?
Limones: Why are you still here, Calavera?
Limones: Go get me an air force before it hatches!
Manny: I’m off.
Limones: Farewell, Agent Calavera, and…
Limones: Now, that’s all the briefing you need, soldier!
Limones: Viva la RevoluciÛn!
Manny: So, you’re not really a secretary?
Eva: I’m a spy, Manny.
Manny: Well, that’s the last time we use THAT temp agency.
Manny: Why won’t you help me out?
Eva: I need your teeth, remember?
Manny: Did I mention it’s been great working with you?
Eva: Ditto, kid.
Manny: I have a little craft project here I want to show you.
Manny: Any messages for me?
Eva: Yes: “Join or Die!”
Manny: But I’m already–
Eva: Again!
Manny: Eva, you gotta get me out of town. They’re going to sprout me!
Eva: You can’t leave, Manny.
Eva: We need access to the DOD computer network if we’re ever gonna find out what’s going on.
Eva: And we can’t access without a salesman like you. The computer ID’s you when you log on.
Manny: How does it do that?
Manny: Fingerprints?
Manny: I don’t have any!
Eva: Your teeth, Manny. Haven’t you ever noticed your computer scanning your teeth when you log on?
Manny: I thought that was just a power surge.
Eva: We need your teeth Manny, we can’t let you go.
Eva: Sorry.
Manny: Doesn’t Copal wonder where you are?
Eva: Don and Domino are both locked up in Don’s office with some bigwig from downtown.
Eva: Some fatty in a fez.
Limones: Hmmmm. Who is the fat man, I wonder, and how does he fit into this sinister puzzle?
Eva: Anyway, don’t get any ideas about raiding Domino’s liquor cabinet.
Eva: We need sober soldiers.
Manny: Right.
Manny: How long have you been a spy?
Eva: Salvador recruited me about a year ago.
Eva: I couldn’t resist him–he’s just so… noble!
Manny: What are you working on there?
Eva: I’m trying to get this radio working so we can use it in the field.
Eva: But it looks pretty hopeless.
Eva: Salvador’s right–we need good old-fashioned homing pigeons to communicate with our field agents.
Manny: You have field agents?
Eva: No, it’s just Sal and me right now, but someday, Manny…
Manny: I’m off.
Eva: Fight the good fight, babe.
Manny: So, you won’t help me out of here?
Eva: Sorry. I’ll help YOU out, but not your teeth.
Eva: Think it over.
Manny: Yeah, beat it you lousy little ledge-peckers!
Manny: Hey!
Manny: Watch it!
Manny: Get ’em off me!
Manny: Back off, birds!
Manny: I’m warning you little roof-chickens, show some respect.
Manny: Not the suit! It’s the last one I got!
Manny: Ahhh!
Manny: Just a couple crumbs and shreds of latex.
Manny: Ah–the pigeons obviously like this dish vent.
Manny: There’s a not-very-scary balloon in there.
Manny: There’s something in there.
Manny: It’s part of the roof!
Manny: I prefer to eat out of clean dishes that aren’t nailed to the roof.
Manny: I think I should get out of here with these eggs before those vent-vultures come back.
Manny: Maybe that will scare them… Eventually.
Manny: These babies are going to war!
Manny: I only eat them poached.
Manny: I don’t want to break them!
Manny: So that’s where the vermin come from.
Manny: Man, are those pigeons gonna be ticked!
Manny: You must come with me, young ones, for I am the Grim Reaper.
Manny: Salvador is your daddy now.
Manny: I don’t like the looks of those pigeons.
Manny: They’re everywhere!
Manny: I think they’re looking at me.
Manny: They seem to be plotting something.
Manny: If they all attacked at once, they could carry me off and I’d never be heard from again.
Manny: I don’t have a net, or a desire to have a pet pigeon.
Manny: Plus, Salvador needs to raise them from BIRTH.
Manny: Shoo!
Manny: Hmmm. They don’t look scared.
Manny: I think they’re actually laughing at me.
Manny: They might not know how much scarier a dingo is than a regular dog.
Manny: Run you pigeons! It’s Robert Frost!
Manny: Stare into this glowing rock and feel your eyelids getting heavy…
Manny: …heavier…
Manny: What are ya? Too dumb to be hypnotized?
Manny: This oughta scare them…
Manny: Fearless little smog-squabs.
Manny: Don’t make me touch you with this!
Manny: It’s got Domino Hurley’s germs all over it!
Manny: I think I’m only scaring myself.
Manny: If I just hand it to them, I’m liable to lose a finger or two.
Manny: That was some tunnel–I’m all the way to the edge of the Petrified Forest!
Manny: Ah, El Marrow. My home town.
Manny: May I never see it again.
Manny: Not going back there for a while.
Manny: That Salvador really knows how to do this espionage thing with style.
Manny: After all I did to get out of town?
Manny: I am NEVER going back to that place again!
Manny: At least, not without Meche.
Glottis: …Zzzz…
Glottis: …ZZZzzz ZZZzzz…
Glottis: …zzzz… zzz… zzzZZZZZKKK!
Glottis: Ck! Klft! Kluhch!
Glottis: …ZZZZZ… zzzzz…
Glottis: …Zzzz… Zzzz…
Glottis: … zzzZZZZzzz…
Glottis: (sigh)
Glottis: Mmmm… mmddlmmmmrrr…
Glottis: zzzz… heh heh heh… zzzz…
Glottis: Vrrrooooooom!
Glottis: Rrrrrmmm, Rrrrrrmmm!
Glottis: Baaaaaaaa, Baaaaaaaah!
Glottis: Scrrrrrrrreeeeeee!
Glottis: Voom-voom!
Glottis: Vaaaaaa-roooom!
Glottis: Yeeeeee-haawwww!
Glottis: Outta the way!
Glottis: Look out!
Manny: Wanna go for a ride?
Glottis: I thought you’d never ask!
Glottis: Waaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaah!
Glottis: A-hoo hoo hoo…
Manny: Glottis, my friend!
Manny: Why are you crying?
Glottis: Manny?
Glottis: Oh, Manny!
Glottis: They fired me!
Manny: Me too, buddy!
Glottis: You don’t understand, Manny!
Glottis: I was created just to do that job! It’s the only thing that makes me happy!
Glottis: A demon without a job is like a demon without a HEART!
Glottis: It’s like they reached into my chest…
Glottis: …and pulled out my heart!
Glottis: And threw it into the woods to…
Glottis: …to… oooh… ooohh… to… to die…
Manny: Glottis! What have you done!
Manny: Oh Glottis…
Manny: I’m not carrying this thing any farther if it’s going to keep pointing the other way like that.
Manny: It’s demoralizing.
Manny: I think he threw his heart somewhere over here…
Manny: I wonder how long he can live without a heart?
Manny: I’d need a fifty-foot crane and a flatbed truck.
Manny: Wake up, buddy!
Manny: He’s not dead yet!
Manny: What am I saying? He’s a spirit of the land–he can’t die!
Manny: That’s not the body part he’s missing.
Manny: This sign post seems to be pointing the way to Rubacava.
Manny: Nah, it’s too well-anchored.
Manny: °LoterÌa!
Manny: I could carve my initials in it, but I don’t think that would help.
Manny: My scythe is sharp enough to cut the paper-thin, mortal coils of men…
Manny: …not petrified birch four-by-fours.
Manny: If I were Scottish, I might be able to play something on it, but I’m not.
Manny: This heart belongs to Glottis, nowhere else.
Manny: It would be cleaner if I picked it up with my hands.
Manny: He wasn’t kidding–he really loves to drive!
Manny: It says, “Bone Wagon” on the side.
Manny: That’s no way to treat the Bone Wagon.
Manny: I think the only bones this thing was meant to haul around are mine.
Glottis: I ain’t driving back to town, Manny!
Manny: I can’t just leave Glottis laying there. He could be dying!
Glottis: If you want to go back to that no-good town, you can go without me!
Manny: I’ve got a creepy feeling about this place.
Glottis: We can’t fit down there!
Manny: How am I going to get the Bone Wagon over these boulders?
Manny: I could hoof it, but I’d never make it all the way out of the forest that way…
Manny: That road is full of boulders.
Glottis: Manny, this is a low-riding street rod, not a four-by-four!
Glottis: We don’t have the clearance for that kinda road.
Glottis: I’m telling you Manny, we don’t have the clearance for that kinda road.
Manny: There’s a clearing just up ahead.
Manny: Okay, I don’t know what those weird noises are, but I think I’d rather go find out in the safety of the Bone Wagon.
Manny: These spiders have Glottis’ heart in their web!
Manny: And a bone, but that’s my fault.
Manny: What can they catch in that? Owls?
Manny: Oh, poor spiders. No more demon heart to eat.
Manny: I’m not getting my hands tangled up in that!
Manny: There’s already a bone in there.
Manny: Soup’s on!
Manny: It’s still beating.
Manny: Ugh! It’s stuck in there good.
Manny: It’s an ugly pile of bones, like me.
Manny: I guess I could always use a spare.
Manny: I don’t need any more. I’m practically MADE of them.
Manny: I’ll just drop this one. I’m carrying around too many of those already.
Manny: They don’t seem very interested in that bone I put in there.
Manny: I’m not putting my hands anywhere near that web.
Manny: Ay Chihuahua.
Manny: Ewwww. Something has sucked the marrow out.
Manny: I like to save bones for special occasions.
Manny: No place for a bone there.
Manny: Hey, wait a second…
Manny: The sign looks like it’s pointing to one of those dark passageways.
Manny: Well, it’s pointing SOMEWHERE.
Manny: I can’t see where this dark passage leads.
Manny: That’s kinda cool.
Glottis: Uh-oh! Crazy road!
Glottis: Too crazy for the Bone Wagon!
Glottis: Manny, I’m scared of that sign.
Manny: You know, if I had had a car like this when I was alive, things would have been different.
Manny: It looks like some sort of warning sign…
Manny: “They’ll tear you apart, bone by bone…
Manny: …and build with you a human throne.
Manny: Their buck-toothed king will sit upon
Manny: What once was you, but now is gone.
Manny: This key unlocks the gates of Hell.
Manny: Steady traveler, use it well.”
Manny: I’ll leave the sign here to warn others.
Manny: Can’t pass up an old, creepy key!
Manny: It’s the key to the gates of Hell, I seem to recall.
Manny: Doesn’t do much by itself.
Manny: That doesn’t look like “The Gates of Hell” to me.
Manny: Okay, the Beasts of Black River are blowing bubbles at the bottom.
Manny: So let’s power on through, huh Glot?
Glottis: Manny, look at that bad-ass gate. I can’t drive through that.
Glottis: We have to find the key!
Manny: °HÌjole!
Manny: Aaaaiiieee!
Manny: Come on Glottis, let’s crash through this gate and drive right over those little monsters!
Glottis: Nnnooo way, Manny!
Glottis: Those flaming bone-beavers are mean–They bite, they claw…
Glottis: And if one of them wrapped around my driveshaft, I’d be picking flaming hunks of fur outta my U-joint for months!
Glottis: I’m not going down there until you get rid of them.
Glottis: Manny, I don’t know if I like driving over people.
Manny: They can’t feel it. They’re dead.
Glottis: You’re dead, and I wouldn’t wanna drive over you.
Manny: That’s because you and I, Glottis…
Manny: Are friends.
Glottis: Oh, Manny…
Manny: I wonder if this thing is rated for rodents.
Manny: That’s not on fire.
Manny: Run for your lives, you buck-toothed glow-balls!
Manny: I’m gonna put out your lights, my friends.
Manny: My name’s Manny Calavera and I’m your new travel agent!
Manny: Come on and fight, you platypuses.
Manny: Yeah, ya like that?
Manny: Plenty more where that came from.
Manny: Ha!
Manny: That road leads out of the forest, I’m sure, but I don’t think I’d get very far on foot.
Manny: Plus, how could I leave without Glottis?
Manny: These monsters have made a dam out of human bones.
Manny: I’m thinking the next project should be wings.
Manny: This river seems to be made of tar.
Manny: But those beavers just seem to cut through it like water.
Manny: I forgot my tar ladle.
Manny: No, I don’t think I could swim a single stroke in that tar.
Manny: Look at him go!
Manny: I don’t want to catch the little flame rat.
Manny: There’s a big, old padlock on this outer gate.
Manny: Nah, I can’t break it off.
Manny: Looks pretty strong, and I don’t have the key.
Manny: This outer gate is huge!
Manny: I’ll need Glottis to open it.
Manny: With those monsters on the other side, I’m happier with this thing locked.
Manny: Maybe I’ll just keep the lock on, until I can assess the situation, dam-side.
Manny: That’s one dark, bumpy road.
Manny: I get the feeling there’s something on the other side of this gate that I’m not going to like.
Glottis: MANNY! What are you doing?
Manny: Aiee, don’t sneak up on me like that!
Glottis: Don’t you know what’s on the other side of that gate?
Manny: Yeah, the way out of the forest.
Glottis: Demon beavers, Manny! They’ll make you into a dam!
Manny: Relax Geppetto, I’m not made of wood.
Glottis: But Manny!
Glottis: They don’t use wood…
Manny: HÌjole Mano!
Manny: What sort of unholy Christmas tree farm is this, Glottis?
Manny: Glottis?
Glottis: Manny, check out this wheelbarrow, will ya?
Glottis: With a couple ATV nubbie tires on the back and a two-stroke lawnmower engine, we could make one SWEET go-cart!
Glottis: That should do it!
Glottis: Oooh, careful, Manny.
Glottis: With the harmonic balancer turned off, those pumps might shake that tree apart!
Glottis: Oh! But!
Glottis: Oh!
Glottis: If we shook the tree down, those pumps would dislodge, and I could make high-lift shocks out of them for the Bone Wagon!
Glottis: Hold on, I’m going to un-balance that wheel with some of these weights.
Glottis: That’ll shake her down for sure!
Glottis: Hey, while you have that off, let me try moving those weights around some more.
Glottis: Okay, just give me a second to balance these doggies!
Glottis: Now, no monkey business this time, Calavera!
Glottis: I’m gonna close my eyes this time for an extra rush.
Glottis: Okay, last time.
Glottis: That was a dirty trick, Manny!
Manny: Oh, it was an accident–I bumped the switch with my elbow!
Manny: Wasn’t me this time–these kids did it!
Manny: I don’t know how that happened, but I think it was an electrical short.
Manny: I wasn’t even NEAR that switch!
Manny: You said to turn it on!
Glottis: I did?
Manny: Yes. Don’t say something like that unless you mean it.
Manny: Okay, I did it that time. I couldn’t resist.
Glottis: Oh, okay.
Glottis: You know, that’s actually kind of fun.
Glottis: Aaaaaaaay!
Glottis: Maaaaaannnnyyyy! What are you doooooooiiiiinnnnnnggggg?
Glottis: Mannnny! Yooooouuuu prooooommmmiiiiiiised!
Glottis: Weeeeeeeeeeheehee!
Manny: Outside of the entertainment value, that didn’t do what I had hoped.
Manny: Still not enough.
Glottis: Hey, maybe if I moved them around a little…
Manny: There’s nothing back here but more spooky woods.
Manny: There’s no door on this trailer. I think it’s just a big generator.
Manny: No trailer hitch on the Bone Wagon.
Manny: The switch is up.
Manny: The switch is down.
Manny: I’ve broken it. Fun’s over.
Manny: This forest sucks the marrow out of everything.
Manny: I’d climb it myself, but I don’t want to take all the fun away from Glottis.
Manny: He looks a little dizzy.
Manny: He looks much better with his heart not ripped out.
Manny: That wheel should really be shaking the tree down, don’t you think?
Manny: Glottis, what are they doing to that tree?
Glottis: Oh, City Boy!
Glottis: You work all day in a sixty-story skyscraper, but didn’t you ever wonder what it was made of?
Glottis: The marrow of these trees, Manny, they suck it out, it’s like cement!
Manny: Is that why the town’s called, “El Marrow?”
Glottis: Huh… Never thought of that…
Glottis: MAYBE SO!
Manny: This place gives me the creeps.
Glottis: I’m ready to go when you are.
Manny: Remember this spot, baby. This is where you got your legs.
Manny: I’m sure it helps the handling, but did he have to make it SO low to the ground?
Manny: I can’t drive that thing!
Manny: That WOULD make a decent go-cart…
Manny: I don’t want to drive this thing all over the forest!
Glottis: You will once I get that two-stroke in there vroom vroom — heh, heh.
Manny: That’s the road back.
Manny: That’s the kind of hike I just don’t need.
Manny: I wish Glottis would hide that thing!
Manny: Glottis, you’ve got to hide that car!
Glottis: In a minute Manny, I’m talking to Mr. Dockmaster here.
Glottis: Oh, all right, just give me a few more minutes in the driver’s seat here…
Manny: I’ve always wanted one of those jackets.
Manny: He’s fine right where he is.
Manny: I’m not done reading it yet.
Manny: Velasco’s log book says Celso’s wife took a bunk with a hunk.
Manny: I can’t throw away Velasco’s logbook.
Manny: I think I’ll wait for the fog to clear before I try exploring town again.
Manny: That’s the way back to the forest…
Manny: …the spiders…
Manny: …the city…
Manny: …my old job…
Manny: Let’s hope I never have to take that road again.
Manny: That’s the road we came in on.
Manny: Looks like a cafeteria in there.
Manny: Ever seen this woman?
Velasco: Oh, if this is the woman you’re looking for, take my advice…
Velasco: Forget about her!
Velasco: She sailed out of here weeks ago in a cozy portside cabin built for two, and she wasn’t alone.
Manny: You sure a woman named Mercedes Colomar never came through this town?
Velasco: She might have, I don’t know!
Velasco: I told you the first time, I’m no good with names!
Glottis: Hey, Manny!
Glottis: Dockmaster Velasco here says he’s got a place we can dry-dock the Bone Wagon for a while.
Velasco: Oh, yeah–we can’t leave a beauty like this out in the fog, or her chrome will get pitted.
Glottis: Pitted? Did you hear that, Manny?
Velasco: You folks gonna stay in Rubacava for a spell?
Manny: Say, there, Velasco…
Velasco: Hmmmm?
Manny: How do you know she sailed out of here? I don’t believe it!
Velasco: It’s a tough break junior, but you gotta face it!
Velasco: Here! Look it up in my port log if you want it in writing!
Velasco: Six weeks ago on a Tuesday. Ticket for two, paid in full!
Velasco: I cracked the champagne on the bow myself!
Manny: We’re here looking for a woman named Mercedes Colomar.
Velasco: I’m not too good with names…
Velasco: Did she have any distinguishing marks or a tattoo?
Manny: Not that she showed me.
Velasco: Well, like I said, I’m as good with names as you are with the fog…
Velasco: Heh heh.
Manny: I might be here a while. Is there any work in this town?
Velasco: Oh, there’s lot’s of work down at the docks, but it’s all union work.
Velasco: Eh-heh, a-and I just don’t see you in that union (huh, huh, huh).
Manny: How do you get around here with all the mist?
Velasco: Ah-uh, when you’ve strolled these docks as long as I have, pilgrim…
Velasco: You know where you are by smell of the sea, by the sound of the lonely fog horn…
Velasco: …by the icy touch of the cold, salty air.
Glottis: Wow…
Glottis: Manny? Could I have an eyepatch?
Manny: Can I just ask–what IS under the eyepatch?
Manny: …because I KNOW it’s not an eye.
Velasco: Oh, well, when I was alive I had an eye patch like this…
Velasco: …this one’s just for the phantom pain…
Velasco: And that one eye socket used to scream like a banshee when the trade winds blew, so I plugged her.
Glottis: Well, actually, it’s mostly stock, with a few mods here and there…
Velasco: So would those be glass packs I’m hearing, or turbos?
Glottis: There was this one high-pitched whine it was making–really grating noise, you know?
Glottis: And I searched and searched, but I couldn’t find the source of the noise, until we pulled in here.
Velasco: Was it the blower?
Glottis: No, it was Manny screaming in the back like a cat tied to a cruise missile!
Velasco: Ah-ha ha! That’s a good’n.
Manny: Well, don’t let me interrupt your car talk.
Velasco: Ah, yes… where was I…
Velasco: Oh, yeah! So anyway…
Glottis: Hey, Manny, we WERE in the middle of a conversation here…
Manny: Hey, hey, okay.
Velasco: Look, I know how you feel son.
Velasco: Once I lost a very special lady myself.
Velasco: I waved to her from the docks as she sailed out of port and I never saw her again.
Manny: What was her name?
Velasco: The “SS Lamancha” was her name…
Velasco: But don’t make me talk about her ‘cuz I…I just can’t do it.
Manny: Celso, your wife sailed out of here two months ago, with another man.
Manny: It’s all in there.
Celso: Oh, Manny.
Celso: Is there a greater constant in nature than the treachery of women?
Manny: Forget about her, Celso.
Celso: Have you forgotten yours?
Celso: I’m going after her.
Celso: You take over my job here–
Celso: This mop, at least, will never let you down.
Celso: That compass in the handle will sure come in handy, too!
Manny: Good to see one of my clients doing well.
Manny: This guy looks familiar…
Manny: All these door have numbers and pictures of food on them…
Manny: What’s number #22
Celso: Lengua.
Manny: Wow. It’s been a long time since I had a tongue.
Manny: Hey, how do I open these?
Celso: You wait ’til we start serving, that’s how.
Manny: I hate the way mustard spouts get all crusted like that.
Manny: The glove compartment on the Bone Wagon is FULL of tiny ketchup and mustard packets…
Manny: Not to mention soy sauce–I really don’t need any more.
Manny: I have bigger things on my mind right now than condiments.
Manny: Hmmm… maybe I should place a personal ad…
Celso: I tried it, believe me: It attracts the WRONG kind of women.
Manny: It’s Celso’s wife–Actually I don’t think skin would help.
Manny: I can’t throw it away. I said I’d help.
Manny: It’s the door outside.
Manny: Mr. Flores?
Manny: I’m ready to take you now.
Celso: Manny Calavera? Is that you?
Celso: Didn’t you used to be…
Celso: TALLER?
Manny: Are you sure I can’t sleep in the back?
Celso: There’s only room for one.
Manny: How about in the attic?
Celso: That’s the boss’ office. You can sleep there when you’re the boss.
Manny: I could sleep out here on the counter.
Celso: Our customers may all be dead, Manny, but we still care about hygiene.
Manny: I could sleep under the sink in the kitchen.
Celso: The rats would steal your toes in your sleep.
Manny: Look, I need a job and I need a place to stay.
Celso: I told you, you can have mine…
Celso: …when I’m done waiting for my wife.
Manny: I’m here to reclaim that walking stick.
Celso: I broke it over the head of some hideous monsters in the forest.
Manny: Did they look like little fireballs with big teeth?
Celso: Yes, but they weren’t little, and they DEFINITELY were not in your brochures.
Manny: I’m looking for a woman named Mercedes Colomar.
Celso: Well, no one’s come through town by that name, and you can take it from me.
Celso: I, too, am looking for someone, so I watch the comings and goings around here VERY carefully.
Manny: Who are you looking for?
Celso: Well, if you must know, it’s about my wife…
Celso: I got word that she passed away not long after I, and that she, too, was crossing the Land of the Dead on foot.
Celso: It is said that all lost souls come to Rubacava, so I came here to wait for her.
Manny: You must love her very much, Celso.
Celso: Yes, this is true…
Celso: Of course, she also has all of my money…
Manny: How do you know your wife hasn’t gone ahead of you?
Celso: Oh, Manny–If she had arrived here first, SURELY she would have waited for me!
Manny: What are you doing here?
Manny: I’ll help you find your wife. What did she look like?
Celso: Oh, here.
Celso: I got this from the DOD, and made copies to hand out.
Celso: Isn’t she something?
Manny: She must have been beautiful with skin.
Celso: Weren’t we all?
Manny: So, know a good place to stay in town?
Celso: What’s your price range?
Manny: Somewhere around the high-end of nothing.
Celso: Then maybe, young man, it’s time you started thinking about a job.
Manny: Can you get me a job here?
Celso: Have any skills?
Manny: Sales.
Celso: Well, that does qualify you for a certain position, but…
Celso: We only have one mop.
Manny: Where do you stay?
Celso: They let me sleep in the back here, part of the benefits of the job.
Manny: Sweet gig.
Manny: Any room in the back for me?
Celso: Not in my cot, slick.
Celso: But I tell you what, when my wife and I leave town, I’ll hand over my cot and broom to you, okay?
Celso: It’s about time you had a RESPECTABLE job.
Manny: Well, I’d better go see how my other clients are doing…
Celso: If you say so, Manny.
Celso: I’m sorry Manuel, I’ve got to get this place ready to open…
Manny: Right. I’ll let you know if I see your wife.
Celso: She’ll be the one asking for her beloved Celso.
Bogen: This is an outrage!
Bogen: I bet on number two, why didn’t it come up number two?
Croupier: Ah Monsieur, je suis vraiment dÈsolÈ, I do not pick ze winners.
Croupier: These things are all controlled by the man upstairs.
Bogen: Well, please tell the “Man Upstairs” that Police Chief Bogen was very upset when he left…
Bogen: …and when he returns later this evening, he would prefer to have better luck!
Croupier: Oui, Monsieur. Bon soir.
Croupier: I will definitely tell him.
Manny: Ah, lady luck!
Manny: I’ve always meant to hide that better.
Manny: My desk drawer.
Manny: Oh, that’s where I put Sal’s little letters…
Manny: Ah to sleep…
Manny: …perchance to have nightmares about spiders and beavers.
Manny: No moving furniture when I’m in my tux.
Manny: Can’t. What if Meche makes her big arrival and I sleep through it?
Manny: Can’t. I’d miss my boat.
Manny: My “Wartime Communications” from Salvador…
Manny: He’s been sending me messages like this for the last year:
Limones: Agent Calavera, I have word that you arrived in Rubacava safely.
Limones: This is great news, as your service to the L.S.A. may now continue.
Limones: I am pleased to report the successful hatching of the eggs you liberated.
Limones: The hatchlings, which Eva has named “Manny” and “Meche,” are quite healthy and eager to serve our cause.
Limones: With luck, my next letter will be borne to you across the sky by these young, gossamer wings of truth.
Limones: For the revolution,
Limones: –Salvador Limones.
Limones: Calavera, it is indeed a great day for the revolution!
Limones: Say hola to little Manny, the first enlisted messenger to serve the L.S.A!
Limones: Please feed him some bread crumbs and send him back quickly, so we may know that our maiden flight was a success.
Limones: Manuel, I am sorry to hear that you have not heard from your Meche.
Limones: You must be patient, and let your heart remain open.
Limones: If it is meant to be, you will someday be reunited.
Manny: Ah, he still thinks I’m in love with her!
Eva: Congratulations, Manny!
Eva: Sal and I were so proud when we heard about your promotion!
Eva: Before you know it, you’re going to be head cook!
Limones: Manuel, we have found the head of the serpent!
Limones: Using the computer access you provided us, we picked up a thread that lead us to the man who corrupted the Department of Death!
Limones: His name is Hector LeMans.
Limones: Once a small-time racketeer, he has grown fat and powerful by robbing the newly-dead.
Limones: Watch out for the name Hector LeMans, Manuel, and be careful.
Limones: Dear Friend,
Limones: Our movement now has true momentum, and our numbers are rapidly growing.
Limones: Much of this is due to our communications and intelligence systems, both of which we owe to you.
Limones: In light of your contributions, I would like to announce your promotion to SPECIAL Agent status.
Limones: I, Salvador Limones, of the Lost Souls’ Alliance, salute you Manuel Calavera.
Limones: You are a great ally in this noble revolution.
Limones: Great news — we’ve discovered a new, secret talent of our tiny messengers!
Limones: We don’t know how they do it, but these mysterious birds can actually find their targets…
Limones: …JUST BY LOOKING AT A PHOTOGRAPH of the addressee.
Limones: To celebrate, Eva has made them all little berets–I’ll send you some pictures!
Limones: Manuel, I am troubled by reports of you buying the automat and converting it into a night club.
Limones: It’s fine for you to be comfortable in Rubacava for your long stay, but I pray you haven’t lost sight of the larger goals…
Limones: It is not this world, but the next, in which our true glory lies.
Manny: I just got this one today:
Limones: Beware Manuel, for you are in grave danger!
Limones: Somehow rumor has spread on the streets of El Marrow of your presence in Rubacava.
Limones: If this information reaches Hector LeMans, he surely will send his evil operatives after you.
Limones: You must give up your search for Mercedes for the time being, and please…
Limones: Be out of Rubacava on the next ship!
Manny: I think he’s exaggerating the danger a little, but I do feel pretty stupid for putting my name on the big sign.
Lupe: Hey, this is a card from my new coat check system!
Manny: Can I have my coat please?
Lupe: YOU BET!
Lupe: Okay, okay, okay…
Lupe: Hold on…
Lupe: 22, 22, 22…
Lupe: Lengua… Lengua…
Lupe: Leeeeeeennnnguuuaaaaa-ha ha!
Lupe: OH DARN!
Manny: What’s wrong!
Manny: Lupe! What is it?
Lupe: This can’t be yours!
Manny: That’s it. Thanks.
Lupe: What are you doing with a tiny girl jacket?
Manny: I don’t suppose there was a camera back there anywhere?
Lupe: Uh…. no.
Manny: She must have hidden that somewhere else…
Lupe: Uh…
Manny: I-I’ll tell you tomorrow.
Lupe: I have a note for you from Lola!
Manny: Lola?
Lupe: Yes! Now, where is it?
Lupe: Where, where, where, where?
Lupe: Oh!
Lupe: Here!
Lupe: No.
Lupe: Wait.
Lupe: Dang.
Lupe: I have a whole new system for messages…
Lupe: Just let me…
Lupe: Here!
Lupe: No, no, wait.
Lupe: Ahhh!
Lupe: Be quiet!
Lupe: Wait a second… it’s empty.
Lupe: There was something inside, it felt like a key.
Manny: A key?
Lupe: Yesss! But did somebody come back here and snake the key while I was sorting the coats?
Lupe: Who would do that?
Lupe: They messed up my WHOLE SYSTEM!!!
Lupe: MANNY!
Lupe: Come here!
Manny: Looks like Lupe’s been in the sugar again.
Manny: Not my employees.
Lupe: Hey, I’ll bet that’s the key from Lola’s note.
Lupe: I don’t check keys, Manny.
Lupe: You’ll have to designate a driver.
Lupe: Thirty six? That number’s not even a part of my system, Manny!
Lupe: And I don’t think I’d let somebody check an old rusty anchor back here, anyway.
Manny: Here you go.
Lupe: OH!
Manny: You already gave me one.
Manny: I can’t remember. I lost it.
Manny: Yes.
Manny: I just got this thing!
Manny: It’s Lola’s jacket.
Manny: Poor Lola. If I only had her camera or that film…
Manny: I could really get Nick.
Manny: I’m not doing that with Lola’s jacket!
Manny: There’s a little slip of paper in one of the pockets…
Manny: Nothing else.
Manny: All that this paper says is, “No. 36 – The Rusty Anchor.”
Manny: What is THAT supposed to mean?
Manny: I can’t make anything of it!
Manny: Those are the stairs to my office.
Manny: Evening, Lupe.
Lupe: Oh!
Lupe: Hi Manny!
Manny: Think she’ll come in tonight?
Lupe: Manny, you ask me that every night…
Lupe: …what am I supposed to say?
Manny: You’re supposed to say, “Yes, I think tonight’s the night.”
Lupe: Yes, I think tonight’s the night…
Lupe: That you finally go nuts from waiting for the grand entrance of Ms. Mercedes Colomar!
Manny: Well, you could be a little more encouraging.
Lupe: I just hate seeing you get your expectations up every night like that.
Manny: I’m not giving up on her.
Manny: Nothing. You’re supposed to tell me to get over it.
Lupe: Hey, I don’t want you to give up on Mercedes…
Lupe: …just have more realistic expectations, that’s all.
Manny: Let’s try that again, shall we? Think she’ll come in tonight?
Lupe: Could be, Manny. Just hang in there.
Lupe: Nothing. Get over it, knucklehead!
Manny: Thank you.
Manny: It’s my fault she’s out in the woods alone, you know.
Lupe: (sigh)If you say so, Manny.
Manny: Bogen come in yet?
Lupe: Yeah, he’s down in the casino, probably enjoying his usual lucky streak.
Manny: Bogen look mad when he left?
Lupe: Yeah, what happened?
Manny: Hey, we all run out of luck, eventually.
Lupe: Careful, Manny, or you’re going to get us shut down!
Manny: How’s the flow tonight?
Lupe: We’re dead tonight, Manny.
Lupe: Everybody’s back home for the Day of the Dead, I guess…
Lupe: …except for the casino. The casino’s hopping.
Lupe: Why is it that all the people who don’t go home are the same people who just love to gamble?
Manny: Well, I guess when you’ve got nothing to go home to, you’ve got nothing to lose.
Lupe: Hey, we should put that over the door!
Manny: Everything okay back in the land of fur and fedoras?
Lupe: Everything’s in order!
Lupe: It’s beautiful!
Lupe: I can’t wait for people to come in and try the new system!
Lupe: It’s soooooo cooooool!
Lupe: Want to hear about it?
Manny: Okay, tell me all the details about your new coat check system.
Lupe: Yay!
Lupe: Okay, I found all these plastic tiles in the back, left over from the automat, and guess what?
Lupe: So what I’m doing is I give one to everyone who checks a coat in and…
Lupe: MANNY!
Manny: Lupe…
Lupe: Forget it!
Lupe: Don’t pretend to care.
Manny: No, I want to hear…
Lupe: HUP!
Lupe: No, I’ll tell someone else about it.
Lupe: Someone who cares.
Manny: PLEASE tell me all about your new coat check system, really.
Lupe: Don’t patronize me, Cal.
Manny: Okay, back to work.
Lupe: But… my system!
Manny: I’ll be back.
Lupe: OKAY!
Manny: Check out this fancy pass to the High Roller’s Lounge!
Manny: Can you believe how full of themselves they are over there?
Manny: I don’t think their place is any more “V.I.P.” than ours, do you?
Glottis: I don’t know, I-I-I t-try to stay away from t-that p-p-place…
Manny: Really? Why?
Glottis: ‘Cause of my…
Glottis: …my…
Glottis: My Problem.
Manny: Glottis?
Manny: Compadre?
Glottis: Oooh! A request!
Glottis: Hmmm… Rusty Anchor… Rusty Anchor…
Glottis: Yeah, I…I think I know that one!
Glottis: If I remember right…
Glottis: It’s goes a little something…
Glottis: …like this:
Glottis: Oh, my boat’s got a rusty anchor.
Glottis: Rusty as she can be.
Glottis: Every port I go, I drop her,
Glottis: But she always comes back to me!
Glottis: Oh Rusty Anchor,
Glottis: Goin’ down, down, down.
Glottis: Oh Rusty Anchor,
Glottis: Guess I gotta hang around.
Glottis: Now, I love that rusty anchor.
Glottis: But man, she don’t love me.
Glottis: And this mornin’ I woke to find us both
Glottis: A-driftin’ out to sea!
Glottis: Oh Rusty Anchor,
Glottis: Goin’ down, down, down.
Glottis: Oh Rusty Anchor,
Glottis: Guess I gotta hang around.
Glottis: And every chance I get, I thank her
Glottis: For never leavin’ me.
Glottis: Well, my bones are carved up driftwood,
Glottis: But she won’t never set them free!
Glottis: Oh Rusty Anchor,
Glottis: Goin’ down, down, down.
Glottis: Oh Rusty Anchor,
Glottis: Guess I gotta hang around.
Glottis: Well, what’d you think?
Manny: I thought you were created just to drive.
Glottis: Well, over the years, you know, even a demon dabbles here and there.
Glottis: Hello, Manny!
Manny: I guess Glottis is good at anything that uses keys.
Manny: Ah, “Marillo de Oro” — A very fine liqueur filled with solid gold flakes!
Manny: Nothing but the best for my customers…
Manny: …my rich customers.
Manny: Yes… I’d better take this with me, for safe keeping.
Manny: I don’t think I could swallow any more metal right now…
Manny: Well, maybe just a sip…
Manny: (smack) Ahhh…
Manny: (Buuuuurp!)
Manny: I can’t believe I’ve kept him from putting headers on that thing for so long.
Manny: I’m not in that union.
Manny: Oooooh, Oooooooh…
Manny: Oooh-Ooooh Ooooooooooooooh…
Manny: Meeeeeecheeeeeee….
Lupe: Woooo! Yeah!
Glottis: Manny, the police chief walked through, and I tried playing a song for him…
Glottis: …and he yelled at me.
Manny: Oh, don’t sweat it, Mano.
Manny: He’s just mad ‘cuz he lost at the tables.
Glottis: Isn’t he always supposed to win so he keeps liking us, and never raids us?
Manny: He wouldn’t raid us–it’s a holiday!
Manny: Just how old ARE you?
Glottis: Oh, um… two…
Glottis: …or three… no… two.
Glottis: Yeah, yeah, only two thousand.
Manny: Years?
Glottis: Or thirty million miles, which ever comes first.
Manny: I just had a run-in with Domino and Meche. We’re leaving town.
Glottis: Wha? Wha? How?
Manny: Domino’s got Meche.
Manny: We’re going after them tonight.
Glottis: What should I do?
Manny: Just sit here until I get a boat.
Glottis: Sit here.
Glottis: Check!
Glottis: Okay.
Manny: Quiet night, huh carnal?
Glottis: Day of the Dead ain’t good for business, Chief.
Glottis: But last night–remember last night, Manny?
Glottis: Hooo-weee!
Manny: What’s that you’re playing?
Glottis: Oh this is just a little, you know…
Glottis: …love song.
Glottis: For a special lady, heh heh.
Manny: Sing a little bit of that song, why don’t ya?
Glottis: Well, I only have this part…
Glottis: Oooooh, Oooooooh…
Glottis: Oooh-Ooooh Ooooooooooooooh…
Glottis: Booooooone Waaaaaaaaagon….
Manny: I like it.
Manny: You think she’ll come in tonight?
Glottis: Who, my special lady?
Manny: No, Meche.
Glottis: You know what Manny?
Glottis: I think she will!
Glottis: I got a feeling tonight’s the night!
Manny: You know, when we leave, I’m actually going to miss this place.
Glottis: Aw Manny, why can’t we just stay here?
Glottis: We got our fancy club, we got three squares a day…
Glottis: Max lets me take the Bone Wagon out on his kitty track once a week…
Glottis: Plus, we look good in these clothes!
Manny: Glottis, I can’t live in this world forever, it’s not where I belong.
Manny: I’ve got to find Meche and help her, because if it weren’t for me she’d have been on that train a year ago!
Glottis: Okay, Manny.
Manny: Later.
Glottis: Out.
Manny: Well, I’ll let you get back to practicing.
Glottis: I don’t need to practice, man. I’m goooooooood.
Glottis: I’m goooooooood.
Manny: Sounds good.
Glottis: I know it!
Manny: …one.
Manny: …two.
Manny: …three.
Manny: …four.
Manny: …five.
Manny: …six.
Manny: …seven.
Manny: …eight.
Manny: …nine.
Manny: …ten.
Manny: …eleven.
Manny: …twelve.
Manny: …thirteen.
Manny: …fourteen.
Manny: …fifteen.
Manny: …sixteen.
Manny: …seventeen.
Manny: …eighteen.
Manny: …nineteen.
Manny: …twenty.
Manny: …twenty-one.
Manny: …twenty-two.
Manny: …twenty-three.
Manny: …twenty-four.
Manny: …twenty-five.
Manny: …twenty-six.
Manny: …twenty-seven.
Manny: …twenty-eight.
Manny: …twenty-nine.
Manny: …thirty.
Manny: …thirty-one.
Manny: …thirty-two.
Manny: …thirty-three.
Manny: …thirty-four.
Manny: …thirty-five.
Manny: …thirty-six.
Croupier: Zero.
Croupier: One.
Croupier: Two.
Croupier: Three.
Croupier: Four.
Croupier: Five.
Croupier: Six.
Croupier: Seven.
Croupier: Eight.
Croupier: Nine.
Croupier: Ten.
Croupier: Eleven.
Croupier: Twelve.
Croupier: Thirteen.
Croupier: Fourteen.
Croupier: Fifteen.
Croupier: Sixteen.
Croupier: Seventeen.
Croupier: Eighteen.
Croupier: Nineteen.
Croupier: Twenty.
Croupier: Twenty-one.
Croupier: Twenty-two.
Croupier: Twenty-three.
Croupier: Twenty-four.
Croupier: Twenty-five.
Croupier: Twenty-six.
Croupier: Twenty-seven.
Croupier: Twenty-eight.
Croupier: Twenty-nine.
Croupier: Thirty.
Croupier: Thirty-one.
Croupier: Thirty-two.
Croupier: Thirty-three.
Croupier: Thirty-four.
Croupier: Thirty-five.
Croupier: Thirty-six.
Croupier: Le zÈro…
Croupier: Le un…
Croupier: Le deux…
Croupier: Le trois…
Croupier: Le quatre…
Croupier: Le cinq…
Croupier: Le six…
Croupier: Le sept…
Croupier: Le huit…
Croupier: Le neuf…
Croupier: Le dix…
Croupier: Le onze…
Croupier: Le douze…
Croupier: Le treize…
Croupier: Le quatorze…
Croupier: Le quinze…
Croupier: Le seize…
Croupier: Le dix-sept…
Croupier: Le dix-huit…
Croupier: Le dix-neuf…
Croupier: Le vingt…
Croupier: Le vingt et un…
Croupier: Le vingt-deux…
Croupier: Le vingt-trois…
Croupier: Le vingt-quatre…
Croupier: Le vingt-cinq…
Croupier: Le vingt-six…
Croupier: Le vingt-sept…
Croupier: Le vingt-huit…
Croupier: Le vingt-neuf…
Croupier: Le trente…
Croupier: Le trente et un…
Croupier: Le trente-deux…
Croupier: Le trente-trois…
Croupier: Le trente-quatre…
Croupier: Le trente-cinq…
Croupier: Le trente-six…
Croupier: Rouge,
Croupier: Noir,
Croupier: Red.
Croupier: Black.
Croupier: …pair et passe.
Croupier: …pair et manque.
Croupier: …impair et pass.
Croupier: …impair et manque.
Croupier: Mesdames et Messieurs, faites vos jeux s’il vous plaÓt.
Croupier: Ladies and Gentlemen, please place your bets.
Croupier: Mesdames et Messieurs, rien ne va plus.
Croupier: Les jeux sont faits.
Croupier: Ladies and Gentlemen, Betting is closed.
Croupier: No more bets, please.
Croupier: Le deux. Noir, pair et manque.
Croupier: Number two, two is the winner.
Croupier: Your chips, Monsieur…
Bogen: Oh, why thank you!
Bogen: Thank you very much!
Bogen: How nice!
Bogen: Again?
Bogen: This must be my lucky day!
Bogen: Merci.
Bogen: Merci beaucoup.
Croupier: Le numÈro gagnant…
Croupier: House pays all winners…
Croupier: La banque paye…
Manny: Chowchilla Charlie, in his regular booth…
Manny: I could probably do it, and toss him pretty far, too.
Manny: I should have known this ticket printer wouldn’t work!
Manny: Me and this ticket printer, we’re gonna make a mint!
Manny: Why bother? This piece of junk…
Manny: I’m keeping this little gold mine to myself.
Manny: It’s a betting stub for, let’s see…
Manny: Monday…
Manny: Tuesday…
Manny: Wednesday…
Manny: Thursday…
Manny: Friday…
Manny: Saturday…
Manny: Sunday…
Manny: Week…
Manny: Race…
Manny: It’s the V.I.P. pass to the High Rollers’ Lounge that Chowchilla Charlie gave me.
Manny: I don’t think it’s good for much except getting into the High Rollers’ Lounge.
Manny: An honest roulette croupier is hard to find…
Manny: And guys like this are even harder.
Manny: (Everything okay down here?)
Croupier: (What happened to Monsieur Bogen’s lucky streak?)
Manny: (It ran out.)
Croupier: (Well, so did he.)
Croupier: (He seems to have forgiven us. Please…)
Croupier: (…let his luck continue, eh?)
Croupier: (Well, I’m going to need some more chips, if Monsieur Lucky does not call it a night soon…)
Manny: Ah, my bread and butter…
Manny: Thrill-seeking rich folk with a poor grasp of statistics and probability.
Manny: I have a bouncer for that, but he’s busy playing the piano right now.
Manny: Not while they’re losing.
Manny: Police Chief Bogen, Rubacava’s “finest.”
Manny: …Rubacava’s “only,” for that matter.
Manny: I knew you couldn’t stay mad forever.
Bogen: Oh, I’m still mad, but nothing cheers me up like winning.
Manny: You know, some people say you should always walk away from the table when you’re on a winning streak.
Bogen: Oh, yes, but I’m feeling EXTRA lucky tonight.
Charlie: Where’s my suitcase?
Manny: Where’re your manners?
Charlie: You said you’d get my money from Maximino’s safe!
Manny: Don’t worry, Chuck.
Manny: You’ll get what’s coming to you.
Manny: Mind if I sit down, Charlie?
Charlie: Of course not, Manny.
Charlie: I…I mean, it is your club, right?
Charlie: Manny.
Manny: Right. So what are you doing in it?
Manny: Didn’t I tell you not to come back until you could pay your bar tab?
Charlie: Oh-huh. Oh, they kicked me out of that cat track for printing fake betting stubs.
Charlie: So now I have to come here Manny…
Charlie: …which I love, which I love!
Manny: What are you doing in my club, Charlie?
Manny: How did you print fake betting stubs?
Charlie: With this!
Charlie: Isn’t she beautiful?
Charlie: The last time I was incarcerated, I shared a cell with the most dishonest con man I ever met.
Charlie: He was strictly small-time, and I managed to steal this from him quite easily.
Manny: Thanks. You never know when this may come in handy.
Charlie: Hey, give that back to me, Manny!
Manny: Maybe once you settle your bar tab, eh, Charlie?
Charlie: Oh, Manny…
Manny: What else can you counterfeit?
Charlie: Nothing.
Charlie: Anything.
Manny: Can you make passports?
Charlie: Manny, you still think like a living man in so many ways!
Charlie: No soul needs a passport…
Charlie: We are all citizens of the same nation, and our king rides a pale horse.
Manny: So, no passports?
Charlie: Noooo. No, that little hologram is so tricky, you know?
Manny: How about driver’s licenses?
Charlie: Sure. Just, um, give me a recent picture, fifty bucks and uh…
Charlie: …about two weeks, okay?
Manny: Can you make reasonable union cards?
Charlie: Manny?
Charlie: Are you going to start moonlighting, or are you just looking to hang out with the sailors?
Manny: Can you do it or not?
Charlie: Hmmm…
Charlie: I have a deal for you.
Charlie: If you can retrieve my money from Maximino, I can make you PRESIDENT of that crooked union.
Manny: I don’t need to be president, and why does Max have your money?
Charlie: I put a whole suitcase of it up for collateral on a rather large wager last month.
Charlie: The race was fixed, Manny–they stole my money like common thieves.
Charlie: Here, take this V.I.P. pass and use it to get into the High Roller’s Lounge–
Charlie: …they won’t let me in there anymore…
Charlie: There should be a safe, somewhere in the wine cellar, and my suitcase should be in it.
Manny: And you can get me a card tonight?
Charlie: If you make it back, Manny, the card will be on the table.
Manny: When I think of something I need, I’ll come back.
Charlie: I’m not a wishing well, Manny.
Manny: Why aren’t you over at the roulette tables?
Charlie: Ah, roulette is for lonely widows and Frenchmen.
Charlie: Why don’t you get some slot machines, Manny?
Charlie: Everybody–old women, little children–they all love slot machines!
Charlie: And I have a system, an infallible system, for beating them!
Manny: I’ll think about it.
Charlie: Uh-huh, huh, huh. I can tell when you’re just humoring me, you know?
Manny: I think slot machines attract an undesirable element.
Charlie: Oh, we’re all undesirable, Manny…
Manny: Yeah, but your credit’s no good to boot.
Manny: All my friends are lonely widows and Frenchmen.
Charlie: Except me, Manny.
Charlie: I’m here to keep you sane.
Manny: Tell me your system, Charlie.
Charlie: I can’t tell you my secrets, uh, just this: You have to become one with the bandit Manny.
Charlie: You…you have to get inside the machine, and… and make it WANT to pay!
Manny: On second thought, stay away from my roulette tables.
Manny: Well, I’ve got a club to run, so…
Charlie: And a burglary to commit, don’t forget!
Charlie: Oh yes, please Manny, get on with your glamorous life.
Manny: That’s a nice suit. Where’d you steal it?
Charlie: Manny, if you learn to play the odds like Chowchilla Charlie…
Charlie: …then maybe you, too, can have a suit this fine someday.
Manny: Welllll, looks like a quiet night in old Rubacava…
Manny: Looks like Velasco’s dozed off again.
Manny: Who’s that up in the lighthouse?
Manny: Wow, that strike is still going on!
Manny: Hey, you lazy bees! Get off your abdomens and get to work!
Manny: I wonder if Velasco can see me up here.
Manny: Heeeeeeeey! Velasco!
Manny: Lola, Lola, where are you?
Manny: Ah, there’s nothing new to see in this town!
Manny: Gross. How long was that raven sitting there?
Manny: There it is… Max’s giant cat race track…
Manny: How’s a regular guy with three roulette tables supposed to compete with that?
Velasco: Manuel Calavera?
Velasco: Hah-hah-hah, oy! Well what happened to the Limbo!?
Manny: Hate to tell you Velasco, but she went down at the Pearl…
Manny: But we found a new ship, the SS Lamancha, and managed to–
Velasco: The LAMANCHA?
Velasco: My old rusty bucket!?
Velasco: Where is she?
Manny: Oh, well, we traded her in Puerto Zapato for a team of sled dogs…
Velasco: That does it!
Velasco: I’m out of this stinking mob town!
Manny: But–
Velasco: Thanks for finding my baby, Manny!
Velasco: Puerto Zapato, here I come!
Manny: Mob town?
Manny: Sprouted? What’s happening to this town.
Velasco: Oh, big city crime, Manny, we’re gettin’ more of it every day.
Velasco: I know you probably hate getting it this way, but Naranja’s job is yours now.
Manny: No, Velasco… I don’t know if I’m comfortable taking that…
Velasco: You’ll take his job because there’s no one else I can get on such short notice!
Velasco: Now, what about these tools, where are they?
Manny: They’re too big for me to carry.
Manny: Glottis will bring them when we board.
Velasco: Hmmm.
Velasco: And the card, let me see it.
Velasco: Uh-hoh.
Velasco: Ohhhh…One of Charlie’s rush jobs…
Velasco: Good thing your new captain’s far-sighted!
Velasco: Looks like you’re all ready to go, Manny!
Velasco: Except one. Where’s that piano-player of yours?
Manny: He’s having a little good-bye party.
Manny: I’ll go get him.
Velasco: Tell him to hurry up! The Limbo can’t sail without him!
Velasco: Hmmm, still no room for you on board.
Velasco: Naranja’s sleeping off a bad one, but he’ll be here.
Velasco: No word from Naranja, but he’s done this before.
Manny: But I’m first on the waiting list?
Velasco: As it were, yeah.
Velasco: Eh, about that union card, Manny…
Manny: I have one, I just left it in my other coat.
Velasco: Well, I look forward to seeing it.
Velasco: And don’t forget that Glottis has gotta bring his own tools.
Manny: He will. He doesn’t go anywhere without a lot of tools.
Velasco: Good, ’cause neither does the Limbo!
Velasco: Don’t just sit around here collecting barnacles!
Manny: Right!
Manny: Oooh, it’s spooky down here.
Manny: That Dockmaster Velasco is one salty old bag of rope.
Velasco: We-uh-uh-uh, you should see his wife!
Manny: Hey, sailor.
Velasco: Quit foolin’ around.
Velasco: Yeah-uh, that’s a good’n.
Manny: Not a bad little ship-in-a-bottle you got goin’ there!
Velasco: Yeah, well, there’s that Rubacava craft fair next week, you know, so…
Manny: That’s what the Lumbago diorama needed–fake ocean water!
Manny: You’d think after two years he’d have the little S.S. Lumbago’s life boats on, at least.
Manny: Hey, let me see that–
Velasco: I’ll break it over your head if you reach for it again!
Manny: I’ve got more full-scale problems to deal with.
Manny: Maybe I’ll just finish this for him.
Manny: I’d drink it but I’d probably get the S.S. Lumbago stuck in my throat.
Manny: Here, let me help you with that–
Velasco: Ah!
Velasco: There’s some things a man’s got to do for himself!
Velasco: I know-I locked it!
Manny: The S.S. Limbo needs a little T.L.C.
Manny: Yeah, maybe Velasco wouldn’t notice…
Manny: I never was that good at the high jump.
Manny: Dang these short legs.
Manny: Together this time…
Manny: It shone, pale as bone,
Velasco: It shone, pale as bone,
Manny: As I stood there alone.
Velasco: As I stood there alone.
Manny: And I thought to myself how the moon,
Velasco: And I thought to myself how the moon,
Manny: That night, cast its light
Velasco: That night, cast its light
Manny: On my heart’s true delight,
Velasco: On my heart’s true delight,
Manny: And the reef where her body was strewn.
Velasco: And the reef where her body was strewn.
Manny: Ahhhh, not quite the same without ol’ Velasco.
Manny: Don’t have that kind of equipment.
Manny: Could you go over that part again about why I can’t board?
Manny: Alright, so I’m ready to sail!
Velasco: On what?
Manny: On the Limbo, Man, let’s go!
Velasco: Manny, Manny, Manny… The Limbo’s not a passenger ship!
Velasco: The Limbo’s not a passenger ship!
Velasco: She’s small cargo, son, and every hand on board works!
Manny: I’ll work!
Velasco: What are your skills?
Manny: Sales and restaurant management.
Velasco: Ohhhh…hey, there is ONE opening on the Limbo’s crew…
Manny: Yeah?
Velasco: Yeah, it’s in the engine room, and your buddy Glottis would be perfect for it!
Velasco: But he’d have to get his own tools…
Manny: Okay, if I get Glottis some tools, can we board?
Velasco: Uh, HE can, yes.
Velasco: No offense, Manny, but there’s just no place for you aboard the Limbo.
Velasco: She’s fully manned already.
Velasco: In fact, her whole crew is on board, ready to sail at dawn…
Velasco: …except for that one guy…
Manny: Who’s the one guy who hasn’t boarded yet?
Velasco: Yeah, well-uh, Seaman Naranja’s a little late, but he’ll be here before they sail.
Manny: What job did Naranja have?
Velasco: He ran the galley…
Manny: Ah ha! Restaurant management!
Velasco: Yeah, it’s similar to what you’re doing now, except the fish is fresher on the Limbo.
Manny: What if Naranja doesn’t show up? I can fill his spot, right?
Velasco: Manny, you’re not even in the maritime union!
Manny: I know that, and you know that, but we’re two guys who can keep secrets, right?
Velasco: Glottis is exempt, but the captain will ask for YOUR card, and if you don’t have one…
Velasco: …They’ll serve you to the sharks like chum, and what’s worse…
Velasco: I’ll get fined!
Velasco: It’s a tough union, boy, and I don’t mess with ’em!
Manny: So let me get this straight…
Manny: If I get Glottis some tools…
Velasco: Then I can get him a job on the Limbo.
Manny: …and if Seaman Naranja doesn’t show up for work…
Velasco: But he will.
Manny: …and I get a maritime union card…
Velasco: …which you’ll never get.
Manny: Then I can sail on the Limbo in the morning?
Velasco: Sheeese.
Velasco: I GUESS SO.
Manny: What kind of tools does Glottis need?
Velasco: Authentic Sea Bee equipment only.
Manny: Where do I get Authentic Sea Bee equipment?
Velasco: Why don’t you ask a Sea Bee?
Velasco: Afraid of gettin’ stung?
Velasco: HA HA HA, HA-HA!!!
Manny: Has Naranja checked in yet?
Velasco: No but Toto Santos called, said he’s passed out at his place.
Manny: So he’s in no shape to sail, right?
Velasco: Manny, he’s out cold, but not THAT cold.
Velasco: Uh, no. But the boy’s never missed a boat yet!
Manny: Where do you think Naranja is?
Velasco: Probably home selecting recipes for the trip!
Manny: How can I join the union, fast?
Velasco: Manny, it takes months to get in that union…
Velasco: …least, if you do it legitimately.
Velasco: But-tuh, uh-uh, I’ll tell ya…I don’t care if your card’s not a hundred percent sea-worthy…
Velasco: Just so’s it looks right, you get me?
Manny: I think.
Manny: So, where can I get a fake union card?
Velasco: Pipe down, will ya, son!
Manny: But, you said…
Velasco: I never said no such thing!
Velasco: There’s low-down people hidin’ in the corners of this town that’ll give a man almost anythin’ he wants…
Velasco: But I don’t know any of ’em!
Manny: What’s going on in that bottle? A tugboat?
Velasco: This happens to be a perfect scale replica of the SS Lumbago!
Velasco: I’m just having a little trouble getting the walking beam to fit in the neck, here…
Manny: Hm-that’s funny because a lumbago is usually more of a problem in the lower back than the neck…
Velasco: Eh-hmmm?
Manny: Nothing.
Manny: I’d better go finish packing.
Velasco: Aye, you do that, son.
Manny: “Due to the new curfew, elevator operation ceases at sunset.”
Manny: Curfew?!
Manny: Who’s in charge of this place now?
Manny: This elevator goes up to my club.
Manny: “Blue Casket…”
Manny: …just doesn’t have the zing of “Calavera Cafe,” you know?
Manny: Extra-thick doors to seal in the hipness.
Olivia: Calavera? What are you doing here?
Olivia: I heard you went POW in Zapato, Daddy!
Manny: Well, Hector LeMans tried and missed, now it’s my turn.
Manny: I’m headed to El Marrow to put him out of business.
Olivia: Manny, that place is changed–you don’t know what you’re getting into!
Olivia: I’d better come with you.
Olivia: Just give me a minute to get ready.
Manny: Okay, but if you hear a loud explosion anytime soon, the trip’s off.
Manny: So, what did you think of the poem?
Slisko: I liked it.
Slisko: It was sad and beautiful, like my mother.
Alexi: I despised it.
Alexi: It was too short and said nothing to me…
Alexi: …like my father.
Gunnar: I had no feelings about it.
Gunnar: It was aloof and licked itself too much…
Gunnar: …like my cat, Mr. Trotsky.
Olivia: The Rusty Anchor?
Olivia: Manny, I didn’t know you were familiar with my early work…
Olivia: I usually don’t do the old stuff, but I’ll swing this one, just for you.
Olivia: Again? Manny, my regulars are getting bored!
Olivia: Just one more time!
Olivia: Wind pierces my hull
Olivia: An iceberg, a needle.
Olivia: Sweet whispered nothings
Olivia: “Sail tonight!”
Olivia: A storm!
Olivia: This deathbed harbor.
Olivia: By love’s rusty anchor,
Olivia: Forever moored.
Manny: I’m not sure what that means.
Olivia: Thanks.
Slisko: But don’t ya see?
Slisko: When the government fades away, so will our troubles.
Gunnar: Ah, nonsense. We will always need some armed force to fight off the return of capitalism!
Alexi: That sort of fascist thinking is as dead as you are, comrade.
Alexi: When we get rid of all the guns, that’s when people will begin to self-police, and the public opinion alone will keep them from committing crimes!
Manny: Hola, trust-funders!
Slisko: Hey, look who’s making the scene!
Slisko: It’s Manny Calavera, the up- the down- the back-side of the Nouveau Riche.
Alexi: Beat it, Dinner Jacket.
Alexi: We’re talking about things you wouldn’t understand, like truth and beauty!
Manny: Buenas noches, comrades.
Gunnar: Hey, Manny, no offense, but we don’t have time for establishment-types like yourself.
Manny: What makes you guys think I’m so establishment?
Slisko: You smell like bacon and oppression, man!
Manny: QuÈ?
Manny: Hey, kids!
Gunnar: Sorry, Manny.
Gunnar: No room for the bourgeois in our revolution.
Slisko: Yeah, man. No room for the big fat cat from the uptown party that didn’t send out invitations to the working class.
Manny: Hola!
Slisko: What of it, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Dealer, Mr. Loves-The-Apples-But-Hates-The-Apple-Peeler?
Slisko: Get a whiff of your privilege, your big belches of entitlement…
Slisko: I’d vomit, but there’s no food in my belly cuz I won’t play The Man’s game!
Slisko: I hear the driver of a station wagon, the owner of a pasta maker…
Slisko: The hollowed-out husk of a cat who remembers to button down his collar, but forgets his brother in the street.
Slisko: Another visit from the ghost of capitalism, rattling the chains that restrains him, his umbilical cord to the almighty dollar…
Slisko: You put “THE MAN” in Manny, and I say you get the cold shoulder-bone from now on.
Slisko: Oh, fade out.
Manny: Hey, did I ever tell you guys that you remind me of my friend…
Slisko: Salvador Limones is a fairy tale, a spook story The Man tells the masses as he puts them to sleep…
Alexi: Idiot!
Alexi: Salvador Limones is very real, and a very great, great man.
Manny: He also writes a mean letter.
Alexi: What is this?
Alexi: “I Salvador Limones… salute you? Manuel Calavera?”
Gunnar: “A great ally in this noble revolution?”
Alexi: You really know Salvador Limones?
Alexi: What’s he like?
Gunnar: Why didn’t you tell us you were a freedom fighter, Manuel?
Manny: I can’t talk about my underground gig, or I’d put the whole scene in dangerville.
Alexi: Wow.
Slisko: Heavy.
Manny: Hey, Ah-I gotta split, so um…
Manny: (Viva la RevoluciÛn!)
Alexi: Oh, man!
Manny: Crazy.
Manny: “Labor Organization and Revolt… Made Easy!”
Manny: “Chapter One:”
Manny: “The workers shall control the means of production…”
Manny: Oooh, better not show this to Glottis.
Manny: Looks pretty dry. I’ll save it for tonight when I’m trying to get to sleep.
Manny: Would you cats mind if I dug on this book for a while?
Gunnar: Knock yourself out, brother.
Manny: Hey, can I borrow this book?
Alexi: Why? So you can freak on our plans for organizing labor and go rat us out to your pal, Chief Bogen?
Manny: Hey, I’m just looking for something to read on the can, all right?
Alexi: No dice, Cummerbund.
Manny: Looks like it’s “open mic” night.
Manny: I just can’t do it without an audience.
Olivia: Will I do?
Manny: Olivia!
Manny: Hey, look!
Manny: Dead Beats!
Manny: More hep cats…
Manny: It’s not that kind of bar.
Manny: Hi, what’s your name?
Manny: One of these days, I’m going in there.
Manny: Ah, the love nest.
Olivia: Is it time to go yet?
Manny: No, we’re having a little car trouble–
Olivia: Come by when it’s time!
Manny: Mind if I go in?
Olivia: You don’t want to go in there.
Olivia: I haven’t cleaned up yet.
Manny: “Blue Casket”
Manny: If only I’d named my club THAT instead!
Manny: But no, I had to use my own name, like an idiot.
Manny: That would lead to a lot of sparks and broken glass and angry beatniks.
Manny: I don’t mess with Olivia’s stuff, she doesn’t mess with mine. That’s the deal.
Manny: It’s Olivia Ofrenda.
Manny: Not Max’s girl. No way.
Olivia: What are these? Who is Salvador Limones?
Manny: Olivia, what kind of revolutionary are you?
Olivia: Who said I was a revolutionary?
Olivia: Still, I should study up, it could impress the customers…
Manny: Oooh, smells like this door leads to the kitchen.
Manny: That’s the way outside.
Olivia: Tell me Manny…
Olivia: How ARE the bourgeoisie?
Manny: Fine, how’s Max?
Olivia: Oh, Gramps, don’t start.
Manny: What are you doing with a snake like Nick?
Olivia: I’d lay it on you, Manny, but uh, I don’t think you’d get it.
Manny: Messing around with your boyfriend’s lawyer is pretty dangerous.
Olivia: Oh, maybe I was wrong…
Olivia: You do get it!
Manny: I’m a little worried about Lola…
Olivia: That’s because she’s doomed, Manny.
Olivia: She fell in love with Maximino!
Olivia: That’s the one mistake I never made.
Manny: Do you think Nick would hurt her?
Olivia: Only if he finds her, and take it from me–he’s not good at finding things.
Manny: Open mic night seems like a big hit.
Olivia: It always takes those timid souls a while to get up the nerve.
Manny: Maybe it would help if you went up there and started things rolling?
Olivia: Oh, Manny.
Olivia: Read poetry in my own club?
Olivia: That would be like this whole place was just a big temple set up to worship me.
Manny: Oh, come on. Just one poem. As an example to the shy kids.
Manny: Oh, come–
Manny: Hey, how about another poem?
Olivia: I’m bone dry, flesh out of poems!
Manny: Just begin again at the top, they get better each time.
Olivia: Really?
Manny: Little dark in here, don’t you think?
Olivia: Dark and cold, like the hearts of men.
Manny: Uh…
Manny: You know, I’m thinking of buying this place.
Olivia: Really, I thought about buying yours for a while.
Olivia: But then I just decided to ask my boyfriend Max to buy it for me.
Manny: You can have it. I’m leaving town.
Olivia: Manny!
Olivia: You sound so exciting all of a sudden!
Olivia: Why are you leaving town?
Manny: Johnny Law, baby. You see, I’m a grifter. I’m bad news..
Olivia: Yeah, right.
Olivia: You’re running after that ghost chick everyone says you’re still so uptight about.
Manny: I’m chasing a woman I met once and can’t forget.
Olivia: Well, I have a poem I wrote just for you.
Olivia: Pay attention because it’s pretty short. Here it goes.
Olivia: Chuuuuuuuummmmmmmm-P!
Manny: Well, catch you later, hep chick.
Olivia: Keep practicing that lingo, Man, you’ll get it!
Olivia: Okay!
Olivia: Alive!
Olivia: We slept!
Olivia: Life’s just some rapid-eye-movement
Olivia: In a warm, cozy bed…
Olivia: Buried!
Olivia: We wake!
Olivia: The flesh dream is over, Daddy!
Olivia: Now that we’re all crazy dead!
Olivia: Ashes to ashes
Olivia: …to ashes
Olivia: to ashes…
Olivia: …to ashes
Olivia: to ashes…
Olivia: …to ashes
Olivia: to ashes…
Olivia: to ME…
Olivia: …to ashes
Olivia: to ashes…
Olivia: …to ashes
Olivia: to ashes…
Olivia: I called my cat “Boney.”
Olivia: ‘Til she said it wouldn’t do.
Olivia: I said, “Why?”
Olivia: She said, “Sister,
Olivia: ‘Cuz that’s what I’VE been calling YOU!”
Olivia: Okay, last one folks.
Olivia: With bony hands I hold my partner
Olivia: On soulless feet we cross the floor
Olivia: The music stops as if to answer
Olivia: An empty knocking at the door
Olivia: It seems his skin was sweet as mango
Olivia: When last I held him to my breast
Olivia: But now we dance this grim fandango
Olivia: And will four years before we rest
Manny: That was great.
Olivia: Yeah, but that’s the last one!
Olivia: Really, this time. I just don’t have anymore.
Olivia: Scooby da.
Olivia: Fiddle dee dee…
Olivia: Oneness.
Olivia: Wholeness.
Olivia: Everythingness.
Olivia: My teeth…
Olivia: The Darkness…
Olivia: …bones… bones… bones…
Olivia: …ashes to ashes…
Olivia: I ache.
Olivia: Why?
Olivia: Or is it?
Olivia: Can you see what I’m smelling?
Olivia: Is it you? Or am I you?
Olivia: The Center…
Olivia: It lingers…
Olivia: They, them.
Olivia: Meaning!
Olivia: Nothing.
Olivia: Woman?
Olivia: Can you hear what I am suffering?
Olivia: …absolution!
Olivia: Ha!
Olivia: …and tomorrow?
Olivia: I am not dead.
Olivia: I am more than dead.
Olivia: I curl into a fist.
Olivia: The cracks in my skull…
Olivia: I am not laughing out of joy.
Olivia: I am sick, and in so being I am the healthy one.
Olivia: Rise up!
Olivia: Confuse yourselves!
Olivia: Break the mirror with your silence…
Olivia: …a single, calcified tear…
Olivia: …for what purpose?
Olivia: Does He hear? HERE?
Olivia: Can it be yesterday?
Olivia: Forgive these five sins…
Olivia: Eating only spiders and leaves…
Olivia: …grotesque…
Olivia: …pointlessness…
Olivia: …beauty, a roundness?
Olivia: …inside a dream inside a dream…
Olivia: Pain killer. Pain. Killer.
Olivia: The lie.
Olivia: I am your failure.
Olivia: Ignore me.
Olivia: …eating through your brain…
Olivia: Oh, yeah.
Olivia: …and what’s worse…
Olivia: Bee-bop.
Olivia: Ske-bee bop, BOP!
Olivia: You heard me.
Olivia: Myself, MY Self…
Olivia: Innerness.
Olivia: Beholding.
Olivia: Wake.
Olivia: Falling…
Olivia: Eruption.
Olivia: Yo soy un hombre sincero.
Olivia: …turning the battleship…
Olivia: Don’t pet the cat that way.
Olivia: I’m severely touched!
Olivia: You said this to me in your sleep.
Olivia: I can’t bear it…
Olivia: Did you have pet names for each other?
Olivia: In the slaughterhouse of my soul…
Olivia: I reach out…
Olivia: Hurting.
Olivia: Alone.
Olivia: I crave disappointment.
Olivia: Unify, rectify.
Olivia: Go, baby.
Olivia: Do it.
Olivia: …and forever…
Olivia: Lugubrious.
Olivia: Wantingness.
Olivia: (explosion)
Olivia: The phone is for me.
Olivia: The phone is for you.
Olivia: Wallow.
Olivia: Sing it, sister.
Olivia: Go, go, GO!
Olivia: Dig this real.
Olivia: Like, pow!
Olivia: Clambake!
Manny: Hey, you stole my poem!
Olivia: Consider it an homage.
Olivia: Hey, you can’t “OWN” words, Daddy.
Olivia: All great artists steal.
Olivia: Oh, it was better the way I did it, anyway!
Manny: …testing… testing…
Manny: Maybe later, then. Okay?
Manny: Good evening. I’d like to read a poem.
Manny: I’d like to read another poem.
Manny: So, what’s up with airplane food anyway?
Manny: I mean… it’s so… small and… not that good.
Alexi: Is he trying to be funny?
Gunnar: There’s nothing funny about being dead, comrade!
Slisko: Life is pain, death is worse!
Slisko: My funny bone must have fell off in the hearse!
Manny: Anyone out there know where I can find some tools?
Gunnar: Try the docks, brother.
Alexi: The only tool in here is you!
Slisko: Yeah, tool of the government, monkey-wrench of the Man!
Manny: Is there an Anselmo Naranja in the audience tonight?
Gunnar: He’s down at Toto’s place getting carved.
Alexi: If he’s not passed out under a dock somewhere!
Manny: Hey, can anyone out there help me get in the maritime union?
Gunnar: Hey, we’re into organizing labor…
Alexi: Not sabotaging labor!
Manny: Orale! You’ve been a great audience. Good night, Rubacava!
Manny: The End
Gunnar: We hear ya, Daddy!
Alexi: Hsssssss!
Slisko: Hssssss! Hssss!
Manny: Gracias! Muchisimas gracias.
Manny: Scooby da.
Manny: Fiddle dee dee…
Manny: Oneness.
Manny: Wholeness.
Manny: Everythingness.
Manny: My teeth…
Manny: The Darkness…
Manny: …bones… bones… bones…
Manny: …ashes to ashes…
Manny: I ache.
Manny: Why?
Manny: Or is it?
Manny: Can you see what I’m smelling?
Manny: Is it you? Or am I you?
Manny: The Center…
Manny: It lingers…
Manny: They, them.
Manny: Meaning!
Manny: Nothing.
Manny: Woman?
Manny: Can you hear what I am suffering?
Manny: …absolution!
Manny: Ha!
Manny: …and tomorrow?
Manny: I am not dead.
Manny: I am more than dead.
Manny: I curl into a fist.
Manny: The cracks in my skull…
Manny: Heh, heh, heh, I am not laughing out of joy.
Manny: I am sick, and in so being I am the healthy one.
Manny: Rise up!
Manny: Confuse yourselves!
Manny: Break the mirror with your silence…
Manny: …a single, calcified tear…
Manny: …for what purpose?
Manny: Does He hear? HERE?
Manny: Can it be yesterday?
Manny: Forgive these five sins…
Manny: Eating only spiders and leaves…
Manny: …grotesque…
Manny: …pointlessness…
Manny: …beauty, a roundness?
Manny: …inside a dream, inside a dream, inside a dream…
Manny: Pain killer. Pain. Killer.
Manny: The lie.
Manny: I am your failure.
Manny: Ignore me.
Manny: …eating through your brain…
Manny: Oh, yeah.
Manny: …and what’s worse…
Manny: Bee-bop.
Manny: Ske-bee bop, BOP! Ske-bee bop, BOP!
Manny: You heard me.
Manny: Myself, MY Self…
Manny: Innerness.
Manny: Beholding.
Manny: Wake.
Manny: Falling…
Manny: Eruption.
Manny: Yo soy un hombre sincero.
Manny: …turning the battleship…
Manny: Don’t pet the cat that way.
Manny: I’m severely touched!
Manny: You said this to me in your sleep.
Manny: I can’t bear it…
Manny: Did you have pet names for each other?
Manny: In the slaughterhouse of my soul…
Manny: I reach out…
Manny: Hurting.
Manny: Alone.
Manny: I crave disappointment.
Manny: Unify, rectify.
Manny: Go, baby.
Manny: Do it.
Manny: …and forever…
Manny: Lugubrious.
Manny: Wantingness.
Manny: Exploooosion…bang.
Manny: The phone is for me.
Manny: The phone is for you.
Manny: Wallow.
Manny: Sing it, sister.
Manny: Go, go, GO!
Manny: Dig this real.
Manny: Like, pow!
Manny: Clambake!
Waiter: Just a dab will drop ya!
Waiter: Hey, man. You didn’t see me put the secret ingredient in these coffin shooters, did ya?
Manny: Relax. Olivia stole the recipe from me in the first place.
Waiter: Yeahhhh…she steals from the rich, and gives to me to pour…
Manny: The sink is full of dirty hookah water.
Manny: I’m not going to drink dirty hookah water, and I can’t carry it with my bare hands.
Manny: Nothing in the dishwasher.
Manny: Not to sound like the capitalist oppressor, but I have people who do that for me now.
Manny: I don’t get the feeling those cleaning supplies are used much around here.
Manny: I don’t really need a bunch of cleaning supplies.
Manny: Let the waiter clean up after himself.
Manny: They still haven’t done these?
Manny: These plates are filthy.
Manny: Dirty plates can stay put.
Manny: I’m not going to eat off of dirty plates, and I’m not going to clean them.
Manny: Ooooh… food waste.
Manny: As soon as I think of a use for stinky food waste, I’ll give it a shot.
Manny: “Coffin Shooter 1-2-3: Just pour, chill, and serve!”
Manny: I would, but I hate sucking gelatin straight from the tap.
Manny: Beware, for therein lie beatniks.
Manny: This is where Toto Santos practices his cruel, yet beautiful art.
Manny: Never get me under that thing.
Manny: Yes.
Toto: Uh, hang on a second.
Toto: AH AH AH! Get away from that!
Toto: No, no! What are you thinking?
Toto: Reach for that again, and you’ll pull back a stump!
Toto: Kissy people?
Toto: Zzzzzzzz.
Toto: Zzzzzzzz.
Toto: Zzzzzzzz.
Toto: …Lola…
Toto: …Hold still…
Toto: …stop moving…
Toto: …color cost more…
Toto: …doesn’t hurt…
Toto: …quit whining…
Toto: …shut your hole…
Toto: …I kill you…
Toto: …I am… I am a artist…
Toto: …you ASKED for bunny…
Toto: …not my fault…
Toto: …your mother will love it…
Manny: This mean anything to you?
Toto: You mean, besides the song, and the poem, and the bar, and the statue by that name?
Toto: Sure! It is one of my most famous designs! Here, I show you!
Toto: Hey… what’s this?
Manny: My friend Lola left that here for me.
Toto: Oh, yeah. Lola was here. Sweet girl. Like a daughter to me. Tell her Papa Toto say hello.
Manny: Sure thing.
Toto: Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. That is what I told him.
Toto: Are you kidding me?
Toto: I gave him the idea in the first place!
Toto: Ah, a tiger can’t change his stripes.
Toto: So are you still going to go?
Toto: Hey, listen to me-you’ve got to take care of yourself.
Toto: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Toto: Uh-huh.
Toto: Sure.
Toto: Sure, of course. I understand.
Toto: Definitely.
Toto: Mmmm-hmmmm.
Toto: You said that?
Toto: You’ve got guts!
Toto: Yeah, but I wouldn’t exactly call that ‘quality time.’
Toto: So, what happened after dinner?
Toto: Ah-ha.
Toto: Oh, you’re kidding me!
Toto: Oh, I don’t believe it.
Toto: But what about the kids?
Toto: Oh, that’s just a crying shame.
Toto: MMMMM…
Toto: Well, if you didn’t tell me someone else would.
Toto: I’d tell you, but I can’t.
Toto: Someone else is here.
Toto: Let’s just say it’s bad.
Toto: Yes. Yes. Tears were shed.
Toto: No, no, go, go ahead. Tell me the whole thing. I am listening.
Naranja: zzzzzzZZZ.
Naranja: ZZzzzz…
Naranja: Aaaaaaaa!
Toto: Hey! Shut the door! You slow down my grinder, very painful! Very painful, eh Naranja? Like torture, eh?
Toto: Shut the damn door! Nothing to eat in there! You want a snack, go get your mother!
Toto: Stay out of my fridge! [Don’t make me come in there and kick your ass!]
Toto: I kill you!
Toto: Eh? Who is over there?
Toto: [What the hell?] Look! You broke it.
Toto: Now it won’t shut.
Toto: When I’m done with Naranja here, I’m going to…
Toto: …tattoo big, floppy ears on the side of your head so people know what a jackass you are!
Manny: I don’t want to wake up Toto!
Toto: Put that crazy blade away. No room in here for that kind of thing!
Manny: “Liquid Nitrogen — Not to be used on bone.”
Manny: There can’t be too much in here–I’d better save it.
Manny: It’s all gone!
Manny: It’s a little cabinet.
Manny: Ah ha!
Manny: Looks like Toto finally went shopping!
Toto: Yeah, I got to remember to get more liquid nitrogen from the morgue.
Manny: Liquid nitrogen?
Toto: Freeze the bones, less painful that way.
Naranja: Hey, that sounds good. I could go for that!
Toto: You got plenty of pain killer in that bottle of yours, so shut up and hold still!
Manny: Looks like a lettuce crisper.
Manny: …smells more like a fungus crisper to me.
Manny: Nothin’ in there but stains.
Manny: That’s one old fridge.
Manny: Ohhh, Toto’s plumb tuckered out.
Manny: Doesn’t look like YOU’LL be showing up to work in the morning.
Manny: Lot of stains for a guy with no bodily fluids.
Manny: No, I don’t want to disturb his grumpy little dreams.
Manny: Let’s see what you got on ya, eh sailor?
Manny: Hmmm…
Manny: I already searched him pretty thoroughly.
Manny: I really doubt I’ll be touching that any time soon.
Manny: No. I stole them. They’re mine now.
Manny: `Seaman Anselmo Naranja. Ensign, third class.`
Manny: I could put them on, but I don’t think that would fool Velasco.
Manny: I wonder if Inez has cooled off yet?
Manny: Oooh, that reminds me. I forgot about my date with Inez!
Manny: Hello, operator?
Manny: Yeah, it’s me Manny! I was just passing through town and–
Manny: Wow. Still mad…
Manny: Yeah, it’s me baby. How’d you know?
Manny: Hey, don’t say that sweetheart. You know I meant to stop by ‘n —
Manny: I’m more happy about leaving town every minute.
Manny: I think I’ll stay off the phone for a while. Just until Inez calms down.
Manny: Hola, Toto. øCÛmo est·s?
Manny: What’s that you’re working on there?
Manny: A caterpillar?
Manny: A mouse?
Manny: A caterpillar eating a mouse?
Manny: Is that a shoe?
Manny: Is that supposed to be a bunny?
Manny: Looks good, whatever it is.
Manny: I think that art class REALLY helped.
Manny: Can I try it for a while?
Manny: Missed a spot.
Manny: I can’t really make it out, but it looks like my parents fighting.
Manny: I think I hear you grinding your teeth. You really shouldn’t do that.
Manny: I’m thinking about heading out for donuts. Want anything?
Manny: Keep up the good work.
Toto: Not now, Manny. I’m in the middle of something with Naranja here.
Toto: I told you Calavera, not now.
Toto: [What a pain in the ass. Wish he’d shut the hell up.]
Toto: You push me to edge, Calavera!
Toto: Why are you down here, anyway?
Toto: Ahh, get lost!
Toto: Don’t you have some fancy club to run someplace?
Toto: Go mark some cards or something.
Toto: Shut up!
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: What’s that? Am I being inspected? Are you with the health department or something? Go away. I pay my money this month.
Toto: Not impressed.
Toto: Too big–Take off the whole arm. Only do that if design turns out bad.
Toto: Ha! Communism’s dead!
Manny: So are we.
Toto: But at least there was a time when I worked! Eh? Ha ha ha!
Toto: What? Are you trying to sell me something?
Toto: Hmmm. I haven’t had a good piece of Lengua since you shut the Rub-A-Mat down! You and your fancy food, with the parsley and the foil swans…
Toto: Manny, do you mind? Artist at work here, eh?
Manny: It’s the ladder I came in on.
Manny: I think these are binders of tattoo designs…
Manny: They’re labeled, “Nautical” and “Nice…”
Manny: And a third one says just, “Anchormania!”
Toto: AH AH AH! Get away from that!
Manny: Strong stuff. That oughta kill the pain.
Naranja: Should, but it don’t.
Toto: I kill the pain. Turn off my drill, stop working. How about that?
Naranja: No, no, no! I can take it!
Naranja: Bring it on, pops!
Toto: I’ll ‘pop’ you, sailor-boy…
Manny: He’d notice if I took it, and he’s bigger than me.
Naranja: Wup–I need that!
Toto: You need to hold still, or I need to strap you down!
Manny: Nah, he’d see me do it!
Manny: I could siphon out some booze, but the baster wouldn’t fit down the neck of the bottle.
Manny: And anyway, I’ve got plenty of hooch back at my place.
Manny: There’s stronger stuff than that in there already.
Manny: Looks like it hurts.
Manny: Oh, no. No more picking up sailors for me!
Manny: Pain getting to you, sailor?
Naranja: No, no, but the booze is, a little.
Manny: Looks like these cats are almost scruff and scruff…
Manny: Looks like Membrillo finally locked up and went home.
Manny: Hmmmm…
Manny: Late night at the morgue, isn’t it Membrillo?
Membrillo: You know I can’t sleep with John Does on the slab, Manny.
Membrillo: If I don’t ID these rose gardens tonight, I won’t be ready for the two that come in tomorrow, and before you know it…
Membrillo: …I’m up to my ass in azaleas.
Manny: Any leads?
Membrillo: I know it’s a poor coroner who blames his tools, Manny…
Membrillo: …but how am I supposed to turn up anything with the equipment they give me?
Manny: Hey, I had a government job for years, man.
Manny: I know how you feel.
Manny: I’d hate to end up like this.
Membrillo: Then take my advice–buy an ID bracelet and wear it, always.
Manny: Wouldn’t match my cufflinks.
Manny: I don’t think picking flowers is really appropriate right now.
Manny: Digging through flower beds is Membrillo’s job, not mine.
Manny: Are you sure you’re looking hard enough?
Membrillo: Look, Manuel, these old eyes are tired…
Membrillo: I’m doing the best I can, but the average retirement-age beachcomber has more sophisticated equipment than I’ve got here!
Manny: I think Membrillo could really use a nice tropical vacation.
Manny: Would a metal detector help the cause?
Membrillo: Hey, just like downtown!
Membrillo: You never know what this’ll turn up!
Membrillo: An engraved ring… a belt buckle with somebody’s name on it…
Manny: He, he, he, he, who would wear a belt buckle with their…
Manny: Oh.
Membrillo: Only until I finish up here.
Manny: Hey, should I close this?
Membrillo: No, I’m trying to air it out.
Manny: What a sad story, these two sprouted and no one came down to claim them…
Membrillo: Death makes sad stories of us all.
Manny: How’s business?
Membrillo: Booming, unfortunately.
Membrillo: More crime every day, and more and more sproutings like these.
Membrillo: Something’s happening back in El Marrow, I think, and its dark hand is finally reaching us here in Rubacava.
Manny: What exactly are you looking for?
Membrillo: I’m digging for a treasure that part of me does not wish to find…
Membrillo: For when I uncover that sad doubloon that tells me who this poor soul is…
Membrillo: …my reward is not riches, but the chance to make a phone call, and break somebody’s heart.
Membrillo: Thanks for the metal detector, by the way.
Membrillo: Of course, with this equipment, the search could go on for some time.
Manny: Can I help?
Membrillo: Sure, grab hold of this leaf right here…
Membrillo: …Manny?
Manny: I can’t do it.
Membrillo: I know, I was just testing.
Manny: How do you do this job?
Membrillo: Without becoming jaded, you mean?
Membrillo: My secret to happiness, Manuel, is that I have the heart of a twelve-year-old boy.
Membrillo: I keep it over here in a jar. Would you like to see it?
Manny: NO!
Membrillo: Sorry. Old coroner joke.
Manny: Do you ever worry that your job is getting to you, Membrillo?
Membrillo: Well, forensic botany is a trying job, Manny, but have you ever spent much time here with a florist?
Membrillo: In life, they became florists because they loved flowers, but here…
Membrillo: …a flower is a symbol of pain, of death within death.
Membrillo: Their conflicted feelings build and build, and eventually they become quite mad.
Manny: Thanks for the tip.
Manny: I guess I’ll send balloon bouquets from now on.
Manny: Membrillo, why do you stay in town?
Manny: Why don’t you head off toward the Ninth Underworld?
Membrillo: Manny, you can only search for something for so many years…
Membrillo: …before you stop believing in it altogether.
Manny: You don’t believe in the Ninth Underworld?
Membrillo: Why do you think we’re all here in Rubacava?
Manny: Cuz you’re waiting to earn off your time, or you can’t afford passage, or…
Membrillo: Manny, we’ve given up. All of us.
Membrillo: When you’ve been here long enough, you will, too.
Manny: Well, don’t let me bother you…
Membrillo: Always nice to have visitors.
Manny: I know that statue is supposed to mean something about justice, but I don’t know…
Manny: It could be a statue of a famous olympic gymnast, I guess…
Manny: Maybe it’s supposed to be an angel on a subway train…
Manny: Could just be a guy in a cap doing magic tricks…
Manny: Maybe he’s supposed to be playing tambourines?
Manny: Let’s just say it has something to do with justice.
Manny: Hey, the new blimp is already in full operation.
Manny: Let’s just hope they fill it with something non-flammable this time.
Manny: It only goes to the Land of the Living, and there’s nothing for me there.
Carla: Ha ha!
Carla: Another senseless act of terrorism, nipped in the bud by Security Officer Carla.
Carla: Wow. It was completely destroyed by our own detonators, so I can’t tell what kind of bomb it was.
Carla: But here’s something…
Manny: A key. I’d better bring that to Chief Bogen.
Carla: Yeah, you can analyze it with your metal detector.
Carla: Yeah, it’s probably the key to some terrorist hideout!
Carla: Ooooh! I love this part!
Carla: Sir, if you will, please, place all of your belongings on the security desk…
Carla: …and then jump out the damn window!
Manny: Oh, Carla…
Carla: You sure you’re not packing anything else?
Manny: Nothing that would set off that thing.
Carla: Then, sir, I’m afraid you’ll have to step into the back with me.
Manny: Rules are rules.
Manny: (burp)
Carla: Ah, you’re clean.
Carla: Rats, Manny! I almost had to strip-search ya!
Carla: (Buuurp!)
Carla: Wow, Manny Calavera. You never come up here to see me anymore.
Manny: Well, I thought you could use the company, with everybody gone for the Day of the Dead.
Carla: In that case, Manny, why don’t you stick around until six?
Carla: That’s when I get off.
Manny: What was Nick doing with this key?
Manny: This key doesn’t work there.
Manny: I don’t really want to give this to Bogen!
Manny: I was just trying to fool Carla, for crying out loud!
Manny: Next beach I see, I’m finding me a watch.
Manny: It’s a metal detector.
Carla: Oh, THAT explains why it never gets my hair dry!
Manny: Are you sure I can’t just…
Carla: Don’t touch!
Manny: Hm. I think it’s just picking up my blade.
Carla: Manny? Are you going back to the Land of the Living?
Manny: Isn’t today the Day of the Dead?
Carla: But you’re always moping around about not having anyone to visit back there…
Manny: Well, maybe I just like blimp rides.
Carla: Sorry, Manny. The shuttle’s not ready for boarding yet.
Carla: You’re gonna have to wait.
Manny: Ah, Carla.
Manny: Forgiven me yet?
Carla: Still in the anger phase.
Manny: You wouldn’t happen to have a second metal detector around here, would you?
Carla: Ugh!
Carla: Manny, I’m on duty!
Carla: Oh, have a little respect, will ya?
Manny: Lotta paperwork.
Carla: Lotta passengers. Everybody’s back home but you and me.
Carla: Hey, official documents. Don’t touch.
Manny: When’d you put in a floor safe?
Carla: That’s our new contained-detonation chamber, in case someone tries to come through here with a bomb!
Manny: Since when does Rubacava have a terrorism problem?
Carla: This town’s changing, Manny. It’s getting tougher every day.
Manny: I’ve got to get one of these things for my office.
Manny: The trick with these things is just to act casual.
Manny: Looks like the detector flew into one of the cat stables.
Manny: Nice view of the giant cat litter…
Manny: Things do look bad, but this jump wouldn’t do the trick, unfortunately.
Manny: These lockers have a note on them…
Manny: “Employees: I don’t care who’s doing it, but please…
Manny: …stop using the contained-detonation chamber to crack open walnuts. Thank you.”
Manny: They’re locked.
Carla: They’re LOCKers.
Manny: That’s the way downstairs.
Manny: Bye, Carla!
Carla: Drop dead.
Carla: What’s that?
Carla: What?
Manny: Cigarettes, what does it look like?
Carla: Can’t smoke on the job, Manny.
Carla: Don’t try to make nice, Manny, it’s too late.
Manny: It’s a new compact for your makeup.
Carla: Manny, I don’t wear make-up, you know that.
Manny: And I’m not saying you need to.
Carla: Good.
Manny: It’s a little something special I bought for you.
Carla: That’s so nice, Manny!
Carla: But save it for later, okay?
Carla: When I’m off duty?
Manny: I don’t know. I found it under your desk.
Carla: Unattended?
Manny: Yes
Carla: Oh my God!
Carla: Give me that!
Carla: It’s a bomb!
Manny: No, there was a shifty looking guy with crazy eyes who put it there.
Manny: Pretty exciting day, huh?
Carla: I’m still buzzed from that explosion!
Manny: Busy night?
Carla: Hardly.
Carla: Everybody’s gone home for the holiday already.
Carla: This place is dead and I’m bored, Manny, bored!
Manny: What’s the shuttle waiting for?
Carla: Ah, they’re just cleaning it, but they’re very thorough.
Carla: We run a tight ship here, you know.
Manny: Can I try out your metal detector?
Carla: What’s your sudden interest in metal detectors, Manny?
Manny: I’m just a collector.
Manny: I need it to find coins in my couch.
Manny: I think it would look cool on my utility belt.
Manny: I just want to borrow it for a secret project.
Carla: Well, I’ll show it to you when I’m on break, how’s that?
Manny: When’s your break?
Carla: Dawn.
Manny: Oh, that’s too late! I’m shipping out tonight!
Carla: Yeah, right.
Carla: I’ve fallen for that line TOO many times…
Manny: I think it’s time for your break.
Manny: We could slip in the back for a little drink, you can tell me all about your job… the danger…
Manny: …the metal detectors…
Carla: That back room’s all business, Manny, and so am I.
Manny: What kind of business goes on back there, Carla?
Carla: Strip searches, and you don’t qualify.
Manny: Why don’t I qualify for a strip search?
Carla: Manny, I agree, it would help pass the time, but we have procedures and rules here…
Carla: …and you never know when THEY’RE watching.
Carla: I can only strip search people when a regular search turns up nothing.
Manny: Hey, it’s worth a try.
Manny: Why don’t you come by the club anymore?
Carla: Well, to tell you the truth, Manny, it’s your little coat-check girl.
Carla: All that bubbly energy, I just want to strangle her!
Manny: I’ve tried that. It doesn’t stop her.
Manny: Well, see ya, Carla.
Carla: All right, Manny.
Manny: So, is it time for your break yet?
Carla: I told you, not til dawn.
Carla: Kind of romantic though, don’t you think?
Carla: …and of course with my Dad being in the military we moved around a lot…
Manny: Mmmm-hmmm.
Carla: I remember this one town we moved to when I was in the first grade…
Manny: Oh, really?
Carla: Yeah, the only industry in the area was figs…
Carla: …acres and acres of fig trees, everywhere you looked…
Carla: …I myself, never really cared for figs.
Manny: No, no. Me neither.
Manny: Actually, figs are a personal favorite.
Carla: I always liked dates more.
Manny: Mmmmm. Dates.
Carla: Or prunes. Don’t you just love prunes?
Manny: Never a big fan of prunes.
Carla: They have such a great texture…
Manny: Speaking of metal detectors…
Carla: All wrinkled up like my Grandma Hedwig’s face…
Carla: …Oh, poor Grandma Hedwig…
Manny: Hedwig. Now, that’s an interesting name…
Carla: …she was always forgetting things.
Carla: I remember one time back when I was six…
Manny: Ah, six. The golden year.
Carla: …or maybe I was seven…
Manny: Probably you were seven.
Carla: no no no no…I had to be six because Mr. Ruffus was still alive.
Manny: Mr. Ruffus?
Manny: Funny, that’s the name of my bookie.
Manny: Could I hold that metal detector for a second?
Carla: Now, there was a good dog, Mr. Ruffus!
Manny: I’ll bet.
Manny: I remember I had a dog once…
Carla: Such a sweet little puppy, we didn’t care that he was deaf…
Manny: Eh? What’s that? Ha ha.
Carla: He was as deaf as they come, but he’d still try to bark…
Manny: Have you ever eaten bark? It’s not that bad.
Carla: …and it would come out sounding like a cat coughing up a hairball…
Manny: I remember I had a hairball once…
Carla: …which our cat often did, he had such long hair…
Manny: Oh, ick.
Carla: I don’t really like long-haired cats, do you, Manny?
Manny: No, because the taxidermist charges extra for them.
Manny: No, they’re harder to pick out of the grill.
Manny: You know what I like? METAL DETECTORS!
Carla: They’re just so…
Carla: I like short-haired cats.
Carla: They seem less stuck-up.
Manny: Well, now, that’s a good point.
Carla: People think I’m stuck-up sometimes, believe it or not.
Manny: No, I just can’t believe that.
Manny: Actually, I thought you were pretty stuck-up the first time I met you.
Manny: Why? Because you wouldn’t let them touch your metal detector?
Carla: No, they really do. I don’t know why.
Carla: I guess it’s just because I’m so shy…
Manny: Yes, you seem shy.
Carla: I was shy all the way through high school…
Manny: I was in detention all the way through high school.
Carla: I never went to a single dance, can you believe it?
Manny: I’ll take you dancing tonight if you let me borrow that thing!
Carla: Ah-ha ha ho, don’t get me wrong, the boys would ask, but I’d just run away.
Manny: Running away. That sounds pretty good right now…
Carla: My mom said I could have been homecoming queen if I’d just smile once in a while…
Manny: Well, Moms are always right!
Manny: Your mom must have loved you very much.
Manny: Hey, “Mom” begins with “M.” Do you know what else does?
Carla: She always said, “A smile is the most important part of any outfit!”
Carla: Well, maybe I would have smiled more Mom, if you hadn’t drank so much!
Manny: Uh…
Manny: Oh…um…
Manny: I would smile more if I had a metal detector.
Carla: Was I supposed to smile when the cops called us in the middle of the night to tell us to come get you out of the drunk tank?
Manny: I…uh…
Manny: …er…
Carla: Maybe if I had smiled more, Daddy wouldn’t have left us!
Manny: Yikes.
Manny: I really have to go.
Manny: Maybe Daddy left because you wouldn’t SHARE things…
Carla: We’d be together right now, you, me, Daddy…
Carla: …and Grandma Hedwig, and Mr. Ruffus…
Manny: That reminds me, I need to call my bookie…
Carla: …and I’d be wearing my homecoming queen crown and eating figs and…
Manny: Yeahhh…Figs…
Manny: And I’d be playing with your metal detector?
Carla: …and…
Carla: …and I’d…
Manny: And?
Manny: Yes?
Carla: …OH MOTHER! Eh-huh-huh-ooh!
Manny: Oh god.
Manny: Maybe you want to be alone now.
Manny: Forget about the metal detector!
Carla: I’m so sorry!
Carla: Waaaaaaaah!
Manny: Now, now.
Manny: Don’t cry.
Manny: Here, let me hold that metal detector for you while you cry…
Carla: Waaaaaaah! Mommy!
Carla: Bwaaaah, haaaaaa!
Manny: That’s interesting.
Manny: You don’t say?
Manny: Hey, Carla. That’s an awfully nice metal detector you have.
Carla: Did you just come back here to ask to borrow my metal detector?
Carla: Are you sure you didn’t just come back here for this metal detector?
Manny: Yes.
Carla: What IS it with you and this thing?
Carla: I’m sick of it, Manny!
Carla: If this is all you want, you can fight the cats for it!
Carla: Why is it all men are after the same thing–
Carla: Except you?!
Carla: The only woman you care about is that Colomar dame, and she split on ya!
Carla: I don’t know what she did to you, but you know what, I’m DONE trying to figure it out pal!
Manny: Carla…
Manny: No way.
Manny: Actually, I did come back here just for your metal detector.
Manny: Sure. I’m here for the company.
Carla: Oh, okay. Now, where was I?
Carla: Oh, yeah–so the only industry in town was FIGS…
Manny: Actually, you were farther than that in your story.
Manny: Um… I heard this part already.
Manny: I think you were just at the part about your metal detector…
Doug: I think that guy was up to something…
Doug: Don’t you, Doug?
Doug: Doug?
Doug: Who, that guy?
Doug: Personally, I think he was NUTS.
Doug: Betting stub, please!
Manny: What?
Doug: I need the betting stub for the race you’re interested in!
Manny: Interested in, how?
Doug: Interested in seeing the photo finish file for, of course!
Manny: Oh…I…I don’t have a betting stub.
Manny: I don’t have a betting stub.
Doug: Oh, okay!
Doug: Bye!
Manny: Here ya go.
Doug: Hey, this looks different than our usual ticket…
Manny: That’s because it’s from last season.
Doug: Alright. Just a second…
Doug: Hmmm-hmm-hmmmm…
Doug: There you are!
Manny: Ah-ha!
Doug: What? Are you a winner?
Manny: Big winner.
Manny: Thanks, pal.
Doug: Glad I could help!
Manny: It’s just a bunch of cats!
Doug: Yeah, but look how fast they’re running!
Manny: Ahhhh.
Manny: Cats again!
Doug: Sorry, sir.
Doug: I’m sure you’ll be a winner next time!
Manny: Hm.
Manny: Where’d that little happy guy get off to?
Manny: Hello?
Doug: Oh, hi!
Manny: Where’d old sourpuss go?
Manny: Anybody there?
Doug: Look, I told ya we don’t have any kitty hats today.
Manny: What?
Doug: Ya have to wait until Tuesday, that’s “Kitty Hat Day.”
Manny: I don’t want a kitty hat!
Doug: Fine with me. What’s your bet then?
Manny: I don’t gamble–it’s a conflict of interest for me.
Doug: Then why did you call me down here?
Manny: To pick up my winnings.
Manny: For the friendly conversation.
Doug: I told ya, we don’t give out the kitty hats ’til Tuesday!
Manny: Here.
Doug: Ah, another Chowchilla Charlie original!
Doug: Thanks. Can’t get enough of these!
Doug: Give me one good reason not to throw you out of here!
Manny: Because I’ll tell Max to fire you.
Doug: Pffff!
Manny: It’s Lola’s last work, a juicy photo of Nick and Olivia kissing.
Manny: That’s no way to treat a photo as juicy as this.
Manny: Looks like a great night for cat races.
Manny: It’s not the opening kind of window.
Manny: (shudder)
Manny: I’m not sure what I hate more…
Manny: Crowds or cats.
Manny: …but I’m definitely not going near either one today.
Manny: These stairs lead outside.
Manny: The stables are down here.
Manny: Wow, somebody really liked this cat.
Manny: They don’t have much use when they’re alive, and stuffed they don’t have much more.
Manny: This regal and majestic feline was a record-holder for speed, and a favorite of the crowds here in Rubacava for many years…
Manny: …until her career was suddenly and tragically cut short on the second week of the racing season…
Manny: …when the airship Olivia 1, on its maiden voyage, crashed onto the track mid-race, and exploded.
Manny: Many bereaved fans testified later that, before the blimp hit, Sanspoof…
Manny: …was in the lead.”
Manny: This door leads to one of the cat stables.
Manny: This one’s open. And I don’t see any cats in there.
Manny: That’s the way back to the stairs.
Manny: Fuchi!
Manny: That smell!… es peor que la muerte!
Manny: Well, that’s the hole I saw Carla’s metal detector fall through…
Manny: Oh no…
Manny: This cat litter really needs changing.
Manny: See, this is why I don’t have a pet.
Manny: Heh heh heh…
Manny: Ha ha ha.
Manny: HA HA HA HA!
Manny: Tempting as it is, I just can’t bring myself to jump in the giant, unclean kitty litter.
Manny: I’m NOT going in there.
Manny: There was only one metal detector in there, I’m sure of it.
Manny: Ah-ha!
Manny: A little stinky, but it could be worse.
Manny: Nah, they have people with giant spatulas who clean these out, I don’t need to.
Manny: I think it controls the catwalk.
Manny: Wet food’s for winners!
Manny: I could open it with my teeth, but I’m not that hungry.
Manny: Mmmm. Smells good, but I’d rather eat my own arm.
Manny: It’s already open.
Manny: Great. Now it smells like a giant cat litterbox AND some sort of gelatinous, demon mystery-meat product in here!
Manny: It says, “Revolutionary Design Leaves Can-Edges Safe and Smooth for Kitty!”
Manny: The can opener wouldn’t work there.
Manny: That’s the hallway.
Sea bees: HELL, NO! WE WON’T WORK!
Terry: SEA BEES!
Sea bees: SEA BEES!
Sea bees: FREE BEES!
Sea bees: WE’RE STRONG!
Terry: WE FIGHT!
Sea bees: WE FIGHT!
Sea bees: ALL RIGHT!
Manny: SEA BEES!
Manny: WE FIGHT!
Manny: ME, ME, ME-ME-ME!
Terry: MANNY!
Terry: Do it in time, alright?
Manny: Sorry.
Terry: Okay, from the top…
Sea bee 1: (grunt)
Sea bee 2: (grunt)
Sea bee 1: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 2: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 1: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 2: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 1: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 2: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Manny: They look busy working up a plan to free Terry.
Manny: Hmmm… These bees don’t seem too busy…
Manny: Ah, mean anything to you?
Terry: Ah, the Rusty Anchor–yeah we used to swarm that bar every night!
Terry: ‘Til the union shut ’em down, didn’t like us all congregating like that or something…
Terry: Now if you want to have a drink in this town, you gotta have a black turtleneck and like bad poetry…
Terry: …or have a silk cummerbund and a taste for gold-flake liqueur!
Terry: No offense.
Manny: So what are you guys doing to free Terry?
Manny: Hmmm. Guess it’s up to me.
Manny: I think these are the words you’re looking for.
Manny: It’s so sad to see them suffering without their leader.
Manny: Busy bees.
Manny: Come on, don’t you guys want to have a “Free Terry” rally?
Manny: Hey, why don’t you guys lend me some tools so I can help out?
Manny: Hmmm… not a good sign for Rubacava’s organized labor movement.
Manny: Hello? Terry?
Manny: Authentic Sea Bee equipment!
Manny: Those are some pretty big tools…
Manny: I’ll just have Glottis come pick them up on our way out of town.
Manny: I don’t think anybody’s gonna be using them for quite a while.
Manny: Nothing scarier than a bunch of angry bees.
Manny: Cold one, huh Terry?
Terry: Yeah. It’s always cold when you’re unemployed, Manny.
Manny: What’s the buzz, boyz?
Terry: It’s bad down here, Manny. It’s like…
Terry: It’s like we want to control the means of-of…
Terry: like, uh, …things and stuff, you know?
Terry: I mean you know what’s wrong, Manny?
Terry: We workers have to do everything that they tell us, and…
Terry: …and, we just don’t want to!
Terry: It’s like the big union guys, and us, and they…they don’t…uh…
Terry: We don’t ever get…uh…
Terry: Y’know? We’re just…we’re sick of it!
Terry: Ahhhhhh, what’s the point?
Terry: I just can’t see how the worker bee will ever get what’s…what he’s got comin’ to’m.
Manny: Who’s unemployed? Aren’t you guys in the union?
Terry: The Union?
Terry: Ha, they don’t look after us little guys!
Terry: They’re run by the coppers, and you of all people should know, Manny…
Terry: That the cops are in bed with the gambling joints.
Manny: Hey, I run an honest joint. We ain’t in bed with nobody.
Terry: What about the protection money?
Manny: We pay every week on the nose, through the nose, like an honest place should!
Terry: See what I mean?
Terry: This town is just a big conga line of hustlers…
Terry: …all laughing and dancing and scratching each other’s backs!
Manny: Why aren’t you guys up there working?
Terry: You don’t know the deal down here on the docks, do ya, Manny?
Terry: If you want to get the jobs, you have to pay the union’s “extra dues,” and that ain’t cheap.
Terry: We don’t pay, and so they put us on barrel duty.
Manny: Why don’t you just pay the union off, then?
Terry: We got our pride, Manny!
Terry: We’re straight stingers, you know?
Terry: Not to mention that we just don’t have any cash to spare, now that we’re not working.
Terry: I mean, it’s like a problem where-uh… uh… the solution… makes the problem… uh… worse.
Manny: Like a catch-22?
Terry: Yeah. Wow, I wish I knew words like that!
Manny: If the union is crooked, why don’t you register a complaint?
Terry: Ha ha ha!
Terry: Ha! That’s a good one, Manny!
Manny: You bees are being exploited! You should do something about it!
Terry: Ah, what can we do?
Terry: We’re just a handful of unorganized drones!
Terry: We don’t know nothing about nothing except just how to take it on the chin.
Manny: I think you’re just a bunch of complainers.
Terry: You don’t know what it’s like, Man!
Terry: Every day we come down here, we try an’ make an honest living…
Terry: We find out that you gotta be a crooked bee to win down here!
Terry: It knocks the pollen off of you, Manny–Makes you weak.
Manny: Since you’re not using your tools, think I could borrow them?
Terry: Well we sold ’em to feed our families.
Manny: Then how are you ever going to work?
Terry: I…I TOLD ya things were messed up down here, Manny, I…I told ya.
Manny: If the cops own the union, and gambling’s in bed with the cops…
Terry: …Yeah, yeah and then who really runs the gambling right?
Terry: Well, no offense, but Maximino is really the big boy in town, obviously.
Terry: But word is, he gets his orders from some hardcore gangsters in El Marrow.
Terry: That fancy cat track is really just a big laundromat, if you get my drift.
Manny: Hey, can I borrow one of your union cards?
Terry: What are you kiddin’?
Terry: You know how much I had to pay Chowchilla Charlie to get mine?
Manny: You guys know a Seaman Naranja?
Terry: See Bees and sailors don’t mix.
Manny: But you’re in the same union…
Terry: Well maybe so, but some traditions are sacred there, Manny.
Manny: I can’t tolerate all this injustice. I’m leaving.
Manny: You bees gotta be strong!
Terry: Things just aren’t the way they should be down here, Manny.
Terry: It’s like the worker bees they do all work, but we can’t affect the-uh…
Terry: …the…uh…
Terry: Ah…it’s like the way things are produced should be controlled by…
Terry: I mean, we should…
Terry: Ahhhh! Forget it!
Terry: I’m just a dumb, hungry, out-of-work bee.
Terry: Easy for you to say, Topsider.
Manny: I’m a union man, now.
Manny: I’m not using my union card for anything but getting on that boat!
Manny: That’s the high-rollin’ elevator to the High Rollers’ Lounge.
Raoul: Oh, sorry monsieur, but this is the elevator to the High Rollers’ Lounge.
Manny: That’s where I’m going.
Raoul: It is members only.
Manny: You must be new.
Raoul: And you must have a V.I.P. pass to come upstairs.
Raoul: Adieu.
Raoul: You again?
Manny: I was just about to say the same thing.
Raoul: Sorry, monsieur, but you can not come upstairs without a pass!
Raoul: I’m sorry, Monsieur but–
Manny: Here’s my pass, Jean-Claude, now shut those doors and drive.
Raoul: Oui, Monsieur…
Raoul: (…but actually, my name is Raoul.)
Manny: I want to tell you a sad story of a young man, unjustly imprisoned, merely for speaking his mind…
Manny: Look what I found at the photo finish booth…
Manny: Looks like “Naughty Kitten” and “Bad Tom Cat” are neck-and-neck…
Virago: What do you want?
Manny: I’ll let you know when I think of it.
Manny: Better stick around.
Glottis: Go, kitty!
Glottis: Puss-puss-puss puss-puss-puss!!
Glottis: Yeah!
Glottis: That’s a good cat!
Glottis: Get that mouse!
Glottis: Run!
Glottis: You can do it!
Glottis: Pitty-pat! Pitty-pat! Pitty-pat! Pitty-pat! Pitty-pat!
Glottis: Go, go, go!
Glottis: Come on!
Glottis: You got it!
Glottis: Meow, baby!
Glottis: What’s that?
Glottis: Oh, for crying out loud!
Glottis: Get up, you stupid cat!
Glottis: Paws in the air, let’s go!
Glottis: This is it!
Glottis: You’re doing it!!
Glottis: Punch it, Putty!
Glottis: Almost there!
Glottis: Come on, baby needs a new pair of glass packs!
Glottis: Open it up on the straightaways, kitty!
Glottis: That’s the sugar Poppa likes!
Glottis: Hey, Pierre!
Glottis: Hey, Rosencranz!
Glottis: Yo, Frenchie!
Glottis: Roberto!
Glottis: Eh, Jean-Louise!
Glottis: Maitredeeeee!
Glottis: Pepe!
Glottis: Ay, Garcon!
Glottis: Matruh Dee!
Glottis: Oh, Fifi!
Glottis: Yooo-hoooo, fontainbleu!
Glottis: Rufus! Ooo-ay-voo?
Glottis: Rosasharn!
Glottis: Ayyyyyyy, Flaubert!
Glottis: Eh, monsieur, a little wiiiiine up here, please!
Glottis: Eh, don’t make me come down there for it, Rumplestiltskin!
Manny: Oh, if I had only known…
Manny: Fun’s over, Lucky!
Manny: It’s time for you and me to ship out.
Glottis: Go away, whoever you are!
Glottis: I feel a streak coming on!
Manny: Come on, Glottis, we’re going. NOW.
Manny: I had no idea you liked gambling so much, Glottis.
Glottis: Well, the doctors made me promise I wouldn’t do it any more!
Manny: Coming home soon?
Glottis: Shhh! I’m visualizing!
Manny: Glottis, I’ve got something very interesting here…
Glottis: What did you say, little kitty?
Glottis: Don’t talk kitty-cat! Just run, baby!
Manny: Who needs a giant, 24-karat gold cat?
Manny: Ah, who needs a cat, period?
Manny: I think they’d notice me walking out of here with that.
Manny: Good kitty.
Manny: Race results.
Manny: I don’t have the remote, and I don’t think they get any other channels anyway.
Manny: Boy, that Nick sure gets around.
Manny: Looks like Nick’s catching up on a little paperwork.
Manny: Hey, Sugar Lips!
Virago: What do you want from me, Calavera!
Manny: Hmmmmm….
Manny: Can’t think of anything yet.
Virago: Rrrr.
Manny: That reminds me, I still haven’t done my taxes.
Manny: It looks like boring tax stuff that I don’t need.
Manny: It’s Virago’s cigarette case.
Manny: Man, this is gonna get me in trouble.
Manny: There’s something rattling inside…
Manny: It must be in a hidden compartment somewhere, but I don’t see a latch or anything.
Manny: Rrrr!
Manny: I can’t open the part that I think has the key in it!
Manny: I don’t think that would get me the key.
Manny: I don’t think it would be a good idea to barge into Max’s office while he’s meeting with Nick.
Manny: Okay, so this lawyer, his mother, and a chicken are all on this lifeboat, see…
Manny: They’re getting hungry, and the chicken says…
Virago: I have a gun, Manuel.
Manny: Got a little lipstick on ya, Loverboy.
Virago: I already got rid of that, and I can do the same to you, Calavera…
Virago: …so if I were you I’d keep my jaw shut.
Manny: Nick Virago! What are you doing working in the High Roller Lounge?
Manny: I would think Maximino’s private lawyer would have his own office.
Virago: I do, but they don’t serve drinks there.
Manny: How’s tricks, Nick?
Virago: Mmm.
Manny: Nick, I need a lawyer.
Virago: You get yourself in some kind of trouble, Calavera?
Virago: What’s the problem now?
Manny: Friend of mine is in the slammer.
Virago: Hmmm…
Manny: No, we just need someone for the dunking booth over at the club.
Virago: Funny guy.
Manny: Someone’s claiming my roulette tables are fixed.
Virago: But your roulette tables ARE fixed.
Manny: Exactly. That’s why I need a lawyer.
Manny: I’m starting a class action suit. Lots of money involved…
Virago: Who are you deep-pocketing?
Manny: What’s the difference to you? They’re loaded.
Virago: Hmmm. Compelling.
Manny: Actually, I’m trying to adopt Glottis.
Virago: Manny, that demon is over two thousand years older than you.
Manny: Not up here he ain’t.
Manny: He needs guidance.
Virago: I see.
Virago: I’ll ask you again…
Virago: So…will you be needing a regular lawyer, or an EXCELLENT lawyer?
Virago: Will you be needing a regular lawyer, or an EXCELLENT lawyer?
Manny: Any mouthpiece will do.
Virago: Then may I suggest you try the yellow pages?
Manny: An excellent lawyer.
Virago: Any excellent lawyer… or the BEST excellent lawyer?
Manny: What does it matter, as long as they’re excellent?
Virago: It matters if the guy you’re up against has got the BEST.
Manny: Then I guess I’ll need the best.
Manny: The very best is good enough for me.
Virago: And who would you say that would be, Calavera?
Virago: Who would you say is the BEST lawyer you know, in all the Land of the Dead?
Manny: You are, Nick.
Virago: That’s right, and that’s why Maximino retains me on an EXCLUSIVE basis.
Virago: So, sorry, but I don’t do… “odd jobs.”
Manny: Well, the BEST lawyer would have to be a DEAD lawyer.
Virago: Well, that narrows it down to just about everybody here in the Land of the Dead.
Virago: Come back when you know more about what you want.
Virago: And, by the way, Manny…
Virago: Lawyer jokes… not funny.
Manny: I don’t have time for games, Virago.
Virago: Neither do I, so come back when you’re ready to be serious.
Manny: On second thought, I don’t really need one.
Virago: Everybody needs one, eventually.
Virago: Let me know when you do!
Manny: Virago, I REALLY need a lawyer.
Virago: Well, my dance card is full, so what are you gonna do?
Virago: What is it this time, Calavera?
Manny: I’ll ask Max if I can borrow you.
Virago: He doesn’t like sharing his counsel any more than he likes sharing his girlfriend, so don’t bother.
Manny: I could pay you more than him.
Virago: Manny, look around you.
Virago: Maximino could buy your club and use it as a litterbox.
Manny: I could force you to do it with this gun!
Virago: If anybody had guns in this town but us…
Virago: …we’d know.
Manny: I could tell Max about you and Olivia.
Virago: That sort of claim could send a man like Max into quite a rage.
Virago: Especially if the messenger had no proof.
Manny: Max and I are friends. He’ll believe me.
Virago: People believe what they want to believe, Calavera…
Virago: …and I want to believe you’re a smart man who doesn’t go around spreading dangerous rumors.
Virago: I’ve got to go talk to Max for a moment.
Virago: When I get back, I hope you’re gone, because I’m sick of looking at you.
Manny: I could find another lawyer.
Virago: Excellent idea.
Manny: Everything all legal with the kitties?
Virago: Yes, they keep themselves pretty clean.
Manny: Who do you like in the fourth race?
Virago: Well, there’s a white-footed tabby in gate two that’s looking strong but has a slight eye infection…
Manny: But you think he’s gonna pull out of it and win anyway, right?
Virago: No, that pus-eyed puss is going to lose!
Virago: But nobody knows–and I’m going to make a mint!
Manny: I have to tell this to someone: I hate cats.
Virago: Me too, but they keep the lights on around here.
Manny: Nice talking with you, Nick.
Virago: Been a slice.
Virago: Actually, let me guess…
Virago: You just want a lawyer for the status, am I right?
Virago: Which is the same reason Max wants one, but you see…
Virago: He can afford it.
Virago: Good day, Calavera.
Glottis: Well, SOMEBODY’S sleeping on the job!
Glottis: Ah! It’s empty!
Glottis: Ruben! Where are you?
Glottis: Ah-ha!
Raoul: Oh, mon dieu!
Glottis: Taking a little NAP-ay-vous, eh?
Glottis: Well, LE keg is LE empty, so toot sweet, Buster!
Raoul: Yes monsieur, merci, anything you say!
Raoul: Aitor! MORE WINE!
Raoul: I’m going to fire him for ignoring my pleas, and then I believe I shall quit.
Raoul: I can never look at that pantry again…
Raoul: No man should ever be locked up in such a small, dark place.
Manny: Ooof.
Manny: Ah!
Manny: Uh!
Manny: Looks like cans of some sort of… canned meat.
Manny: Oh, I really hope this isn’t where the old race cats end up.
Manny: Looks like more of that cat meat, or whatever that is.
Manny: I wanted some wine.
Raoul: Oh, look what a mess you have made!
Raoul: Get out of here!
Manny: Hey, what about my vino?
Raoul: I’m busy just keeping that monster’s glass full!
Raoul: It’s not self-serve!
Raoul: You’ll just have to wait until I get around to it!
Raoul: I told you to stay out of here!
Manny: I wouldn’t have to come in here if the service were a little faster.
Raoul: Hmf!
Raoul: Aitor?
Raoul: Would you please change the casks again?
Raoul: That horrible DEMON–
Raoul: –No offense, of course–
Raoul: Has emptied another one.
Raoul: Pardon me.
Raoul: Excusez moi!
Raoul: Ah!
Raoul: Pardon!
Raoul: Je suis dÈsolÈ.
Raoul: Je vous prie de m’excuser.
Raoul: Je suis navrÈ.
Raoul: Je vous prie de m’excuser monsieur.
Raoul: Quel maladroit je fais!
Raoul: Je vous prÈsente mes excuses.
Raoul: Je suis confus.
Raoul: DÈsolÈ.
Raoul: DÈsolÈ monsieur.
Raoul: Ah, mille excuses.
Raoul: That monster upstairs is running me ragged!
Raoul: Oh, but monsieur! Je suis trËs dÈsolÈ…
Raoul: There are no guests allowed in the kitchen!
Raoul: I must ask you to leave.
Manny: In a minute, LeRois.
Raoul: Raoul.
Raoul: Out of the kitchen please.
Raoul: It is very bad that you are in here.
Raoul: You are not supposed to be back here.
Raoul: Please don’t be back here.
Raoul: S’il vous plait, monsieur!
Raoul: You! Out please!
Raoul: Oh, monsieur.
Raoul: Merci.
Raoul: When I come back and find you here, you had better be gone!
Raoul: Oooh! PLEASE don’t do that.
Raoul: I do not like the tiny places, monsieur, no-no-no not one little bit.
Raoul: I have no time for games of this nature…
Raoul: If I don’t get these drinks, the customers will storm the kitchen looking for their orders.
Raoul: Allo?
Raoul: Alloooo out there!
Raoul: Could somebody please open the door?
Raoul: Heh, heh… I… uh… heh, heh!
Raoul: I seem to have, uh, locked myself in this teeny tiny room!
Raoul: I am actually veeeery claustrophobic so, if somebody, uh…
Raoul: …s’il vous plait…
Raoul: SIL VOUS PLAIT!!! Oh!
Raoul: Oh! Zut!
Glottis: Hey, I’m thirsty, where’s that waiter?
Glottis: That does it!
Glottis: (Gulp, gulp gulp!)
Glottis: Hmmm… fruity, but voluminous.
Manny: Hmmm… I don’t hear Rupert in there anymore…
Manny: It’s full of waiter.
Manny: Looks like the pantry.
Manny: Nah, if I let that waiter out now, he’d have me eight-balled from the club!
Manny: That ought to keep the food from getting away.
Manny: It’s a turkey baster full of dirty hookah water.
Manny: Looks like a turkey baster.
Manny: I don’t want to squirt out all the hookah water here.
Manny: I don’t need any cat meat.
Manny: That is one big ol’ cask of wine!
Manny: That is one big ol’ cask of nothin!
Manny: I think I could fit in there.
Manny: This cask is sealed on the top, too.
Manny: There’s no opening up here.
Manny: I’d better not open it when it’s full.
Manny: That could spill a lot of juice…
Manny: Well, if I could crawl in through that spout, I could hide in there.
Manny: I got a hunch the wine comes out here.
Manny: Nothing.
Aitor: Zzzzz…
Aitor: …zzzzz…
Aitor: Zzzzck!
Aitor: zzzzoooo…
Manny: That must be the elevator to the vault.
Manny: It’s the button for the elevator.
Manny: Now that guy REALLY needs his beauty rest.
Aitor: HEY!
Aitor: I’m trying to get some sleep over here!
Manny: Sorry. Don’t mind me–just passing through.
Aitor: To where?
Manny: The elevator.
Aitor: Doubt it.
Manny: Going down?
Aitor: Probably.
Aitor: Later.
Manny: Can’t I go down to the cellar?
Aitor: It’s a wine cellar.
Aitor: Wine goes down there.
Manny: Maybe you could take me down now?
Aitor: Oh, yeah, I could take you down…
Aitor: But I can’t hit customers anymore.
Manny: Down in the ELEVATOR. I want to go down in the elevator.
Aitor: That’s true… they wouldn’t see me hit you in there…
Aitor: But I’d still get in trouble.
Manny: Why can’t you hit customers anymore?
Aitor: Exactly! It makes no sense!
Manny: Just open the elevator door.
Aitor: Then they’d really see us fighting!
Manny: I don’t want to fight. I just want to use the elevator.
Aitor: Chicken.
Manny: Look, I just need a ride, alright.
Aitor: I’m not a driver.
Aitor: I am an elemental spirit of the land, man, created with one purpose, one skill, one desire.
Manny: Stopping me from using this elevator?
Aitor: No, but that sounds good too.
Aitor: I think I’ll do that from now on.
Manny: How about a bribe?
Aitor: Look at me.
Aitor: What could you give to the guy who has everything?
Manny: Sorry about my friend. I’ll get him out of here if you want.
Aitor: Who? Glottis?
Aitor: He’s alright, he’s just got to pace himself.
Aitor: I can barely get any sleep between changing casks for him!
Manny: Hey, let’s beat up that waiter.
Aitor: Not a bad idea, but… he’s new.
Aitor: Give him a break.
Manny: Okay, nighty-night.
Aitor: (grunt)
Manny: Ug, never want to go near another one of those.
Manny: I bet that thing’s really easy to control if you’re a big demon.
Manny: Maybe if I had a forklift. Another one, I mean.
Manny: It’s the blade-control lever.
Manny: It’s holding the elevator in place with its blades.
Manny: It’s under too much pressure to budge.
Manny: Just one button on the controls…
Manny: Hmmm. No effect.
Manny: It’s not moving.
Manny: Must be stuck.
Manny: I can’t squeeze through that crack.
Manny: I can’t get through this door!
Manny: The kitchen’s out there.
Manny: I see a hallway.
Manny: We’re stuck between floors.
Manny: There’s the wine cellar.
Manny: Hey, that looked like a hallway going by…
Manny: I wonder what Charlie’s got in here.
Manny: I get the feeling this suitcase belongs to someone more important than Chowchilla Charlie.
Manny: Ooof, heavy.
Manny: °Dios mÌo!
Manny: It’s full of Double-N tickets!
Manny: This could get a hundred souls on the Number Nine train!
Manny: Something’s not right about this…
Manny: I’m dying to know how much Charlie’s got in here!
Manny: Hello, Maximino.
Maximino: Why, if it ain’t Manny Calavera!
Maximino: Come to see how the big boys play, eh Manny?
Manny: From what I can tell, they play with kitties.
Maximino: Kitties, roulette tables, what’s the difference?
Maximino: They go round and round all day, and they’re both more reliable when they’re fixed, am I right?
Manny: Very impressive trophy collection.
Maximino: Paws of fire, every one of my babies!
Manny: More trophies…
Manny: If I know Max, these will all be wired to an alarm…
Maximino: You know me better than I thought!
Manny: You know, I’m getting the feeling Max ain’t much of a “dog guy.”
Manny: Maximino, King of Kittens.
Manny: That’s the door back to the lounge.
Manny: I don’t want to interrupt his cat-watching.
Manny: Look, you gotta cut Glottis off. He has a problem.
Maximino: As long as he’s got credit, then he’s got no problem.
Manny: Credit? How did Glottis get credit?
Maximino: He’s part owner of your club, ain’t he?
Manny: Half-owner, actually.
Maximino: Well, he put the joint up as collateral, so as long as you’re in business…
Maximino: He’s in business!
Manny: How’s the old cat race, Max?
Maximino: Well, volume’s pretty low, most everybody’s out of town…
Manny: Tell me about it.
Maximino: But I’ve got some side businesses that help smooth over the rough spots.
Manny: What kind of side businesses?
Maximino: Uh-ha-ha-ha, Manny…
Maximino: Let’s just say our El Marrow associates appreciate our… out-of-town perspective.
Manny: You know, you got a pretty nice setup here.
Maximino: You got a good little club yourself, Manny.
Maximino: Not as nice as my girlfriend’s, of course.
Manny: Did you say, your girlfriend?
Maximino: Hey, Manny. Don’t pretend you don’t hear the gossip…
Maximino: It’s not a secret anymore–Olivia and I are officially an item.
Manny: I just saw Olivia and Nick kissing.
Maximino: Manny, we all kiss here!
Maximino: We’re all one big family, you know?
Manny: No, I mean KISSING Max.
Maximino: Manny, Olivia and I are in love.
Maximino: Nick Virago has been my trusted counsel for years.
Maximino: You shouldn’t even joke around about their character like that, it could make me very angry.
Manny: I’m not joking.
Maximino: That’s enough Calavera! I mean it!
Maximino: Now… (ahem) let’s talk about something we can agree about.
Manny: I’m here for Charlie’s money.
Maximino: Ha ha ha!
Manny: Ha ha ha!
Maximino: HA HA HA!
Manny: HA HA HA!
Manny: No, seriously. He says you have a lot of it.
Maximino: Oh, I got a lot of it, but none of it’s his.
Maximino: HA HA HA!
Manny: Ha ha. Hooo.
Manny: I’m leaving town tonight.
Maximino: That’s great, Manuel!
Maximino: No one needs a vacation more than you!
Maximino: Get out of town, forget about that Meche woman!
Manny: I like the new blimp.
Maximino: Yeah, I decided not to let what happened with the Olivia 1 get me down.
Maximino: Imagine, you try to impress your girlfriend by building her a beautiful airship, and what happens?
Maximino: It goes and crashes, explodes and burns on your own track–and kills her favorite cat, too!
Maximino: Not the kind of thing that makes the young girls’ hearts go a-flutter, I’ll tell you that twice!
Manny: Your new waiter’s got quite an attitude.
Manny: Even for a snooty-waiter-type.
Maximino: Eh, Manny, when you put labels like that on people…
Maximino: It’s like you stick people in these little boxes, and never let them out.
Manny: We’re ALL in little boxes back home, Max–Six feet under.
Maximino: Now you’re talking like the town coroner, Manny!
Maximino: Cut it out!
Manny: Well, I’ll let you get back to staring out the window…
Maximino: Just can’t get enough of my cats!
Manny: Hey, Terry, that was a beautiful speech out there!
Terry: Yeah maybe so, but it landed me in here!
Manny: Don’t worry. I’ll get you the best lawyer in town!
Terry: Okay, Manny, but quick, before the movement loses its buzz!
Manny: How you holding up, hero?
Terry: Manny!
Terry: You gotta get me out of here!
Terry: I’m a victim of society!
Manny: I’m working on it.
Manny: “REWARD offered for cargo stolen from shipyard receiving area…
Manny: …including a large suitcase bearing the initials H.L.”
Manny: I think I can remember that.
Manny: What a horrible jail cell.
Manny: Then again, it sure taught Glottis a lesson that time.
Manny: Only Police Chief Bogen knows how to get in there.
Manny: Poor Terry. This is all my fault.
Lola: (…Manny…)
Lola: (…Maaaaanny…)
Lola: (…Manny, help me…)
Manny: Oh, Lola…
Manny: Just give me a sign, Lola, if you forgive me!
Manny: There’s a picture of a tongue on it, and it says, “#22 — Lengua”
Manny: It’s unlocked.
Manny: This gate only leads up to the Lambada dock, and the Lambada’s gone.
Manny: I’ve got the lumps to prove it.
Manny: That goes to the upper dock, but nothing’s docked there now.
Manny: It’s locked, but there’s nothing up there anyway.
Manny: Hmmm… this key doesn’t seem to go with that lock.
Manny: What a trooper!
Manny: Looks like Domino left his calling card.
Meche: But how? I saw him torn to shreds!
Manny: He must have done this on his last trip through town.
Manny: You really should get back in case it blows.
Meche: I’m with you guys ’til the end–you know that.
Manny: That’s the folding bridge that connects this pier to the base of the cat track.
Manny: Or, at least, it used to.
Manny: Maintenance has gotten pretty lax around here, apparently.
Manny: That whole room could go any second!
Manny: That’s where Velasco lets us store the Bone Wagon.
Manny: I’ve tried. Only Glottis can get these doors open.Manny: Hello crew!
Manny: Hmmm… They know I hate it when they ignore me…
Manny: All hands on deck!
Manny: Everybody up here right now!
Manny: This is a code red situation!
Manny: This is not a drill!
Manny: Be on the look-out for assassins disguised as customs agents!
Manny: Hello?
Manny: Is anybody there?
Manny: Hey, Glottis was right, these do look better chromed.
Manny: Tied nice and strong…
Manny: We almost lost her at the last port, but it looks like they learned their lesson…
Manny: …no matter how heavy deck furniture looks, always use the proper cleats.
Manny: I think I’ll leave them tied until I find out what’s going on.
Manny: Ensign!
Manny: Oh, no!
Manny: My crew!
Manny: Oh, no! Where’s Glottis?!
Manny: Ensign Arnold was just a kid!
Manny: I’m not going to disrupt the evidence.
Manny: I’m sorry I lead you into trouble, sailor.
Manny: Deck Officer Glen!
Manny: This can’t be happening!
Manny: Glottis, cover your ears!
Glottis: What was that?
Manny: The dotted line, buddy.
Manny: They’re locked together like plastic monkeys from a barrel!
Manny: Nice chrome job by Glottis, but it’s really just an old rusty anchor…
Manny: It says, “Inspected by No. 36”.
Manny: Looks like the anchor’s down.
Manny: It would probably be easier to raise it with the motor.
Manny: Well, there you go.
Manny: If I mess with these anchors anymore, we might go down with the ship.
Manny: I don’t want to mess with my delicate creation, here…
Manny: That’s the starboard anchor control.
Manny: That’s the port anchor control.
Manny: Glottis! What do these read-outs mean?
Glottis: That we’re gonna blow up, Captain!
Glottis: And it’s gonna hurt!
Manny: That’s the throttle for the port-side engine.
Manny: That’s the throttle for the starboard-side engine.
Manny: HÌjole, Glottis sure did a number on that old diesel!
Manny: If it were just a little more powerful, we could probably tear on out of here.
Glottis: I tried! Oh, I tried.
Glottis: But I failed! It’s not powerful enough!
Manny: Hey! Maintain, sailor!
Manny: I think the best way to use this engine would be the controls over there…
Manny: As opposed to the “hands-on” method.
Manny: It’s hard to totally panic when you’re wearing that little sailor suit.
Glottis: NO IT’S NOT!
Manny: Glottis!
Manny: Do something!
Glottis: Okay!
Glottis: Grrkpt!
Glottis: Ggg!
Glottis: Hkkkk!
Glottis: Manny!
Glottis: Choking!
Manny: Mira! Snap out of it, sailor!
Glottis: Easy for you to say, you don’t have lungs!
Manny: Hey, you lived without your heart once, so you can live without air for a little while…
Manny: …just until I figure out what we’re gonna do…
Chepito: This little light of mine,
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine.
Chepito: This little light of mine,
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine.
Chepito: This little light of mine,
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Chepito: Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Chepito: I’m not gonna let you touch it, NO! I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: I’m not gonna let you touch it, NO!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Not gonna let you touch it, NO! I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Chepito: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine!
Chepito: Scare away sea monsters, yeah! I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine!
Chepito: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine!
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Glottis: I’m gonna let it shine!
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Glottis: I’m gonna let it shine!
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Glottis: I’m gonna let it shine!
Glottis: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine… Wee-ah-ha!
Glottis: Ggg!
Glottis: Here comes one now!
Glottis: Okay, that might not have been a sea monster, but it was pretty spooky.
Manny: Hey, I’m sorry!
Chepito: Ha!
Manny: Oh, one more thing!
Manny: Amigo!
Manny: Hey! I’m talking to you!
Chepito: Hey! Lay off!
Chepito: Grrrr…Ahh!
Chepito: Aaaaaah!
Chepito: LeggoleggoLEGGO!
Chepito: Get your own lamp, pal!
Chepito: People have been trying to steal my lamp all day!
Chepito: What ever happened to the code of the sea?
Glottis: BEWARE, brave Captain!
Glottis: Here in the darkest depths of the Sea of Lament dwell the most horrible monsters of all…
Glottis: The fearsome, murky demons of the deep will swallow you whole the instant you leave this pool of light.
Glottis: Heed my warning, or take one step forward and learn for yourself…
Manny: All right, all right, I believe you!
Manny: Just quit it with the creepy spirit-of-the-land voice, huh?
Manny: That light is just the sort of thing we need…
Manny: HÌjole. He looks like he’s been down here a LOOONG time.
Manny: Oh Lola, looks like I let you down again.
Manny: Oh, I think her days of use are over.
Glottis: I told you that name was bad luck.
Manny: Hey.
Glottis: Sorry.
Manny: Not blue yet.
Manny: You alright?
Glottis: I’m a spirit of the land, Manny…
Glottis: …not of the sea!
Manny: Hang in there, Mano.
Chepito: Hlllg!
Glottis: What am I supposed to do with this?
Manny: Follow me.
Chepito: Where are you taking me?!?
Manny: According to our map, I think that’s…
Manny: The Pearl.
Manny: I’d definitely go over there first chance I get, but there’s a lot of dark water between here and there.
Chepito: Huh? Who?
Chepito: Ah, geez, another shipwreck!
Chepito: You see?
Chepito: THAT’S why I never travel by boat!
Chepito: Eh?
Chepito: What? More survivors?
Chepito: I just passed another shipwreck not five minutes ago!
Manny: We’ve had a little accident. Think you could help us out?
Chepito: Depends on what kind of help you’re looking for…
Manny: Could we borrow that light for a second?
Chepito: Sorry! I’m kind of attached to it!
Chepito: Wah-ha-ha!
Manny: Could we tag along with you?
Chepito: Well, it’s a long walk you’re talkin’ about…
Manny: We don’t have any other choice.
Chepito: Oh, all right then, lift those knees, stick close to my light, and try to sing in key!
Manny: I thought that looked like our ship!
Chepito: That’s just a trick the ocean plays on your mind, kid.
Chepito: Makes everything look the same after a while, like you was going in circles.
Manny: Well, this isn’t the kind of progress I was hoping for.
Chepito: Ah, well, the wet march of the soul ain’t for everybody!
Manny: Could you take us to The Pearl?
Chepito: Ha! You don’t believe those old stories, do ya?
Chepito: You think somewhere in this ocean there’s a gigantic pearl that shines so brightly it can be seen from passing ships?
Chepito: And that sometimes sailors, so allured by its luster, actually fling themselves overboard to dive for it…
Chepito: …and are never heard from again?
Manny: Yeah, and I think it’s right over–
Chepito: Baaaaah!
Chepito: I’ve been walking this ocean for years, I ain’t never seen it!
Manny: No, really. The pearl is right over there!
Chepito: You poor sucker, that’s the MOON!
Chepito: Tell me you didn’t come all this way out here to pearl-dive the moon? Uh-huh-huh-huuuh!
Manny: Could you send for help?
Chepito: Oh, sure!
Chepito: I promise to call for help at the next phone booth I walk by.
Manny: What are you doing down here?
Chepito: Trying to get out of the Land of the Dead, same as everybody else!
Manny: Why are you walking instead of taking a ship?
Chepito: Got sick of waiting around Rubacava for a boat!
Chepito: Figured I’d make better time this way.
Manny: Why didn’t I think of that?
Manny: How do you know where you’re going?
Chepito: See the moon over there?
Chepito: I just keep it on my right, that way I know I’m headed in a straight line!
Chepito: Oldest trick in the book!
Manny: Is everything okay with your eyebrows?
Chepito: Them is barnacles, genius!
Chepito: I don’t move fast enough to shake ’em, so they tend to pile up.
Chepito: I don’t mind though–they’re the only company I got!
Chepito: Hee hee, ain’t ya boys?
Manny: How long have you been down here?
Chepito: Well, let me put it to you this way–
Chepito: I wasn’t always this color!
Manny: Shouldn’t you have hit dry land by now?
Chepito: I’m trying to cross a big ocean here, Sonny, what do you know about it?
Manny: I’ve already done it, in a BOAT.
Chepito: A boat! Don’t talk to me about boats!
Manny: What’s the problem with boats?
Glottis: We had such a nice boat…
Chepito: Why is everybody always talking about boats?
Chepito: You got a perfectly good pair of legs, why not use ’em I say?
Manny: Let me guess. You died in a boat wreck?
Chepito: A boat wreck would have been better than what happened to us!
Chepito: Led off-course by bad equipment, lost for weeks, no food, no shelter from the sun…
Chepito: We’d started throwing the dead overboard, but then the sharks began following the boat…
Manny: What happened in the end?
Chepito: Wh-what happened in what end?
Manny: When you were stranded at sea!
Chepito: Oh, did I tell you about that?
Chepito: I thought that was some other guy that just looked like you.
Chepito: What happened was I learned three valuable lessons:
Chepito: Stay away from boats,
Chepito: When it comes to navigation, trust only the moon and the stars,
Chepito: …and when there’s only two of you left, never ever go to sleep.
Manny: How have you kept that light going all these years?
Chepito: Well, I found this coral, this glow-in-the dark coral…
Chepito: Damndest thing…
Chepito: Glows like a lightning bug and never seems to wear out.
Manny: I had some of that once, made a nice grappling hook.
Chepito: I don’t think you had what I got, ‘cuz I don’t think you’ve been to the place I got it!
Manny: Where’d you get the coral?
Chepito: Edge of the world, boy!
Chepito: That’s the only place it grows!
Manny: Well, I don’t want to break your stride, there…
Chepito: Okay, see you around!
Manny: Watch out for sea monsters!
Chepito: Who, these guys?
Chepito: Ah, they don’t mess with ol’ Chepito!
Chepito: I’m too bright for ’em! Heh, heh, heh, hooo-heh!
Chepito: Ha-ha!
Manny: Uuuuh!
Manny: Watch those hands, clams.
Manny: I’m not going down there while that monster’s looking right at me!
Manny: I think we’ve found our transportation.
Manny: I can’t get anywhere near the sub while that monster’s guarding it!
Manny: That octopus is tracking us…
Manny: I had no idea their eyesight was so good!
Manny: There’s no talking to octopuses.
Manny: So there really IS a pearl, but does that mean Meche really jumped overboard here?
Manny: It all just seems so… fishy.
Glottis: Heh heh. Good one, Captain.
Manny: I’ve got more important things on my mind than jewel thievery.
Chepito: Not me!
Manny: Still not blue. Does he have secret gills somewhere?
Manny: Glottis, go down there and talk demon-talk to that octopus.
Glottis: Heck no! I’m scared. I’m staying up here with you!
Chepito: Brk-brk-brk, BRAAAAAAAK!
Manny: Man, we just can’t shake this guy!
Manny: I don’t think he’d go for that again.
Manny: Hey, Chepito, go for a swim, will ya?
Manny: You’re drawing too much attention to us!
Chepito: Too bad!
Chepito: I’m sticking to you like the barnacles on my eyebrows, so don’t even THINK of sneaking off with my Pearl!
Manny: I’ll bet that light is what’s attracting the octopus!
Chepito: Hey! Hands off!
Chepito: Nothing inside Chepito’s “personal bubble” but Chepito!
Manny: Not quite as famous as “The Pearl” is “The Slimy, Barnacle-Covered, Old Rock…” of legend.
Manny: When I get that desperate for food, maybe.
Manny: I don’t want to get tangled up in those!
Manny: I can’t get out of here! There’s no ladder!
Glottis: Manny?
Manny: Don’t ask, Carnal, ‘cuz I don’t know!
Manny: Nothing but dark waters that direction.
Manny: Getting a little blue around the edges…
Manny: See any hint of that octopus swimming around here?
Glottis: No, but…
Glottis: …I can smell him.
Manny: There are some more lights off this way.
Manny: This pathway seems to follow the base of the island.
Manny: Glottis, I’m going to sneak inside and look for Meche.
Glottis: What if that octopus comes back while you’re gone?
Manny: Poke him in the eye and steal his sub!
Glottis: Heh.
Glottis: Stupid octopus.
Manny: I wonder if I should wipe my feet before I go in.
Chepito: …rikn, frikn…
Chepito: …chp, crt!
Chepito: …grk…
Chepito: …grrrr…
Chepito: …raaaah…
Chepito: …hold… still!
Chepito: …why I oughta…
Chepito: …oooh, to the moon, he says…
Chepito: …I’ll show him…
Chepito: …stupid chisel!
Chepito: …hmmm, hmmm…
Chepito: …hm-hmmmmm…
Chepito: …hm-hm-hmmm…
Chepito: …lie-dee-di-di…
Chepito: …oh, Virginia…
Chepito: …ba-dum, da, dum…
Chepito: …da da, da da…
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: Ahhhh…sweeeet Mary…
Chepito: …oh, rusty anchor…
Chepito: …gonna see Miss Liza…
Chepito: …gonna to Mississippi…
Chepito: …just me and Li’l Chipper…
Chepito: …la dee, da dee, da da…
Chepito: …ooooh-dee, da da da…
Manny: Yo, Pito!
Manny: Have you ever seen an authentic “Li’l Chipper?”
Chepito: A Li’l Chipper? No, I haven’t…
Chepito: But I’d sure love to give it a test-drive!
Chepito: Say, Li’l Chipper…
Chepito: You’re okay!
Manny: Hey, Chepi!
Manny: Check out the hosiery!
Chepito: Say, these are real silk!
Chepito: Where’d you find them?
Manny: I’ve been wearing them the whole time!
Chepito: You too?
Chepito: Well, then…
Chepito: Here’s your new best friend!
Chepito: Wanna trade something for ’em?
Manny: Don’t suppose you’re packing any firepower in there?
Chepito: Are you kidding?
Chepito: I got everything!
Chepito: Hey, I’ll trade you something for ’em.
Manny: Well…
Manny: Those will keep me warm, you got anything that will do that?
Chepito: How about a nice semi-automatic?
Manny: Deal.
Manny: Is it loaded?
Chepito: No.
Chepito: Hey! Bullets are hard to get!
Manny: Ah, my first sproutella gun!
Manny: Bang. You’re dead.
Manny: It’s really not much use without bullets.
Manny: It’s a “Bust-All!”
Manny: I don’t want to Bust-All that.
Manny: I’ll bet all these miners were brought here by that octopus…
Manny: Well, at least it didn’t eat them.
Manny: Man, if I had only gotten that book back from Terry, I could REALLY start some trouble here.
Manny: They seem to be plenty happy with the tools they have.
Manny: I think I should only deal with the head trader.
Manny: Those poor people have been through enough.
Manny: They covet my Bust-All but they cannot have it!
Manny: It’s that glow-in-the-dark coral, like Dom had in his office!
Manny: I’d need a pickaxe.
Manny: The coral looks too hard for that.
Manny: That would take forever!
Manny: That little hammer seems more his speed.
Manny: Chepito seems a little overpowered by his choice of tools.
Manny: That was Glottis’ job.
Chepito: Git that away from me–I got my own tools, thank ya!
Chepito: I’m not taking that back–I thought I’d NEVER unload that lemon!
Manny: No way, I don’t want to remind him that I took it!
Manny: Looks like some sort of conveyor belt down that way.
Manny: That path leads back to where we landed.
Manny: Chepito!
Chepito: Ahh!
Chepito: Quit yellin!
Chepito: Eh? Who?
Chepito: Oh, YOU is it?
Chepito: Why I oughta!
Chepito: Look at my eyebrows!
Chepito: What?
Manny: Well, you really weren’t standing in a very safe place…
Chepito: Well, neither are you right now, “Amigo.”
Manny: Relax. We’re bustin’ out of here soon.
Chepito: We?
Chepito: “We” are done travelin’ together.
Chepito: I work solo, my friend, and I walk…
Chepito: …alone.
Manny: Nice drill.
Chepito: Drill?
Chepito: This here is a cordless, high-speed, reciprocating CHISEL!
Chepito: And look…
Chepito: It’s a “Bust-All!”
Chepito: They usually don’t give these to the new guys.
Manny: How’d you get a Bust-All?
Chepito: I’m connected, plugged-in…
Chepito: And I had some booty to trade.
Chepito: TRADE’S the name of the game out here in the big reef.
Manny: Booty? Where’d you get booty?
Chepito: It’s all over the ocean floor–jewelry, precious coins…
Chepito: You people and your fancy BOATS never know about it…
Chepito: …’cuz you just never stop and look.
Manny: Give me some booty and I’ll buy our way out of here.
Chepito: I traded it all for this beauty!
Manny: You traded jewelry and precious coins for a power tool?
Chepito: IT’S A BUST-ALL!
Manny: I want to trade something.
Chepito: Well, you came to the right place, sonny.
Chepito: Whatcha be needin’?
Manny: A drink.
Chepito: Ha! We’re swimming in the biggest drink there is!
Chepito: Drinks aren’t a hot commodity down here, sorry.
Manny: A gun.
Chepito: Oooh, that’s gonna cost some…
Chepito: What you got on ya?
Manny: My scythe.
Chepito: You’d be willing to part with that?
Manny: Uh, no.
Manny: My turtleneck.
Chepito: Oh yeah, that is nice.
Chepito: Acrylic?
Manny: No, it’s all natural.
Chepito: Ooh, too bad. Natural fibers are so uncomfortable underwater.
Manny: I know, I know…
Manny: I think it’s some form of blue-green algae.
Chepito: Ah, don’t worry, ya get used to it.
Chepito: You get used to it!
Chepito: When you got something worth trading, come see ol’ Chepito!
Chepito: He’ll do you right!
Manny: A hug.
Chepito: Hmmm… Nope!
Chepito: That’s the one thing I ain’t got for ya!
Manny: A boat.
Chepito: You know I don’t like ’em, why do ya have to needle me?
Manny: A towel.
Chepito: Hey, you funny guy, chalk-head!
Manny: My friend Glottis to be alive.
Chepito: What? What happened?
Manny: He went over the edge.
Chepito: Ah, stay away from the edge I tell ya–it’s dangerous!
Chepito: I’ve seen whole ships go over in my time…
Chepito: Their engine’s in full-reverse, trying to drop anchor, but the current…
Chepito: …ya can’t fight her, so stay back!
Manny: How about a pair of nice silk stockings?
Chepito: Ahh, now there’s a high-ticket item!
Chepito: I MIGHT be able to get ya some, but I gotta tell ya…
Chepito: …you couldn’t afford it!
Manny: Just give me some time to think about it some more.
Chepito: Time! Heh. That’s the one thing I can give you fer free! Ha, ha, heh, hee!
Chepito: Heh, heh!
Manny: Ah, I can’t think of anything else!
Chepito: Think small, like a knife or dirty books…
Manny: You got that stuff?
Chepito: Well, no, but practically EVERYTHING else.
Manny: That tool looks a little over-powered for you.
Chepito: Overpowered?!
Chepito: Nothing overpowers Chepito!
Manny: If you say so.
Manny: Well, you don’t want that big octopus to see you chatting.
Chepito: Oh, brother! That’s right!
Chepito: Well, I got a long day of reef-wreckin’ ahead of me so…
Manny: Please, bust away!
Manny: Hmmm. This door’s locked.
Manny: The new airlock keeps out water, but not pesky skeletons.
Manny: The walkway continues on this way.
Meche: Help!
Meche: Is there anybody out there?
Meche: Manny?
Meche: Bibi?
Meche: Pugsy?
Meche: Anybody?
Meche: It’s me! Meche!
Meche: I’m in here!
Meche: Hey!
Meche: I’m getting angry!
Meche: Domino! You’d better let me out of here!
Meche: I’m warning you, Domino!
Meche: This isn’t funny!
Meche: I promise I won’t pull guns on anyone, anymore!
Meche: Let me out!
Meche: I think I’m running out of air!
Meche: Open this door!
Meche: Manny, where are you?
Meche: I’m sorry I didn’t trust you!
Manny: All right, Meche!
Manny: You can come out now!
Manny: Meche?
Manny: Must be a combination lock, but there are no numbers on it.
Manny: Poor Dom never was good with numbers.
Manny: (grunt)
Manny: My blade’s jamming the tumblers, so I can’t move the wheel.
Manny: I don’t want to mess up the wheel, the wheel is my friend!
Manny: This should open it.
Manny: What?
Manny: Oh, and I had them so nicely lined up and everything.
Manny: I guess I didn’t enter the right combination.
Manny: If I Bust-All the handle, then I’m never going to get in there.
Manny: Oooh, I bet I could pick that…
Manny: …if only I hadn’t lost my union card in that poker game!
Manny: Ah, my blade’s too thick.
Manny: This hammer is tiny, but not tiny enough to get in there.
Manny: Ahh!
Manny: Must have hit a major circuit!
Manny: Hmmm… but it looks like I’ve exposed the guts here…
Manny: That’s why I never travel without that thing.
Manny: The tumblers are all lined up, flush with the door jam.
Manny: Those are the tumblers of the combination lock.
Manny: Those tumblers must be made of a harder steel than the outer door.
Manny: I can’t move those by hand, I need this wheel.
Manny: I couldn’t get them out, they’re on some sort of heavy shaft.
Manny: Stay!
Manny: Ooh, I hate that sound!
Manny: That’s the way back to the airlock.
Manny: Musty.
Manny: This is Meche’s office door.
Manny: Don’t know what’s down here…
Meche: Sir, do you have an appointment?
Manny: I’m going in there to tell Domino my demands.
Meche: I don’t think you fully understand the chain of command around here…
Meche: Pugsy and Bibi work for you…
Meche: You and I work for Domino, who works for Hector LeMans, crime boss of El Marrow.
Manny: Well, I think it’s time for a little corporate restructuring.
Meche: Oh, look, It’s my Prince Charming!
Meche: Are you back here just to insult me some more, or do you just want some ice for your head?
Manny: You know, a little clear nail polish would fix these right up…
Manny: I would never wear these!
Manny: They have a hole in them!
Manny: These are too nice for that.
Manny: Children’s books.
Meche: I like to read to the Angelitos.
Meche: It reminds me of better times.
Manny: Those kids would probably only want to hear Meche read these books anyway.
Manny: I like the new dress.
Meche: Well, it’s the best I could pull together out here.
Meche: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get decent fabric and silk stockings…
Meche: …on a deserted factory island on the edge of the world?
Manny: Hmmm…
Manny: No. No, I don’t.
Manny: I don’t think she’s in the mood for that right now.
Manny: That gesture might confuse her.
Manny: It confuses me.
Manny: Threatening as my tiny hammer is…
Manny: …I don’t think she’d count it as a gun.
Manny: Hmmm… second anniversary…
Manny: I can’t remember if that’s “cotton” or “china,” but it’s definitely not “hardware.”
Manny: I think I’d try couples’ counseling first.
Manny: That’s how this whole mess got started in the first place!
Manny: Man, that ashtray is so fancy you could eat caviar out of it!
Meche: Once you got used to the sooty aftertaste, you’d feel like a king!
Manny: I only steal ashtrays from bars.
Meche: Careful! This thing’s worth more than either of us.
Meche: Ahh! Ow!
Meche: Oh, my stockings! They’re ruined!
Meche: And this was my best pair…
Meche: You try to just have one nice thing on this cruel island…
Manny: Good enough for me.
Meche: What is?
Manny: Oh, uh… the…um…
Manny: …the speed at which you’re working.
Meche: That’s nice, Manny, but you’re not my boss, so really I couldn’t care less.
Manny: Good. Excellent. Carry on.
Meche: Our type of business doesn’t produce a lot of paperwork.
Manny: That’s the door to the hallway.
Manny: That’s the door to Domino’s new office.
Manny: I wonder where this door goes?
Manny: Hey, about that gun…
Meche: Ready to hand over your heater?
Manny: I would if I had one.
Meche: Right.
Manny: I found a vessel!
Meche: How? Did you pull an inner tube out of the big crane wheels?
Manny: No, Glottis landed on a big ship when he went over the edge.
Meche: Glottis is alive?
Manny: Yeah, he–
Manny: Inner tube?
Manny: Why didn’t I think of that!?
Manny: Come on, we’re getting out of here.
Meche: Trying to steal my commission from Domino again?
Meche: Manny, don’t you ever give up?
Manny: I’m not after any commission. I just want to get us both out of here.
Meche: Then why don’t you just ask your boss for the day off?
Manny: Can’t believe you think he’s my boss. He’s my arch-enemy!
Meche: I think he’s your boss, you think he’s my boyfriend…
Meche: …we don’t seem to have a good foundation of trust in our relationship, do we?
Manny: I’m sorry I implied he was your boyfriend. I do trust you.
Meche: Well, I’m not sure I trust you about that.
Meche: But I’ll tell you one thing that would convince me.
Manny: Name it.
Meche: Give me your gun.
Manny: They didn’t issue me a gun!
Meche: What, are you on probation?
Meche: I’m not buying this, Manuel.
Meche: You know, you’re right.
Meche: There are those rumors of that revolutionary army that’s been stockpiling weapons.
Manny: Actually, them, I work for.
Meche: Manny, why don’t you come back when you’re willing to deal straight with me, okay?
Manny: What? What makes you think I have a gun?
Meche: You work for the most heavily-armed organization in the Land of the Dead.
Meche: Don’t try to tell me they didn’t issue you a gun.
Manny: No, I won’t.
Meche: I didn’t think so.
Manny: Sure. Here it is.
Manny: Okay, look, the problem is I just don’t have one.
Meche: Oh, PLEASE, Manuel!
Manny: I think we need to talk.
Meche: Start talking. You’re the salesman.
Manny: I have a lot of explaining to do.
Meche: Save your breath…
Meche: Domino’s explained it all to me already.
Manny: You have a lot of explaining to do.
Meche: Wh– ME?
Meche: About what?
Manny: You still have some explaining to do.
Meche: Again with that?
Manny: Why did you take me out with that champagne bottle?
Meche: I told you–to stop you from falling into Domino’s trap.
Meche: If you had made it on that ship then you would have ended up…
Manny: Here?
Meche: Yes.
Manny: Why are you working for Domino?
Meche: I do what he asks only to protect the children.
Manny: Why are those children locked up in a cage?
Meche: With the wings those Angelitos have, they’re the only things on this island Domino can’t control.
Manny: Hey, if they can fly, let’s set the kids free to go get help!
Meche: They can’t fly THAT far, Manny.
Meche: But they can fly circles around Domino, and they can bite pretty hard…
Meche: Hee hee…
Manny: So why did you run out of my office?
Meche: I felt so embarrassed, and you looked so disappointed in me, I couldn’t stand it any more.
Manny: Then what were you doing that whole year I was in Rubacava?
Meche: I was lost.
Manny: What did you–
Meche: I don’t want to talk about that year, please.
Manny: Has Domino hurt you in any way?
Meche: Not as much as I’ve hurt him.
Meche: Boy, can that guy take a punch!
Manny: Okay, I’ll lay off the questions.
Meche: Great, now if we could just get you to lay off the cologne.
Manny: Hey, I’m a sailor now. We have to wear this stuff.
Manny: I’m gonna go see about getting us a boat.
Meche: Ooh, remember to get a fast one so we can water-ski, all right?
Manny: Well, I have to go check on the boat.
Meche: Say hello to Glottis for me.
Manny: Listen, Meche…
Meche: Manny, talking isn’t helping right now, okay?
Domino: Please put that–
Domino: …that…
Domino: Ha ha ha!
Domino: Okay, you can take out the tiny hammer if you want.
Domino: Please put that away.
Domino: That too.
Domino: Thank you.
Manny: He seems completely unaware of how close I am to escape!
Manny: No, I’d don’t think I could take his laughter a second time.
Manny: Nah. His calves are way too boxy.
Manny: I’ve got nothing to say to him.
Manny: Domino.
Manny: DOMINO!
Domino: Taking your first coffee break already Calavera?
Manny: We got a score to settle, ese.
Domino: (sigh) You know, if I ever spoke to my boss Hector that way…
Domino: Hey, sport. How’s the uh, escape going?
Manny: What did you do with her?
Domino: I thought she needed a little, uh, “time out,” that’s all.
Manny: All right. It’s time to let Meche out of the safe.
Domino: Oh, I usually have to leave her in there overnight for her to REALLY calm down.
Manny: You think you can break her will just by locking her up overnight?
Domino: No, but the lack of fresh oxygen slows her down just enough so I can open the door…
Domino: …free of fear.
Manny: You killed my best friend.
Domino: The demon?
Domino: (sigh) Manny, you can use a demon as a driver, let him carry your messages, let him serve you food…
Domino: …but you can’t ever start thinking of them as friends, it’s just not natural.
Manny: What are you doing out here on the edge of the world?
Domino: Oh, I know. I ask myself that every day.
Domino: But I’m going to train you, Manny, to take my place here, running this two-bit light bulb factory!
Manny: How can you keep little children in a cage?
Domino: Trust me, it’s easier than keeping BIG kids in a cage.
Manny: Why don’t you just sprout me like you tried to at Puerto Zapato?
Domino: That wasn’t me, that was Hector.
Domino: He’s so unimaginative, just wants to tie up the loose ends, you know?
Domino: But I believe, however, that you can be rehabilitated through honest work!
Manny: What makes you think I’m going to work for you?
Domino: Well, there’s not much to do on this island if you don’t work, take it from me!
Domino: And think about it–once I’m gone, it will just be you and Meche alone on this deserted island…
Domino: Don’t tell me that prospect doesn’t appeal to you.
Manny: I don’t plan to be on this island for very long.
Domino: Manny, I have all the guns, I have all the transportation…
Domino: …and I have all the brains.
Domino: What are you gonna do?
Manny: You and Hector set up a secret hideout to make light bulbs?
Domino: Oh, no, that’s just a side benefit.
Domino: The real purpose is to have a place we can lock up all these old clients of mine.
Domino: Can’t have good people wandering loose in the Land of the Dead…
Domino: …telling everybody how we stole their Double-N tickets, now can we?
Manny: You stole all these people’s tickets?
Domino: Okay, how much of this haven’t you figured out, Calavera?
Domino: Copal would route all the good clients to me after he switched over their tickets to a secret holding fund…
Domino: I’d cover up the paper trail, and we’d make sure that the pigeon “jumped overboard” heh heh, at the Pearl.
Manny: I knew it! You WERE getting all the good clients!
Domino: I handled them all, except for Mercedes, who you hijacked from me in that ridiculous hot-rod…
Domino: Which I saw, by the way, last time I was in Rubacava.
Domino: I tell you Manny, hot rods like that just don’t look safe to me…
Manny: So, it wasn’t my fault Meche didn’t get a ticket–you stole it!
Domino: Well, it’s your fault she ended up in the forest, instead of here right away…
Domino: But I fixed that.
Manny: I’m taking Meche out of this dungeon.
Domino: Manny, before I found her, she spent a year out there in the Petrified Forest alone because of you…
Domino: By comparison, I’d say I’m keeping her pretty comfortable here in my, uh, “dungeon,” wouldn’t you say?
Manny: One ticket for you, one for Hector, how many more do you need?
Domino: Oh, Manny, we never touch the product ourselves!
Domino: We sell the ticket to unfortunate souls…
Domino: …unable to lead moral lives because of the crippling amount of cash they were born into.
Manny: But you could just take the tickets and leave today!
Domino: We’ve found a way to make the Land of the Dead LIVABLE, why would we want to leave?
Manny: Nice island you got here.
Domino: Yeah the previous owners didn’t know what they had here–let us pick it up for a song.
Domino: They scooped out all the coral they could reach with their crane, and then abandoned the plant!
Domino: But we knew we had what it would take to go the extra distance to the big reef.
Manny: Are you about to lecture me about the winning attitude again?
Domino: No!
Domino: Slave labor, Manny!
Domino: That’s the real ticket to success!
Manny: Well, I gotta get back to trying to escape.
Domino: Ha ha ha. Hey, you do that kid.
Pugsy: Oh yeah, well you’re stupid.
Bibi: Your light bulbs don’t work.
Pugsy: Your light bulbs all smell like boogers.
Bibi: Ha-ha, nobody thinks you’re funny anymore.
Pugsy: Oh yeah, well everybody in this cage is smarter than you.
Bibi: Everybody except for you.
Pugsy: Yeah, ‘cuz I’m ESPECIALLY smarter than you.
Bibi: In your dreams.
Pugsy: In your baby bed that’s all wet ‘cuz you wet in it.
Bibi: SHUT UP!
Pugsy: Bed wetter!
Pugsy: No, no really, I have to sleep with an umbrella down here!
Bibi: Oh yeah, well at least I never asked Meche to marry me.
Pugsy: What?
Bibi: “Miss Colomar, you’re sooooo pretty… Will you marry me?”
Pugsy: I never said that!
Bibi: “Oooooooh, Miss Coooolooomaaaarr…”
Pugsy: Stupid Bibi blue-beanie bed-wetter!
Bibi: Pugsy the Bugsy, lies like a rugsy.
Bibi: Boo hoo hoo…
Bibi: …hoo hoo hoo…
Bibi: *sniff* *sniff*
Bibi: …waaa-haaa-haaa…
Bibi: …waaaa-hoo-hoo…
Bibi: …boo-hoo…
Pugsy: Boo hoo hoo…
Pugsy: …hoo hoo hoo…
Pugsy: *sniff*
Pugsy: …waaa-haaa-haaa…
Pugsy: …waaaa-hoo-hoo…
Pugsy: …boo-hoo…
Manny: This is the tiniest little hammer I’ve ever seen!
Manny: I could make a tiny, little birdhouse if I had some tiny, little nails and wood!
Manny: I like my old desk better.
Manny: No drawers.
Manny: This is sad.
Manny: Really, really sad.
Manny: I like to pick them up and give them a big HUG!
Manny: …but I’m scared to reach in there.
Manny: Too easy.
Manny: Hey, kiddles!
Manny: Check out my BONE SAW!
Manny: Here, take my hammer–
Pugsy: Ah-ah-ah–tap tap, no backs!
Manny: I’m sorry, kids, but these stockings are all that’s left of our poor Meche.
Pugsy: What?
Manny: Hey! I was just kiddin’!
Bibi: *sniff* Wasn’t funny.
Manny: That’s the door to the cage.
Pugsy: Duh.
Manny: Fly! Be free! Go bite Domino!
Pugsy: Leave us alone.
Bibi: If we get out again, he’ll hurt Meche!
Manny: Last chance.
Pugsy: Poopy pants!
Bibi: Hee hee.
Pugsy: Heh, heh-heh.
Bibi: Ah ha ha!
Pugsy: HA HA HA!
Manny: Fine then, stay in there.
Bibi: He IS mean.
Manny: That’s a little bit of overkill, considering it’s not locked.
Manny: Hola, angelitos!
Pugsy: I’ll bite you, I swear to God.
Bibi: Please don’t bite anyone else, Pugsy.
Bibi: That’s why they put us in the cage in the first place!
Pugsy: Hello Mr. Mean Boss Guy.
Manny: How are my brave little soldiers?
Bibi: Are you here to rescue us?
Manny: I’m working on it.
Manny: New plan. Meche’s locked up for good. We’re leaving without her.
Bibi: We can’t leave without Meche!
Pugsy: We can’t leave without Meche!
Manny: Hey! No fighting, no biting!
Bibi: He started it.
Pugsy: She started it.
Bibi: Did not.
Pugsy: Did not.
Bibi: Did too.
Pugsy: Did too.
Manny: Don’t make me come in there!
Manny: Hey, would one of you children happen to have a gun?
Pugsy: Yeah, we do.
Pugsy: So stick ’em up!
Manny: Let me see it.
Bibi: (He doesn’t have one. He’s such a liar.)
Manny: Hey, hey. Don’t cry children….
Manny: Please…
Manny: …stop crying…
Manny: Why am I so bad at this?
Manny: Why do you want to bite me?
Pugsy: You’re the mean new boss.
Bibi: Mr. Hurley said you were meaner than him!
Pugsy: He said you had a BONE SAW.
Manny: My name is Manny Calavera. What’s yours?
Pugsy: Mr. Hurley told us about you.
Pugsy: You’re the one who tricked Meche.
Bibi: Poor Meche…
Manny: I didn’t trick anybody.
Pugsy: Mr. Hurley said he was supposed to take care of Meche, but you stole her case from him.
Bibi: Is that true?
Manny: Let me see if I can explain this whole thing to you.
Manny: You see, I had this job, selling travel packages to immigrant souls…
Manny: If I sold enough of them, I got to leave the Land of the Dead.
Manny: Now, I was in a slump, and I needed a really fat commission, so–
Bibi: You’re a bad man!
Pugsy: Go away bad man!
Bibi: Yeah, go away!
Manny: Meche is my friend. You can ask her.
Pugsy: She talked about you before.
Bibi: Every time she says your name, she looks so sad.
Pugsy: I don’t know what you did to her, but you’re gonna be sorry!
Manny: What are you two doing in this cage?
Bibi: Making light bulbs.
Pugsy: Look, we’re working as hard as we can!
Pugsy: Why don’t you leave us alone?
Manny: Listen, children. I’m here to help.
Bibi: There’s really not much more room in here…
Pugsy: Your hands are too big to make light bulbs!
Manny: I’m here to help you get out of this cage.
Pugsy: You can’t do that!
Pugsy: We have to stay here and take care of Meche!
Bibi: She’d be so sad here all alone.
Bibi: Sometimes we hear her crying, you know.
Manny: My hands are not too big to make light bulbs.
Pugsy: Then why DON’T you help?
Manny: You know, I really do want to help.
Manny: On second thought, maybe I don’t.
Pugsy: Then why don’t you?
Manny: My butt’s too big to sit on one of those little perches.
Bibi: Ahhhhm! I’m going to tell Meche you said that word to us.
Pugsy: I told you he was bad.
Manny: I just don’t have any of those little, tiny tools, that’s all.
Pugsy: Here, take my hammer.
Pugsy: HA HA HA!
Pugsy: AH-HA HA HA!
Bibi: Hee hee.
Bibi: Tee hee hee!
Pugsy: Heh heh heh!
Bibi: Hee.
Manny: I’m in the maritime union. We can’t do factory work.
Bibi: I don’t know what those words mean.
Pugsy: It means he doesn’t want to help us because he’s MEAN.
Manny: Maybe I just don’t want to.
Bibi: We don’t want to either.
Bibi: But we don’t have a choice.
Manny: You’re two bad little children. I’m glad you’re in a cage.
Bibi: Hee-hee, hee-hee…
Pugsy: Ha ha ha, ha…
Manny: VERY bad.
Pugsy: AH-HA-HA-HA-AH!
Manny: I’m the one who’s going to take Meche out of here.
Bibi: What?
Pugsy: You can’t do that!
Bibi: Who’s gonna take care of us?
Bibi: Uh-hoo! We’ll be all alone!
Manny: I’m going to save you too! And Meche, and everybody!
Pugsy: MECHE’S gonna save us.
Bibi: She told us she’s going to take us to the Land of Hummingbirds and Butterflies.
Pugsy: And we’re gonna live in a big tree.
Bibi: And the tree’s going to hold us and feed us and take care of us.
Manny: Well… that’s true, she is.
Manny: But I’m gonna help, okay?
Manny: You bite me, and I’ll sue your parents.
Bibi: Our parents?
Pugsy: Our parents?
Manny: Nice cage you have here.
Pugsy: Mr. Hurley grew demon ravens with human heads in here.
Bibi: He said if we ever tried to get away, he’d send the ravens after us.
Pugsy: …and let them make nests out of our bones.
Manny: Okay, back to work!
Pugsy: So mean…
Manny: You children just wait here and be brave little angelitos, okay?
Bibi: Okay.
Manny: Ah, ground.
Manny: This old conveyor belt looks like it’s about to fall apart.
Manny: How convenient!
Manny: AIR!
Manny: This path goes back to where we landed.
Manny: The conveyor belt continues off in this direction.
Manny: The safety fence is down–one more step and I’d be following Glottis into Limbo.
Manny: Oh, Glottis…
Manny: Oh, Mr. Bust-All, you really shouldn’t have done that!
Manny: If only my scotch had that big a belt.
Manny: “CAUTION…
Manny: Do Not Approach Edge…
Manny: …strong current.”
Manny: Oh, sure, NOW I find an actual rusty anchor…
Manny: Hmmm…
Manny: I wonder what that old anchor is doing out there?
Manny: I don’t know how I’d get down there without this current taking me over the edge.
Manny: ‘WARNING: Do not unlock without first securing mobile conveyor belt against current.’
Manny: That’s the tricky thing about these LOCKS…
Manny: …hard to pick up, when they’re in use.
Manny: I couldn’t take that off with my bare hands…
Manny: If only I hadn’t thrown away that little hand-exerciser Domino got me for secret Santa…
Manny: Hmmmmm…
Manny: Can’t seem to pick it.
Manny: Wouldn’t match.
Manny: My scythe wouldn’t cut that.
Manny: This path leads back to the mining area.
Manny: So, rusty anchor, at last, we meet!
Manny: I would but my coach told me not to squat more than 2000 pounds in the off-season.
Manny: I don’t feel that sort of hostility to the old rusty anchor.
Manny: I don’t think it’s looking for the soft, shimmery look of silk.
Manny: I don’t want to do anything that might jar it loose.
Glottis: Well it hurt a little when I hit, but my head cracked open an aft panel here…
Manny: I gotta tell you, Carnal, I thought you were dead!
Glottis: Oh, Manny, I’ve been having a great time! Listen–
Glottis: I ask you, is there an engine that can resist the love that’s in these hands?
Manny: Apparently not.
Manny: That’s as close to the edge as I wanna be.
Manny: So good to see him again.
Manny: I think this baby’s our ticket out of here.
Glottis: Oh yeah good point!
Glottis: I was just wrenchin’ her for fun, but your idea’s good too!
Manny: Hey, do you need my scythe?
Glottis: No, it’s not really that kind of job. But thanks.
Manny: Hey, need a hammer?
Glottis: Ha ha ha!
Glottis: Maybe after dinner, if I have something stuck between my teeth!
Manny: Hey, Glottis!
Manny: Check out my swell gat!
Glottis: Wow. Is it loaded?
Manny: Uh…no.
Glottis: Hm.
Manny: Hey! Need one of these?
Glottis: Ah, that would have been easier to get her open with than my head!
Glottis: But it’s too late now.
Glottis: Hey, who’s up there?
Manny: That’s not going to be as easy to climb UP.
Manny: Hey, these wheels don’t have inner tubes!
Manny: Meche!
Manny: °Es enorme!
Manny: Oooh, I would, but my back…
Manny: That’s the control room for the crane.
Manny: Brrrr.
Manny: I can see why they don’t give these chisels to the new guys.
Glottis: Oh yeah, this will do juuuuust fine.
Glottis: Just give me a sec to do some figurin’.
Manny: You bet your big, orange butt that’ll do!
Manny: I can’t believe I killed it!
Manny: Glottis is busy with it right now.
Manny: Maybe if I had some giant, steel hair to curl…
Manny: They are already hurting, they do not need the teachings of the Bust-All.
Manny: He’s figuring.
Manny: I don’t want to bug him.
Manny: This scoop looks heavier than my last ship.
Manny: It’s not a hand-held device.
Manny: The scoop’s learned its lesson.
Manny: It’s the edge of the world, but not the edge I’m looking for.
Manny: I don’t have a long enough lever.
Manny: I could jump, but the odds of me hitting that boat are pretty slim.
Manny: …considering it’s not there anymore.
Manny: Join Glottis? I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.
Manny: There’s more beach down there.
Bibi: …tee hee…
Bibi: …hee hee…
Bibi: …ha ha…
Bibi: …weeeee!
Bibi: Rrrrrroooom!
Bibi: …ha ha ha…
Bibi: …hoo hoo hoo…
Bibi: …hee hee hee…
Bibi: …wwwwweeee-heee
Bibi: …ahh haa…
Bibi: Tag! You’re it!
Bibi: (squeal)
Pugsy: …tee hee…
Pugsy: …hee hee…
Pugsy: …ha ha…
Pugsy: …weeeee!
Pugsy: Rrrrrroooom!
Pugsy: …ha ha ha…
Pugsy: …hoo hoo hoo…
Pugsy: …hee hee hee…
Pugsy: …wwwwweeee-heee
Pugsy: …ahh haa…
Pugsy: Tag! You’re it!
Pugsy: (squeal)
Manny: Okay, you get the kids, and I’ll meet you back here with the boat.
Meche: What boat?
Manny: Well, I’m working on that.
Meche: Okay, Manny.
Meche: I trust you.
Manny: I have to figure a way to launch that ship Glottis found.
Manny: What I need is a giant stork to deliver that big baby right here.
Manny: Where am I going to get a boat?
Manny: (sigh)
Manny: I bet Glottis would know.
Bibi: There he is!
Pugsy: Where’s the boat?
Bibi: Miss Colomar said we’re gonna ride in a boat!
Pugsy: She said you were getting one!
Manny: Well, I–
Meche: Children, be patient.
Meche: Mr. Calavera is a nice man, and he’s trying to find us a boat right now, okay?
Bibi: Okay.
Pugsy: Okay.
Manny: It won’t be that long now, I promise!
Meche: Glottis, I’m so glad to see you!
Glottis: Aww.
Manny: Is the boat all ready?
Glottis: Yeah! Come on…
Glottis: Let’s go eat some reef!
Manny: All we need now is a way of breaking through that reef!
Manny: I can’t believe you got it to float!
Glottis: That was the easy part!
Glottis: The trick’s gonna be bustin’ through that big coral reef out there!
Manny: Bust through a big coral reef, eh?
Manny: It just so happens I got some hardware up the beach you might be interested in…
Manny: Okay, give me a minute or two.
Manny: Nice to see him above-ground again.
Manny: Hey, I’ve raised him plenty today.
Manny: Think of a way to get through that reef, yet?
Glottis: No. Did you?
Manny: No.
Manny: Wow.
Manny: I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in the sun before.
Manny: I don’t need to do that, she’s already agreed to come with me.
Manny: How do you like our boat?
Meche: She’ll be something, once you slam some headers on her, and lower her to the waterline.
Glottis: Are you flirting with me?
Manny: I swear, I’ll get us a boat.
Meche: We know, Manny.
Manny: Man, was THAT ever hard to launch!
Manny: Done it already.
Manny: I can’t board without the others!
Manny: I bet these monsters would do a number on that reef…
Manny: …but how do I get them out of there?
Manny: They must bring the coral over here to be crushed…
Manny: Either that, or these are the biggest, meanest-looking hair curlers I’ve ever seen.
Manny: I don’t have the strength to rip them out.
Manny: Those things are dangerous!
Manny: I’d be ground to bits!
Manny: There’s a beach down there.
Meche: Manny! I knew you would–
Meche: I knew you would–
Meche: Why is that door closed?
Manny: Uh, it was the only way I, uh…
Manny: Eh… the wind?
Meche: Ohhhhhh, ooohhhh…
Manny: Uh-oh.
Manny: Oh, Raoul…
Manny: I’m so, so sorry!
Manny: Gggggrrrrr…
Manny: Ahg!
Manny: Esa cosa is heavy!
Manny: Boy, the Bust-All and I really did a number on that door!
Manny: I think I’ve tortured it enough.
Manny: Some sort of metal contact.
Manny: Looks like I messed up these contacts when I broke through with the Bust-All.
Manny: Mmmmm… no.
Manny: Electrical current makes my marrow tingle.
Manny: I already did that, from the other side.
Manny: Looks like years and years of coral harvest reports…
Manny: This can’t be what this secret safe is meant to hold…
Manny: They’re all locked up…
Manny: These must be very, very sensitive coral harvest reports.
Manny: Hmm. Can’t get in there with this.
Manny: Hah!
Manny: “Bust-All,” my ass!
Manny: Man, people in the old days were HUGE.
Manny: Doesn’t look like he’d enjoy a piggy-back ride.
Manny: Meche?
Manny: Are you in there?
Manny: It’s time to come out, Honey–no time for hide-and-seek.
Manny: That thing is DEFINITELY not my size.
Manny: You want a piece of Calavera, suit?
Manny: I think that would just bring the whole ugly thing crashing down on me.
Manny: This must be the “BIG Chipper.”
Manny: I don’t think it’s going to be as easy to pick from this side.
Manny: This would be a bad time for someone to come along.
Manny: I love secret doors!
Manny: Now all we have to do is wait for the room to fill up and we’ll just float on out of here!
Manny: Well, this is disappointing.
Meche: Not to me. We don’t float, remember?
Meche: Oh, not again!
Meche: Thank you.
Meche: Hey, this is MY room!
Meche: Go use up the air in your own room!
Manny: Thanks for not shooting me.
Meche: Look, I’m sorry…
Meche: I should have trusted you, it’s just that…
Meche: The past two years have been pretty tough, you know.
Manny: What’s in these cases?
Meche: Take a look.
Meche: It’s all the Double-N tickets Hector and Dom have stolen over the years.
Meche: Each one stolen from a good soul, and now they just…
Meche: …sit there.
Manny: That’s it!
Meche: What?
Manny: They just sit there! That’s what’s been bothering me!
Manny: In the days when I was a hot salesman, I used to see Double-N tickets all the time…
Manny: …and they move!
Meche: What do you mean, they move?
Manny: They become agitated around human souls, and the ticket that belongs to you will actually fly into your hand.
Manny: But these tickets, and the tickets in that suitcase of Charlie’s, it’s like they’re…
Manny: …dead.
Manny: After you.
Meche: What about the suitcases?
Manny: Ah, doesn’t matter!
Manny: Forget ’em, they’re counterfeit.
Manny: They wouldn’t fit through this hole anyway!
Manny: Let’s go!
Manny: Why would Hector and Domino be hoarding cases of counterfeit Double-N tickets?
Manny: “WARNING: Fire System, Do Not Touch.”
Manny: She looks wet.
Manny: Doesn’t look like she’s cooled off yet.
Manny: You know, we could die right here, in this safe…
Meche: Nice line, but we’re already dead, remember?
Manny: You look like you could use a nice ocean cruise!
Meche: Still my travel agent, eh?
Manny: That vent is the only way out of here that I can see.
Manny: I couldn’t reach that vent, even if I stood on Meche’s shoulders.
Meche: Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to stand on your shoulders, anyway?
Manny: Are you kidding? Look at your heels!
Manny: I couldn’t even reach it with that.
Manny: That home-plumbing sprinkler system looks like it’s about to fall apart.
Manny: I can’t reach that high.
Manny: Not quite as secret on this side.
Manny: Hoof!
Manny: Hff!
Manny: Raa!
Manny: Grrr!
Manny: Gaaah!
Manny: Baah!
Manny: Hrrr!
Manny: Ooof!
Manny: Fff!
Manny: Agg!
Manny: Ohhh!
Manny: Guuh!
Manny: Arrr!
Manny: Ahhh!
Domino: Hoof!
Domino: Hff!
Domino: Raa!
Domino: Grrr!
Domino: Gaaah!
Domino: Baah!
Domino: Hrrr!
Domino: Ooof!
Domino: Fff!
Domino: Agg!
Domino: Ohhh!
Domino: Guuh!
Domino: Arrr!
Domino: Ahhh!
Manny: Look, Dom, I’m not going to work for you!
Domino: Oh, don’t worry about that–you’re fired!
Domino: Just consider this… your severance.
Manny: I’m sending this Domino back to the bone pile.
Manny: You know, you’re name is Domino, but you’re really just a pawn.
Domino: Please! Save the comic-book one-liners for when you’re winning!
Domino: Oooh, this doesn’t look good for the kid!
Domino: What are you doing away from your desk, anyway?
Domino: Smart strategy–always let your boss win.
Domino: Just like with your selling, Manny, you got a weak attack and no follow-through.
Domino: Hey, I’ll stop anytime you get tired!
Domino: Just, please, stay down this time!
Domino: At least at the Christmas party you passed out before you really got hurt!
Domino: Had enough?
Domino: Oh, please, Manny…
Domino: Stop showing off for the girl!
Manny: That’s the squishiest-looking periscope I’ve ever seen.
Manny: I really prefer to use tongs when picking up octopus eyes.
Manny: Hey, pull over octopus!
Manny: You’re going too fast!
Manny: Domino’s just the kind of guy to practice Oxford-regulation boxing…
Manny: …and then pull out a blade when it comes time to fight.
Manny: I don’t know any wrestling moves.
Manny: I don’t think my bare hands would be a match for that scythe of his.
Gate keeper: Recently…
Gate keeper: …I was visited…
Gate keeper: …by a bird…
Gate keeper: …with a human…
Gate keeper: …head.
Gate keeper: Do you know such a bird… Manuel Calavera?
Manny: No. How do you know my–
Gate keeper: He knew you…
Gate keeper: …and for you, he left this…
Gate keeper: …note.
Manny: I need to go get my friends.
Gate keeper: You need to get your friends…
Gate keeper: …their tickets.
Manny: “I know what you’re up to…
Manny: I’ve been watching.
Manny: Stay there. I’m coming to sprout you myself!
Manny: Yours truly, Hector LeMans.”
Manny: HÌjole.
Manny: I think this is something I should keep to myself.
Manny: I think that would only raise the alarm level here…
Manny: It looks a little ungainly…
Manny: ..but I bet that hat is really warm.
Manny: He’s high enough already.
Manny: I can’t see where this doorway leads.
Gate keeper: It leads…
Gate keeper: …to waiting area two.
Manny: Something won’t let me go in there.
Gate keeper: That is I…
Gate keeper: …the Keeper of the Gate.
Manny: Was it you that made that switch point straight down?
Gate keeper: The living train does…
Gate keeper: …what it does.
Manny: I get the feeling that operating that switch is out of my powers.
Manny: These must go all the way back to El Marrow!
Manny: Well, it’s not that I’m AFRAID or anything, but there’re easier ways into the station…
Manny: …and I’m not WALKING back to El Marrow.
Manny: There’s a train station in there.
Manny: These are the stairs we hiked up.
Manny: What happened to that train???
Gate keeper: Your destiny…
Gate keeper: …cannot be purchased.
Manny: I don’t understand. Why has everyone been detained?
Gate keeper: Given a ticket…
Gate keeper: …a soul may not sell it.
Manny: They didn’t sell their tickets. Someone else is trying to!
Gate keeper: Bring the tickets…
Gate keeper: …that is all.
Manny: The tickets are in El Marrow. How can I get there quickly?
Gate keeper: These rails…
Gate keeper: …are already there.
Manny: My friend is sick. Can you help us?
Gate keeper: A thousand demons…
Gate keeper: …have died upon delivering the souls…
Gate keeper: …upon delivering…
Gate keeper: …they were created…
Gate keeper: ..to protect.
Manny: I have to go. You’re no help.
Gate keeper: The gate opens…
Gate keeper: …the gate closes…
Gate keeper: …it does not help.
Manny: Well, thanks for the help.
Meche: Manny!
Manny: What’s wrong?
Meche: Go up there and see!
Manny: Looks like a gondola station.
Manny: These stairs lead up to the temple gate.
Manny: These are the steps up from the parking lot.
Mechanic 1: …O Gran Demonio Roedor…
Mechanic 2: …O Gran Demonio Roedor…
Glottis: Ooooooh-ohh…
Manny: Glottis!
Mechanic 1: Hear the name of the great one…
Mechanic 1: …Glottis.
Mechanic 2: Glottis.
Manny: What’s happening?!
Mechanic 1: How many days has this grand demon gone without driving?
Manny: Well, we’ve been hiking for months…
Mechanic 1: MONTHS!?!
Mechanic 2: MONTHS!?!
Mechanic 1: Oh, then the noble one will surely die…
Manny: But…
Manny: Gondolas?!
Manny: I knew we should have checked this side of the mountain before we walked up!
Manny: I’d feel too self-conscious carrying that around.
Manny: Hey, how about a gondola ride, gremlins?
Mechanic 1: He’s too big!
Mechanic 2: The gondola is too slow!
Manny: I’m sure someone around here is paid to clean these.
Manny: I’m no gondola-gunker-upper.
Manny: How did I not notice this was happening to Glottis?
Manny: I don’t think they’d let me touch him.
Manny: I can’t reap demons, but even if I could, he’s not ready for that yet!
Manny: Here, blot his forehead with this!
Mechanic 1: He needs to fly…
Mechanic 2: …not to be dry!
Manny: Sor-ry.
Manny: Glottis, wake up and look at this!
Glottis: Oooh, that stinks!
Manny: Here, carnal, get a whiff of this…
Glottis: (sniff, sniff)
Glottis: Ooh, that’s nice…
Glottis: Make sure tuh–lay some of those on my grave, will ya Manny?
Manny: I think that’s what Glottis would look like, if he hadn’t drunk his milk growing up.
Manny: No time for juggling.
Manny: Hey, I have the perfect fuel right here!
Mechanic 1: Shhhhh!
Mechanic 2: We are listening to his breathing for clues!
Manny: Look, his life depends on this fuel!
Mechanic 1: Please! We are mechanics!
Mechanic 2: We know what we seek…
Mechanic 1: …and it’s not the foul-smelling, crusty mug you offer!
Mechanic 1: Spare us your mortal medicine!
Mechanic 1: Ah, the favorite perfume!
Mechanic 2: But not enough to raise him from his gloom!
Manny: How eerie! They have the same tool cabinets as Glottis!
Manny: How eerie! They lock up their tools, just like Glottis!
Manny: Maybe I’ll do some dusting… later.
Manny: I think if I made a mess those little guys would get irritable.
Manny: Well, it’s good to know they recycle oil out here at the end of the world.
Manny: Not paid to move those.
Manny: Hey, can’t we use this oil somehow?
Mechanic 1: The fuel we seek needs to pack a terrible punch!
Mechanic 2: Much like the great Glottis himself!
Manny: My joints don’t need any oiling right now.
Manny: This better not stain my pocket.
Manny: It’s an oily rag that I made all by myself.
Manny: (sniiiiiiff)
Manny: I’ll oil stuff later, once Glottis is okay.
Manny: I wonder if she blames me?
Manny: Meche, we have to get back to El Marrow for the tickets!
Meche: Oh, Glottis…
Meche: He doesn’t need that right now.
Meche: He’d probably love to smell that.
Manny: It looks like blueprints for a… rocket sled.
Manny: They’re brilliant.
Manny: Hey, can I see those for a second?
Mechanic 1: Please.
Mechanic 2: This is mechanic’s work.
Manny: It’s a tiny kitchen.
Manny: This is where the gondolas and I come and go.
Manny: Glottis!
Manny: What fuel?!
Manny: Glottis! I’m sorry…
Glottis: Maaaannny…
Manny: Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?
Glottis: Couldn’t stop…
Glottis: …have to save… everyone…
Manny: Are you in much pain, my friend?
Glottis: Only because I let you down, Manny.
Manny: What can I get you? Will anything help?
Glottis: I need to race, to fly, like…
Glottis: …like the old days, Manny, in the Bone Wagon…
Manny: But the Bone Wagon’s not here, carnal!
Glottis: Maybe I’ll see her… on the other side…
Manny: Please don’t die, Glottis!
Glottis: The Land calls back its children, Manny…
Glottis: Who am I to say no?
Manny: Can’t we make a new hot rod?
Glottis: Those days are done, Manny, no more hot ro–
Glottis: Hey, what’s that red thing?
Manny: The gondola?
Glottis: Hmmm… sweet decal work…
Glottis: Listen fellas, somebody…
Glottis: …somebody get a pen!
Glottis: There it is, my final work…
Glottis: It could save me, if you have the right…
Glottis: (cough, cough)
Glottis: …the right…
Glottis: (cough!)
Glottis: …fuel…
Manny: What fuel, Glottis?
Manny: Glottis!
Manny: What’s wrong with him?
Mechanic 1: Do you not know the one purpose, the one skill, the one desire of this humble spirit?
Manny: Yes, but we’ve been so far away from cars and civilization for so long…
Mechanic 1: Why?
Mechanic 2: Why did he ever leave his home?
Manny: I…uh…
Manny: I got him fired, and then…uh…
Manny: I needed a ride…
Manny: Oh, Glottis! What have I done to you?
Manny: Can you cure him?
Mechanic 1: His spirit has fallen so low, normal driving would not cure him in time.
Mechanic 2: He needs to go faster…
Mechanic 1: FASTER!
Mechanic 2: FASTER!
Manny: Do you have any vehicles here that we could use to revive him?
Mechanic 1: Only the trucks that deliver the souls…
Mechanic 2: But they are slow…
Mechanic 2: …SO SLOW…
Mechanic 1: …SO SLOW…
Manny: Who are you guys?
Mechanic 1: We are mechanics!
Mechanic 2: We are mechanics!
Mechanic 1: Same as he!
Mechanic 2: But we have never before seen one of our kind so…
Mechanic 1: …so large!
Mechanic 2: …so large!
Manny: I’ve got to go see what I can do.
Mechanic 1: Come back quickly.
Mechanic 2: For his time here is not long…
Manny: It’s the mug I gave Bruno, and it’s full of that foam I packed him in.
Manny: That’s no place to put a mug!
Manny: I’d drink it, but I don’t want to get a packing-foam-mustache.
Manny: It’s full of caskets!
Manny: (sigh)
Manny: Glottis would love these.
Manny: Don’t have a jack.
Manny: Hello?
Manny: Whew! They’re empty.
Manny: Nothing in the cab but donut boxes and coffee-to-go cups.
Manny: Same as the other cab.
Manny: Locked. Probably to keep out the Yeti.
Manny: That’s the road we came in on…
Manny: Nothing out there but snow, and a perfectly good pair of sunglasses.
Manny: There’s some packing foam in here, with a Bruno-shaped dent in it.
Manny: Looks like standard D.O.D. issue.
Manny: I already got a mugful of that stuff.
Manny: Give me a break. Those stairs are murder!
Manny: Helloooooo!
Manny: Wow, no echo.
Manny: We truly are at the edge of the world.
Manny: That’s the way back up to the temple.
Manny: Mmmmm… happiness is a warm rag.
Mechanic 1: What was in that mug???
Mechanic 2: Something that powerful could fuel a…
Mechanic 1: …a ROCKET!
Mechanic 2: …a ROCKET!
Mechanic 1: If only we had more!
Manny: Well… I could score you a couple of truckloads, if you’re interested.
Mechanic 1: Not again! Will they never learn?
Manny: It was the little guy, I saw him.
Mechanic 1: Ach, and he denied it the last time!
Manny: It’s a lovely rag.
Manny: Say hello, Mr. Rag!
Manny: Hello, Mr. Rag!
Manny: I’m not in the mood to dust.
Manny: I already have a rag I don’t know what to do with.
Manny: Always a good idea to have a clean rag around.
Manny: It’s full of rags.
Manny: There’s a note next to this toaster: “To avoid further mishaps, PLEASE…
Manny: …butter your english muffins AFTER you toast them. -Facilities”
Manny: But then, what would the little mechanics toast their tiny English muffins in?
Manny: Hey, my mug’s on the rack–I feel like an honorary employee!
Manny: It’s The Mug Rack at the End of the World!
Manny: Sadly, I have no mug to hang.
Manny: I’ve already got a mug…
Manny: …and quite a handsome one at that, I might add.
Manny: The last thing I need is a cheesy novelty mug…
Manny: Especially one that says, “Gondola Mechanics do it Without a Net!”
Manny: I hate it when people leave their crusty mugs out in the break room.
Manny: Since nobody listened to my last warning about keeping this refrigerator clean…
Manny: I’m afraid I’m gonna have to lock it until some of you grow up…
Manny: –signed, the Facilities Dept.”
Manny: Heh.
Manny: I can’t–It’s locked because of something to do with my mother.
Glottis: What’s that?
Manny: It’s, uh…
Manny: Lumbago Lemonade.
Manny: Try it!
Glottis: Hmmmm!
Glottis: Not bad.
Glottis: Perkly little aperitif, actually heh…
Glottis: Yessiree…
Glottis: Not bad a’tall…
Glottis: (whistle)
Manny: Olivia’s kitchen…
Glottis: Luuuuuuuuummmbagoooooooooooooo Lemonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!
Glottis: Lemonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!
Meche: Manny, aren’t we in a hurry?
Manny: Don’t worry. This won’t take long.
Glottis: Oooohhhhh…
Glottis: My stomach don’t stretch like it used ta…
Meche: Oh, Glottis…
Manny: Ship in a bottle.
Glottis: Nice.
Manny: Booby-trapped!
Glottis: By who?
Glottis: WHO???
Manny: Soon to be known as the “Blown Wagon.”
Glottis: HEY!
Manny: Make things easier if I could.
Manny: I’d better disarm her first.
Manny: The gelatin is still liquefied–It wouldn’t stop the dominos from falling!
Manny: I can’t get to her without setting off Domino’s booby-trap!
Manny: Looks better.
Glottis: Feels better!
Manny: He looks like HE’S about to blow, too.
Manny: Poor guy, so nervous I think he’s gonna be sick.
Manny: Piece of cake.
Manny: Make it gel!
Glottis: Hey, I made it spill, the rest is up to you.
Manny: So, what IS that stuff they pack canned hams in, anyway?
Glottis: Bllllllllaaaaaaachhhhhh!
Glottis: Haaaaa-gggggggg!
Glottis: Blooooooooooch!
Glottis: Gloooosh!
Glottis: Ah-ggggggggggk!
Glottis: Plhhhhhhhhgggg!
Manny: Good show my friend.
Glottis: You wouldn’t happen to have a breath mint on you, I suppose?
Manny: Don’t panic.
Glottis: Gyaahhhay!
Manny: I’ve put his stomach through enough for a while.
Manny: Oooh, these are still unstabilized…
Manny: I’d rather defuse the bomb first.
Manny: A parade of bones, trapped in a suspended state…
Manny: Kind of a metaphor for all of us really if you think—
Manny: It’s not gelling!
Glottis: It can’t gel now!
Glottis: It got all nice and waaaarm in my beeeeelly.
Manny: Those dominos are like one long fuse!
Manny: I don’t think my hands are steady enough for that!
Manny: I’m not setting foot down there–the slightest bump could start those dominos tumbling!
Manny: Mmmm… looks good, but I prefer it with pineapple rings.
Manny: I’m REALLY not sticking my hand in there now!
Glottis: Hey, good idea…
Glottis: I bet I could keep it down now that it’s cold!
Manny: Just let me get across first, okay?
Manny: It would just evaporate!
Manny: You have to admire the old-fashioned touches.
Manny: (sigh)
Manny: That would solve SO many of my problems…
Manny: Fiendish!
Manny: Well, here goes nothing.
Manny: That’s the door to the docks.
Manny: Okay, here’s the plan:
Manny: I need a disguise so I can get close to Hector…
Manny: …and a gun so we’ll have something to talk about when I get there.
Meche: If you figure out that part, I’ll go find out where he is.
Eva: His casino tower is directly above these headquarters.
Meche: All right, meet me there!
Eva: Volunteers quickly for dangerous work–she could be very useful to the cause…
Manny: As far as I’m concerned…
Manny: She IS the cause.
Manny: Who’s the plant nut?
Eva: That “nut” is Hector LeMans’ personal munitions expert, Bowlsley…
Eva: A.K.A. “The Florist.”
Eva: That was his job in the old world, but here he’s a botanical weapons expert…
Eva: This has left him fairly…
Eva: …conflicted.
Manny: Seems like a gentle enough guy…
Manny: Why does he make sproutella for Hector instead of our side?
Eva: We’ve been trying to recruit him for years, but his lab is in Hector’s tower…
Eva: He’s untouchable!
Manny: Hmmmm…
Manny: Bet if I could get that plant-lover out of there, I could talk him into making a gun for me instead!
Manny: Nothing to see but flowers.
Manny: This camera’s showing nothing but flowers…
Manny: –must be another fallen agent.
Manny: This camera’s sprouted as well…
Manny: That’s three L.S.A. casualties in one night!
Manny: I take Meche to all the best places.
Meche: Oh, no please!
Meche: So sad, that poor agent.
Manny: I wonder if this is little Manny?
Manny: This pigeon’s got my scary note from Hector.
Manny: Come here, little Manny!
Manny: Ow-hey!
Manny: Must be little Meche.
Manny: Okay, don’t bite, this is a note.
Manny: You like notes, remember?
Manny: If I show him this photo, he’ll fly off without anything to deliver!
Manny: Go, baby! °Por la revoluciÛn!
Manny: Would you like a bone, little guy?
Manny: Ow! NOT one of mine!
Manny: Nothing else in there besides that agent’s photo.
Manny: No, it might be useful in court someday.
Manny: No, it might come in HANDY, heh heh heh…
Manny: You have served the revolution more than you will ever know.
Manny: I just took it from there!
Manny: I’ll bet the agent in this photo is the poor guy that Hector just shot.
Manny: That’s no way to treat an agent of the L.S.A!
Manny: Hey, Eva finally got that radio working!
Manny: Ksssh!
Manny: Calling all cars! Calling all cars!
Limones: Manuel! Is everything okay?
Manny: Uhm-deh…just testing the equipment, Sal.
Olivia: Salvador, maybe you should shut that thing off, so we can talk…
Manny: Salvador, come in!
Manny: Salvador?
Manny: Memo: To All Agents, priority URGENT:
Manny: In light of the recent disappearances…
Manny: …all agents are ordered to avoid travel in unlit areas until further notice.
Manny: It’s the part of that soldier that DIDN’T get up and hop out of here on one hand.
Manny: Better save this part from sprouting…
Manny: The rest of him has gone to seed already.
Manny: I wonder how that soldier’s getting by without this arm?
Manny: Thank you, SIR!
Manny: I think that would be disrespectful.
Manny: High tech surveillance equipment they have here in the Sewer.
Bowlsley: Hector, I almost have that new bouquet of tulips ready for you…
Hector: Listen to me once and for all, Bowlsley!
Bowlsley: But… I…
Manny: It’s my ex-boss’ ex-secretary, Eva!
Eva: You’re never gonna let me forget the secretary thing, are ya?
Manny: Not in front of Meche.
Manny: Any messages for me?
Eva: No, calls stopped coming for you the day you left.
Eva: They’re STILL sending you that lingerie catalog, though.
Eva: So sad to think that his body is still up in that evil tower…
Eva: In my line of work, you see plenty of that.
Manny: This remote control works the Bone Wagon’s suspension.
Glottis: Not so high!
Glottis: Watch the chrome!
Manny: Looks like this ladder goes to street level.
Manny: Got to figure out some way to disguise this pretty face before I hit the streets.
Manny: That must be Hector’s Casino!
Manny: Looks like Bowlsley broke a canister of spoutella when he landed.
Manny: I hope he doesn’t drip any on himself!
Manny: The flakes of bone are sprouting when they hit the puddle, and turning into…
Manny: …baby tears!
Manny: That would definitely sprout the bone, but then I’d just be left here…
Manny: …unarmed.
Manny: Hey, alligator!
Manny: You still there?
Manny: Work that kink out of your tail yet?
Manny: Hhheh-heh-heh-heh.
Manny: Helloooooo down there!
Manny: Ooh, never mind–go back to sleep, whatever you are!
Manny: How about this one? Anyone down here?
Manny: Monsters? Again?
Manny: Can anyone hear me BESIDES the scary monster?
Manny: Dang.
Manny: Go to sleep, sewer thing…
Manny: Close your big, cave-blind eyes…
Manny: That didn’t work.
Manny: Salvador?
Manny: Olivia?
Manny: Oh, no…
Manny: Rrrrrrrrooooaaar!
Manny: Monsters are dumb!
Manny: That’s the way to the secret hide-out of the Lost Soul’s alliance.
Thunder Boy 1: Oooh, are you here for the Thunderboy Tryouts?
Manny: Yes, I am.
Thunder Boy 2: Oh, that’s too bad…
Manny: No, are you kidding?
Thunder Boy 2: Good.
Thunder Boy 1: Because we just got the last two parts.
Thunder Boy 2: Maybe next season.
Thunder Boy 2: (snicker, snicker)
Thunder Boy 1: (snicker)
Thunder Boy 2: Hey, get lost, pal!
Thunder Boy 2: No autographs!
Thunder Boy 2: It’s not like Johnny Thunder lets just anybody in his review…
Thunder Boy 1: No.
Thunder Boy 2: I mean, being allowed to wear the Johnny Thunder makeup is an honor!
Thunder Boy 1: Yes!
Thunder Boy 2: A privilege!
Thunder Boy 1: YES!
Thunder Boy 2: So I said to her, you give me that ten-percent discount, or I’m taking my business elsewhere!
Thunder Boy 1: You said that?
Thunder Boy 2: Well…oh-yes, I was MAD, you know?
Thunder Boy 2: An then, here’s the good part…
Thunder Boy 2: Of course, as soon as I save up enough money for a Double-N Ticket, I’m out of here!
Thunder Boy 1: What? You can’t just BUY a Double-N!
Thunder Boy 2: Well I know somebody who knows somebody who knows-uh…
Thunder Boy 2: …HECTOR LEMANS.
Thunder Boy 1: Wow. You know EVERYBODY!
Thunder Boy 2: Aaaaa!
Thunder Boy 2: What did you do that for?
Thunder Boy 1: I didn’t! I–
Thunder Boy 2: You melted my makeup!
Thunder Boy 2: I can’t go on like THIS!
Thunder Boy 2: I took you under my wing, and this is how you pay me back!
Thunder Boy 1: No, no! It’s not like that!
Thunder Boy 2: So then I says…
Thunder Boy 2: And the director says…
Thunder Boy 2: …I’m a busy man…
Thunder Boy 2: …but…
Thunder Boy 2: So I says…
Thunder Boy 2: …a real amateur…
Thunder Boy 2: …I am NOT kidding…
Thunder Boy 2: Oh, yeah.
Thunder Boy 1: Uh-huh.
Thunder Boy 1: Really?
Thunder Boy 1: And then what?
Thunder Boy 1: Yeah?
Thunder Boy 1: No kidding.
Thunder Boy 1: Wow.
Thunder Boy 1: So what did you…
Thunder Boy 1: But I guess so…
Thunder Boy 1: You don’t say!
Makeup woman: Oooh, coffee, thanks!
Makeup woman: Hey, out of the dressing room! We got all the Thunder Boys we need!
Makeup woman: We got all the Thunder Boys we need!
Makeup woman: Hey, kid, put that coffee away, this is your lucky day!
Makeup woman: Hey, kid, this is your lucky day!
Makeup woman: We got an openin’ and you’re the newest Thunder Boy in the Johnny Thunder Review!
Manny: Yes! I’ve been working for this moment all my life.
Makeup woman: Then sit on down, we gotta start your makeup!
Makeup woman: Don’t go too far, you never know what time is showtime around here!
Manny: Is it showtime yet?
Makeup woman: Ah, Johnny Thunder still hasn’t rolled in yet.
Makeup woman: You know these prima donna crooners!
Manny: Hey, you’re talking about Johnny Thunder!
Makeup woman: Sorry.
Thunder Boy 1: Oooh, coffee! Great!
Thunder Boy 2: About time we got a P.A. around here!
Thunder Boy 2: Hey kid–keep it black, and keep it comin’, all right?
Thunder Boy 2: It’s about time!
Manny: It’s a hand-held grinder.
Manny: It’s a bone-chipper now!
Manny: This snow maker is huge!
Manny: …but the grinder part looks hand-held.
Manny: Not much use without the grinder.
Manny: No, once you grind bone, you can’t go back to fake snow.
Manny: I think he’d be happy to know his body was serving the cause like this.
Manny: This coffee is already ground.
Manny: I don’t want to sprout that arm all at once!
Manny: This lever is attached to the fake-snow supply.
Manny: That would just dump blocks of fake snow on the ground…
Manny: …not a very festive holiday effect.
Manny: Mmmm… SHOWBUSINESS coffee!
Manny: I don’t see any place to serve coffee here.
Manny: I think show-people prefer it black.
Manny: Little too hot for my pockets, thank you!
Manny: Hot!
Manny: Looks like a dressing room back there.
Manny: Awwww, they look just like little Johnny Thunders!
Thunder Boy 2: Who you calling little?
Manny: I think they already have dance partners.
Manny: Pardon me, Thunder Boys, but–
Manny: Wow, from up here, everybody looks like ants!
Manny: My aunts in particular. They wore SO much makeup!
Manny: Hey, Thunder Boys!
Thunder Boy 1: Who said that?
Thunder Boy 2: People call out your name all the time when you’re famous.
Thunder Boy 2: You get used to it.
Thunder Boy 1: Hey, have you ever used a dandruff shampoo?
Thunder Boy 2: No, why?
Thunder Boy 1: No reason.
Thunder Boy 1: Well, you know, a lot of people use dandruff shampoo…
Thunder Boy 2: What are you getting at?
Thunder Boy 1: Nothing!
Manny: That ladder is a little too long to climb with scalding-hot coffee in my hands.
Manny: This leads to the catacombs.
Manny: I saw Bowlsley run down here, but where did he go?
Manny: Okay, I don’t know what’s down there, but I have issues with it.
Manny: Bowlsley’s probably in that maze, but I’d never be able to find him without…
Manny: …well, with out something… really helpful.
Manny: The sprouting bone shows where Bowlsley dripped the concentrate as he ran.
Manny: Wow! It’s a tunnel that opens onto a system of catacombs!
Manny: I don’t see how Sal, with all his crazy conspiracy theories…
Manny: …forgot to mention to me that there were alligators in the sewers.
Manny: Poor Bone Wagon…
Manny: Out of the regurgitated gelatin straight to the alligator-infested sewer!
Manny: That ledge looks like a safer place to be.
Manny: I thought he looked mad BEFORE!
Manny: That thing is UGLY and it’s IN MY WAY!
Manny: Yeah, you heard me!
Manny: Hey! Pink-eye!
Manny: Come and get me!
Manny: It’s amazing how a little touch of human remains can brighten up a place.
Manny: I loooove what Bowlsley’s done with the joint!
Bowlsley: Hector?
Bowlsley: Hector, is that you?
Bowlsley: You’d better back off, man!
Bowlsley: I mean it, I’m not feeling too rosy!
Bowlsley: I’m having… I feel…
Bowlsley: I’m thinking I’d better…
Bowlsley: Things are gonna change around here!
Bowlsley: Yeah, man…
Bowlsley: Who, who, who do you think you’re fooling?
Bowlsley: I love plants, is that so wrong?
Bowlsley: Plants are beautiful!
Bowlsley: You people, you think plants are death!
Bowlsley: Plants are life!
Bowlsley: You all, YOU’RE all death!
Bowlsley: You’re all the same!
Bowlsley: If people were plants, the world would be a better place!
Bowlsley: I could make everybody into plants!
Bowlsley: I’ve got enough juice right here to turn the world GREEN!
Bowlsley: I’ve got half a mind to… I got half a mind…
Bowlsley: What?
Bowlsley: I didn’t say anything of the kind?
Bowlsley: Where do you get off?
Bowlsley: What can I do to get you to take me SERIOUSLY?
Bowlsley: I look at you and I see a garden waiting to happen!
Bowlsley: What you haven’t seen, you haven’t seen THE MEADOW.
Bowlsley: You want to take a walk in the MEADOW, punk?
Bowlsley: And then he says to me, you’ll get BENEFITS!
Bowlsley: I need to…
Bowlsley: That’s not helping!
Bowlsley: Plant’s don’t kill!
Bowlsley: You want death within death, Hector? Is that what you want?
Bowlsley: Everybody lies, even the BELL!
Bowlsley: Ding, ding! Can I help you? Can I help you?
Bowlsley: CAN I HELP YOU!
Bowlsley: Would you like baby’s breath with that?
Bowlsley: The little bell told me, I’m a florist.
Bowlsley: It’s like people, there are GOOD plants, and there are BAD plants…
Bowlsley: DING DING! You’re going to drive me CRAZY!
Bowlsley: Tape you’re mouth shut, you’re not gonna tell no more lies!
Bowlsley: I’ll fertilize your fat carcass!
Bowlsley: I’ll take– what did you say?
Manny: Listen, Bowlsley, I’m not here to hurt you…
Bowlsley: Listen, Bowlsley, I’m here to hurt you…
Manny: It’s not Hector, it’s Manny Calavera.
Bowlsley: It’s not Hector, it’s Manny Calavera come to sprout ya!
Manny: Look, I need a gun to put Hector out of business.
Bowlsley: Look, I need a gun… I need Hector… we’re in business!
Manny: Listen, I really need that gun…
Bowlsley: What’s that?
Bowlsley: What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Bowlsley: Get back!
Bowlsley: Put your hands over your head, put your head in your hands, put your head in your lap!
Bowlsley: You ARE crazy! I said get back, Hector!
Bowlsley: Hey, there, stranger!
Bowlsley: Can I help you?
Manny: Oh, uh…
Manny: I’m looking for something in a nine millimeter?
Bowlsley: Oooh, well I have a very pretty bouquet of that right here!
Bowlsley: There ya go. Would you like some baby’s breath to go with that?
Manny: Sure!
Bowlsley: All right, here ya go!
Bowlsley: You have a great day, now!
Bowlsley: Hey! You know what you just did???
Bowlsley: You just opened Pandora’s Box!
Bowlsley: You get out of here right now or I’ll let you have it, I’ll–
Manny: Hmmm, this gun might actually look nice with a little baby’s breath…
Manny: Freeze Hector!
Manny: I’m saving my ammo for the big guy.
Manny: Bowlsley was right, this is the good stuff!
Manny: My gun doesn’t need reloading yet.
Manny: I’m not here to sprout anybody except Hector.
Manny: Can’t sprout that.
Manny: That’s the most gruesome window display I’ve ever seen.
Bowlsley: That’s a gruesome display!
Manny: I’m not touching any of these human remains.
Bowlsley: I’m not touched! This human remains… sane!
Manny: At least he’s got some of the bodies on ice.
Bowlsley: …bodies on ice…
Bowlsley: They’re soldered shut!
Bowlsley: Freshness counts!
Manny: It looks like a big ball of tape, screwed to the wall.
Manny: This must be the Bell of Lies.
Bowlsley: Ding, ding! That’s right!
Manny: Judging by the emblem, these cases are full of sproutella!
Bowlsley: Yeah, the good stuff, too!
Bowlsley: None of that slow-acting fern food that I left for Hector!
Bowlsley: SPROUTELLA!!!
Bowlsley: Fern food!
Bowlsley: Uh-uh-uh! No more flowers for you, bad boy!
Manny: I’m picking up a lot of anxiety here.
Manny: He’s almost scarier this way.
Bowlsley: If you say so!
Bowlsley: Heh-heh-heh, no foolin’ around!
Manny: Alright hand over the rest of it!
Bowlsley: Oh, now, don’t get greedy!
Bowlsley: I got a twelve-gauge bouquet under the counter and it’s pointed straight at ya!
Manny: This door has a strange ball of tape screwed onto the doorjamb.
Bowlsley: …ball of tape…
Bowlsley: B-bye! Come again real soon!
Manny: I’d better not expose my weapon in here…
Manny: Probably security cameras everywhere.
Meche: I’m going to punt this twerp the first chance I get!
Manny: Hey, these work without money!
Manny: Maybe Hector’s not all that bad!
Manny: I knew it! They’re all fixed!
Manny: Hey!!
Manny: Oh you’re kidding me?
Manny: It only pays off if you bet? That’s not fair!
Manny: Going up?
Brennis: This elevator goes up straight to the penthouse suite of Hector LeMans.
Brennis: Mr. LeMans, he only do the business with the very select, elite clientele.
Manny: I’m select, and I’m VERY elite!
Brennis: You look like you work in a meat locker to me, pal.
Manny: These aren’t my regular clothes!
Brennis: Well, when you get your regular clothes, I’ll give you the regular treatment.
Manny: Out of my way! I’m in SHOW BUSINESS!
Brennis: What show?
Brennis: Yukon Follies?
Brennis: Ha ha ha!
Manny: Look, I just want you to understand that I’m totally sympathetic…
Manny: …to the extremely intense power trip you’re on, but–
Brennis: Beat it!
Brennis: Or should I say, “MUSH?” Huh-huh!
Manny: Hey, weren’t you once a tube switcher repairman?
Brennis: Yeah, but they took out that whole tube system…
Brennis: It kept getting jammed. Not my fault.
Brennis: Now, finally, I am free to pursue my one true desire.
Manny: Elevator operation?
Brennis: YES.
Manny: Johnny Thunder isn’t gonna be happy about this.
Brennis: Maybe Mr. Thunder needs to spend more money on wardrobe.
Manny: Buenos dÌas.
Meche: Back off, sleaze ball, or my husband here will bust your jaw.
Manny: Meche, it’s me!
Meche: Manny? That’s some costume!
Meche: Here…
Meche: Help me get Mr. High Roller here into this sheet so we can get out of here!
Manny: Er, Why do you want to get him into a sheet?
Meche: I told him there was a big toga party at the Casino Romano, but he had to wear this sheet to get in.
Meche: After he changes, you take his suit and go upstairs, get it?
Manny: Hmmm, you’re trickier than I thought.
Manny: I know this guy–he can play the slots for days…
Meche: He said as soon as this machine pays off, he’ll come with me.
Manny: Hola!
Charlie: No drinks for me, thanks!
Manny: Hey, come on ese–the party’s moving on to the Casino Romano! Orale!
Charlie: I’m not leaving until this fat lady sings!
Charlie: No one-armed bandit can outsmart Chowchilla Charlie!
Charlie: Hey! Is that you young lady?
Charlie: Not again!
Charlie: I’ll get you!
Charlie: Ahh!
Charlie: Hey!
Charlie: Help!
Charlie: Not funny!
Charlie: Ack!
Charlie: Grrrr!
Charlie: Oh for cryin’ out loud…
Charlie: Young lady!
Charlie: Rrrrr!
Charlie: You must be patient, my kitten, rrrrrr!
Charlie: I’ll escort you to your party, just as soon as my system pays off here…
Manny: Hey, what’s going on under that raincoat?
Unicycle man: I don’t know, what’s going on under that makeup…
Unicycle man: …AGENT CALAVERA?
Manny: You? Didn’t Salvador chop you in half earlier this evening?
Unicycle man: Yes, which has given me this glorious opportunity to serve the cause…
Unicycle man: …by gathering funds for the L.S.A. while stealing from our arch-enemy at the same time!
Manny: What exactly are you doing with these slot machines?
Unicycle man: I stick myself inside, like a finger down the throat of Hector LeMans himself!
Unicycle man: And I make the machine regurgitate the wealth it has devoured!
Manny: Ehhh.
Manny: Can you crack any machine?
Unicycle man: None of these unholy temples is safe from the L.S.A!
Unicycle man: Mira!
Manny: There’s a machine over here that seems unbeatable…
Unicycle man: That one with the sucker planted in front?
Unicycle man: Tell me when he gives up, and I’ll make it cough cold change!
Manny: Special assignment just in from Salvador!
Manny: Crack that machine and leave the change, right away!
Unicycle man: YES SIR!
Charlie: I did it! My system worked! I knew it! I told you!
Meche: That’s great! Now let’s go so you can buy me a drink at the Romano!
Manny: I’ll meet you at the train station with the tickets.
Manny: There won’t be one for me, so you’ll have to go back by yourself.
Meche: I’ll tell that gate keeper everything. He has to help us!
Charlie: Come, my lovely, I have another infallible system I’d like to demonstrate. Rrrrr…
Manny: Meche got this sheet for CHARLIE.
Manny: Where she got this sheet, I don’t want to know.
Manny: I think this is his good side.
Manny: I’m not going up there unarmed!
Manny: Hey, if I were wearing this toga, could I go upstairs?
Brennis: You’re getting us confused with the Casino Romano, pal.
Manny: If Hector really is a forty-foot tall robot made out of liquid steel, I’m in big trouble.
Manny: I’d take it home, but it would clash with my GOLD forty-foot statue of Hector.
Manny: Covering that up WOULD help the decor around here.
Manny: What’s Chowchilla Charlie doing here in Hector’s casino?
Manny: I knew that suitcase full of counterfeit tickets wasn’t his!
Manny: He always did love the slots.
Manny: There’s got to be a better way to get him off that stool.
Manny: I wonder if she’s intrigued by my new jaw.
Manny: Here.
Meche: No, I’ve tried already, it’s your turn!
Manny: This is where Hector rips off the people too poor to go upstairs.
Manny: It’s not closing time, why should I cover up the machines?
Manny: Ah, heh, heh! That reminds me of this crazy office halloween party we had once…
Manny: Something strange is going on under that raincoat.
Manny: That’s one dedicated soldier.
Manny: “Men.”
Manny: Hoy! Que alivio!
Manny: I can’t remember the last time I had access to a men’s room.
Manny: I’m okay for now.
Manny: Little tight in the shoulders, but at least it doesn’t reek of sled dog.
Manny: I’m not putting those clothes back on–they stink!
Manny: I’m here to conduct business with Hector LeMans.
Manny: I just spoke with him on the phone, and he’s expecting me.
Brennis: You know Hector LeMans, eh?
Brennis: Hokie-dokie! Then answer me this ONE simple question…
Manny: All right. Let’s go, Buddy.
Brennis: Uh…. okay.
Brennis: How many casinos does Hector LeMans own?
Brennis: How old was Hector LeMans when he stole his first dollar?
Brennis: How many limos does Hector LeMans have in his garage?
Brennis: What is Hector LeMans’ personal record for simultaneous cigar smoking?
Brennis: How many “Stones” might an Englishman say that Hector LeMans weighs?
Brennis: What is the circumference of Hector LeMans’ head, in inches?
Brennis: How many times has Hector LeMans unsuccessfully run for Mayor?
Brennis: How many times has Hector LeMans run for Mayor and won?
Brennis: What are the odds in a million of Hector LeMans’s slot machine paying out?
Brennis: How many days after each dental appointment does Hector LeMans floss his teethses?
Brennis: What is Hector LeMans favorite PRIME number?
Brennis: What is Hector LeMans’ specific gravity, in units of one thousand per?
Brennis: If Hector LeMans were driving a car fifty miles an hour, then what number am I thinking of right now?
Brennis: If Hector LeMans were a cat, how many lives would he have?
Brennis: If you were a cat, how many of you could Hector LeMans fit in his stomach?
Manny: Yes.
Brennis: Yeah, well…
Brennis: …that was an easy one.
Manny: Too bad. I win.
Brennis: Best two out of three.
Manny: Don’t mess with me, I know Hector LeMans.
Manny: What? What kind of question is that?
Brennis: Ooooh, sorry! Ha-ha!
Brennis: I guess you don’t know Hector LeMans like I know Hector LeMans.
Manny: You’re making up these questions.
Brennis: I’m sure it would seem that way to someone…
Manny: Well, here goes nothing!
Hector: Ha ha ha! I knew you could change her m–
Hector: What? Who are YOU?
Manny: I’m the grim–
Manny: Let’s try this one more time.
Hector: You’ll have to wait your turn–I’m in the middle of some very frustrating negotiations here!
Hector: Ahhhh!
Celso: Oh, I wouldn’t talk to him right now…
Celso: He’s mad at us because we won’t buy his tickets
Celso: Mr. LeMans, we’ve decided to take you up on your generous offer.
Hector: Excellent! Excellent!
Hector: The little lady changed your mind, eh?
Celso: No, actually it was your agent over there.
Hector: Well, ah, uh, of…of course, heh, he’s one of my best! Uh-hah-mmm-hmm!
Hector: Well come on in and let’s chat, shall we?
Manny: (sigh)
Manny: Still got it.
Hector: I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know what spell you cast on the Flores couple…
Hector: But stick around…
Hector: Once I’m done with them, there’s something across town I’d like to show you.
Manny: Looks like Celso found his wife after all.
Manny: “Through this dark portal, an innocent man shall pass…
Manny: …and arrive on the other side, innocent still, but colder of heart.”
Manny: I’ll bet Hector pauses here every day, and thinks to himself…
Manny: “Boy I wish I could see past my gut and enjoy my expensive monogrammed floor!”
Manny: No, I’ve come this far. I have to go through with it.
Manny: Celso Flores?
Manny: What are you doing in Hector LeMans’ waiting room?
Celso: Oh, he sent us out here to make up our minds about his offer…
Celso: Who are you, if you don’t mind me asking?
Manny: So, are we ready for our ride on the big train?
Celso: Well…
Manny: I’m your travel agent!
Celso: Oh, I have a travel agent already.
Celso: But he’s miles away mopping floors in an automat, so I suppose the position is open…
Manny: Actually, I work for Hector. He sent me to answer your questions.
Celso: Eh–I’ll handle this my sweet one.
Celso: What can you tell me about these “Double-N” tickets?
Celso: This price seems much more than “double…”
Manny: Do you have any other questions I might be able to help you with?
Celso: We’re just still so concerned about the price of these tickets…
Manny: It’s a scam. The tickets are counterfeit. Take your money and run.
Celso: Ho ho ho!
Celso: Don’t try any of that tricky “reverse psychology” on me, my friend!
Manny: Well, they COST a mint, because they SAVE you a mint.
Celso: Well I don’t HAVE a mint, so what do I care?
Manny: The real question is, don’t you feel that you’re worth it?
Celso: I know WE’RE worth it, but are the TICKETS worth it?
Manny: What exactly are you saving your money for? A rainy day?
Manny: ‘Cuz let me tell you–You’re dead.
Manny: Every day is rainy from now on.
Celso: Yes, but that’s no reason not to be careful with your money!
Manny: Well, enough about you guys, let me tell you about my problems.
Celso: Actually we have a lot of talking we need to do so…
Manny: This makeup breathes about as much as vulcanized rubber!
Celso: Yes, but it brings out your strong jaw.
Manny: I can’t raise my arms in this suit!
Celso: Well, let’s just hope no one pulls a gun on you tonight, huh?
Manny: I just got back from the worst vacation I’ve ever had!
Celso: Actually, I just got back from quite an adventure myself, so…
Manny: Well, I’m sure you’ve seen flying spiders and flaming beavers, but trust me, it gets worse!
Manny: You see, I’ve been to the edge of the world and back…
Celso: I had no idea traveling the Land of the Dead was so fraught with peril!
Manny: Now how much would you pay, just to skip the whole thing?
Celso: Darling, come.
Celso: Let us blow our nest egg, together.
Manny: Okay, I guess you don’t care about my problems.
Celso: Well, it’s not that we don’t care, it’s just that we’re a little busy…
Manny: Is this your wife, Celso?
Celso: Yes, we’ve just returned from a lovely cruise…
Celso: Well, it became lovely once I caught up with you, my little tamale.
Manny: Okay, just let me vent a teeny bit more.
Celso: I really don’t see how that could help us make up our minds…
Manny: Well, if you need more help with your decision, I’ll be around!
Celso: Yes, well, thank you.
Manny: Well, it was going to happen eventually!
Manny: Ay Chihuahua!
Manny: Hello? Pigeons?
Manny: Friends now?
Manny: No, I have to get to that suitcase before the tickets blow away!
Manny: I think using that old gargoyle as a structural support for glamour girl here was a BAD idea.
Manny: It’s cracked, but still stronger than me.
Manny: Well, so much for my third arm.
Manny: It’s sproutella, not spackle!
Manny: They look bony to me, but she probably thinks they’re fat.
Manny: Too steep to climb.
Manny: I bet I could get over to the other roof on the leg of this sign…
Manny: …but the leg’s pointed too far down, and it looks like Hector blew the motor.
Manny: The old place looks deserted inside.
Manny: They’re screwed shut!
Manny: Well, she’s the biggest scarecrow I’ve ever seen, but whatever keeps the pigeons away is fine with me.
Manny: She looks so peaceful…
Limones: Manuel, listen carefully!
Limones: There is a gun in the trunk of this car, but the trunk key is with my body, somewhere in the meadow behind the greenhouse!
Limones: Find it!
Manny: Right!
Limones: And tell Eva that I know she will guide the Alliance wisely when I am gone.
Limones: For when I bite this explosive tooth, the deadly cloud will sprout not just my target…
Limones: …But me as well.
Manny: Your target? What are you–
Olivia: Hey! Get out of there!
Limones: Farewell, my friend!
Olivia: What were you talking about with the HEAD of the L.S.A. in there?
Olivia: Huh, Sal? Got something you want to share with the class?
Limones: Only this…
Olivia: Aaaaaah!
Limones: Aah!
Olivia: Aaaiiie, aaaaahhh!
Manny: It’s amazing how Salvador’s ticket is still drawn to him!
Manny: He truly gave his body to the cause.
Manny: Salvador’s remains can stay right here, where it’s warm.
Manny: Salvador’s ticket still seems to have a lot of kick left.
Manny: It seems to be attracted to something over this way.
Manny: It’s not doing anything now.
Manny: Can’t… unfold it…
Manny: “Liquid Nitrogen — Not to be used on bone.”
Manny: Too weak… to grind…
Manny: Ohhhh…
Manny: Ahhhh…
Manny: Ach!
Manny: Eeeeeh!
Manny: Oh, ohhhhh!
Manny: Gaaah!
Manny: Aaaaaggh!
Manny: Aaah.
Manny: Gracias, Toto Santos!
Manny: Green… spreading…
Manny: So… painful…
Manny: I’d claw it out, but I don’t have the strength.
Olivia: Time for you to swing, Daddy-O.
Olivia: Let’s see you walk.
Manny: These flowers… all people Hector has sprouted?
Olivia: Hey, when you’re on top, like my boyfriend Hector is…
Olivia: You make a lot of enemies.
Olivia: What?
Manny: You know, you have really bad taste in men.
Olivia: No, I have a taste for really bad men…
Olivia: There’s a difference.
Olivia: I thought I told you to scat, man!
Olivia: Look, tiptoe through the tulips already!
Olivia: Hey baby, take all the time you want, but you gotta go face the music sooner or later.
Olivia: Come on, shake it for me, baby!
Olivia: One of you must be mine!
Olivia: Rrrrr.
Hector: Olivia?
Hector: Who’s out there?
Manny: I’m the Grim Reaper, lard-ass!
Manny: And you’re my next customer!
Manny: People who live in glass houses get pretty good at ducking I see!
Manny: You can’t escape the Grim Reaper, Hector!
Manny: Especially not when he’s got a gun!
Manny: That’s for Salvador!
Manny: That’s for my crew on the SS Lola!
Manny: And that’s for LOLA herself!
Hector: Who’s Lola?
Hector: Ha!
Hector: Ho-ho!
Hector: Nice try!
Hector: Shouldn’t you be a patch of posies by now?
Hector: Come on, shorty!
Hector: Over here, Annie Oakley!
Hector: Nice dress, by the way!
Hector: Ah ha!
Hector: Closer!
Hector: You’re on a downhill disadvantage, Manny!
Hector: I’ve got ammo in here for five years!
Hector: Is that your best?
HHector: Eh?
hHector: Ahhh.
hHector: Ahhhhh!
Manny: This must be the key to Salvador’s trunk.
Manny: It only works on Salvador’s trunk, I’ll bet.
Manny: Nothing like the real McCoy.
Manny: After I deal with Hector.
Manny: Well what do you know… Sal had a ticket all along.
Manny: Figures. Doesn’t seem to be one for me.
Manny: I hope the L.S.A. got a good deal on this car!
Manny: I can’t leave until I know Hector is finished.
Manny: Ah yes, LOTS of ammo!
Manny: This must be Hector’s murderous mausoleum.
Manny: He’s a better ducker than I would have imagined.
Manny: This is the way in. I just hope there’s a way out.
Manny: What’s going on in there?
Manny: I’m not going in there until I’m packing some chlorophyll.
Manny: I’m not getting any closer until he runs out of ammo…
Manny: …IF he runs out of ammo, that is.
Manny: Hmmm…Hector supplies water to keep the flowers alive?
Manny: Does he see them as a memorial, or as trophies?
Manny: Not thirsty.
Manny: Hey, how’d you get free?
Chepito: I was born free, Boatnik!
Chepito: Nobody GAVE me no ticket, so nobody can TAKE it away.
Manny: So, what are you pacing around here for?
Chepito: Trying to unwind a little bit–all those years, circling in one direction…
Chepito: Gotta even out my life in this world before I go on to the next, you know!
Chepito: Well that outta do ‘er!
Manny: Good bye, Chepito!
Chepito: Happy trails, Captain.
Chepito: And thanks for settin’ me straight back there in the drink!
Manny: Oh, not again.
Manny: I’d rather reason with him.
Manny: Hey, can I read you this scary note?
Chepito: Whatever!
Chepito: Jumpin’ grunions!
Chepito: I’d get out of here, if I were you!
Manny: I hereby dub thee, “Chepito’s Fountain…”
Manny: In honor of the strange oily film he left upon your waters.
Manny: I could march around in it like Chepito…
Manny: …but I think a better way to even out my life would be to go get those tickets.
Manny: Wow.
Manny: This mural has all the stuff we didn’t put in the brochures.
Manny: I’d rather just buy the postcard in the giftshop.
Manny: I don’t need a map now, I’m here!
Manny: That’s it.
Manny: The portal to the Ninth Underworld.
Manny: I could actually do it.
Manny: I could walk out of this world right now and not look back…
Manny: But I can’t. I can’t do it.
Manny: I’m not leaving without the people I promised to save!
Manny: This is the way out of the train station.
Manny: I’ve got nothing on me.
Manny: [panting] Hey, enough already!
Manny: Give me that!
Glottis: Oh, walk through someone’s campfire?
Manny: I don’t want to talk about it.
Velasco: This going to be an annual thing with you, Manny?
Velasco: Every Day of the Dead, you toss your bones into the drink, and I fish ’em out?
Manny: I don’t plan to be around that long, Velasco.
Manny: As soon as I find out where that ocean liner’s going, I’m after it.
Velasco: Ha-ha! That ship’s going to Puerto Zapato!
Velasco: That’s the other side of the world!
Velasco: There ain’t no ships going out that way but the ol’ Limbo here, but–
Manny: But nothing.
Manny: If the Limbo’s my only hope, then I’m already on board.
Velasco: Weeeeeeeell, good luck, son. That’s all I got to say.
Large hitman: Custom officials! Open this door!
Large hitman: Open this door!
Small hitman: Yeah, we wanna check your bags.
Glottis: Don’t worry, Captain!
Glottis: We’re safe in here.
Large hitman: Okay, let’s just set the explosives and get the Hell out of here!
Glottis: Manny? Is that…
Chepito: THE PEARL!
Chepito: WOOO-EEE!
Manny: Shhh!
Manny: Something’s happening.
Glottis: Manny?
Glottis: What’s going on?
Manny: I don’t know, but I don’t like the way that thing’s looking at us.
Pugsy: Careful, Bibi.
Pugsy: The new boss is waking up.
Manny: Here–what good’s a relationship without trust?
Meche: True. A relationship without trust is about as empty…
Meche: Guess you didn’t realize a smart girl always keeps an extra round in her hat…
Meche: …for mad days.
Meche: Come on, let’s go.
Manny: Meche, you don’t know what yet…
Meche: I know exactly what I’m doing! Now move!
Meche: Now, move!
Manny: Meche, if you’d just liste–
Meche: Enough, Manny!
Manny: Would you just listen to MY escape plan first…
Domino: Trouble in paradise, kids?
Meche: You’re letting us go right now, or your boy Friday here gets it!
Domino: Well, I hate to see you go, Manny, but uh…
Domino: The lady seems to have made up her mind.
Meche: I’m serious, I’ll shoot him.
Domino: Fine!
Domino: He really doesn’t work for me anyway.
Meche: But I thought he–
Meche: I’ll shoot you then.
Domino: No, you won’t.
Domino: You’re too good, remember?
Meche: I’m not!
Meche: I’m not good anymore!
Meche: You’ve taken that out of me, keeping me a prisoner here!
Meche: I’m going to crack you open like a fake Ming vase!
Meche: I’m gonna–
Domino: Ahh…
Domino: Kid’s all right.
Domino: Hahahaha. She’s a firecracker…
Domino: But a night in the cooler usually dampens her fuse.
Manny: Glottis?
Manny: Where did you go this time?
Manny: °Dios mÌo!
Glottis: She’s been…
Manny: Okay, I think I could follow the trail this way, but I need a little light.
Glottis: Hey, what’s that?
Manny: That must be the Florists’ hideout!
Glottis: No, not that–the thing coming at us!
Limones: Hola, Manuel.
Manny: Hmmm.
Manny: No use for it.
Manny: Not picking that up.
Manny: I don’t really want to do that.
Manny: Nah.
Manny: Don’t think so.
Manny: Not portable.
Manny: Mmmm.
Manny: Can’t reach.
Manny: It’s empty.
Manny: It’s locked.
Manny: It won’t budge.
Manny: With what?
Manny: I don’t think that would shed any light on things.
Manny: Nobody there.
Manny: Yeah, right!
Manny: It’s HUGE.
Manny: No.
Manny: That wouldn’t be very nice.
Manny: That’s against the Reaper’s code.
Manny: I would, but it’s full.
Manny: I don’t need the hernia.
Manny: Not moving any furniture today.
Manny: Not right now.
Manny: Not while he’s watching
Manny: Rather not.
Manny: That would probably get me court-martialed!
Manny: That’s not how you use one of those.
Manny: Now, that WOULD be something!
Manny: I don’t have a pocket big enough for this!
Manny: I left my tow truck back in my other suit.
Manny: I don’t need one of those.
Manny: If I touched that stuff, I’d end up with morning glory mittens.
Manny: Done that already.
Manny: Already got some.
Manny: Don’t need it.
Manny: That soul has already been reaped.
Manny: Demons can’t be reaped.
Manny: It’s attached pretty well.
Manny: That’s as far as it goes.
Manny: It’s bolted down.
Manny: It’s open.
Manny: It’s closed.
Manny: It’s a ladder.
Manny: We’re underwater–we’re not on the moon.
Manny: That’s the way out.
Manny: The elevator’s already on this floor.
Manny: Sorry for the wait, Mr. Flores.
Manny: I am ready to take you now.
Celso: Take me? Take me where?
Manny: Now, now…
Manny: There’s no need to be nervous.
Celso: N-nervous? N-no… I-i-it’s just your appearance… It’s, well, a little intimidating…
Manny: Intimidating? Me? But I’m your friend! My name’s Manny Calavera. I’m your new travel agent!
Celso: I don’t want a new travel agent. I want to go home.
Manny: Ha Ha! You can’t go home, Celso. You’re dead. But you’re not alone…
Manny: Everybody here is just as dead as you.
Manny: That’s why we call it the “Land of the Dead.”
Manny: Are you ready for your big journey?
Celso: No!
Celso: What journey?
Manny: The Four-Year Journey of the Soul. It is quite a big trip. And I can’t lie to you, Celso.
Manny: It could be very, very dangerous.
Manny: Unless…you were to take that money you were buried with and buy a better travel package from us!
Manny: I mean, wouldn’t you rather cross the Land of the Dead in your own sports car? Maybe try a luxury ocean cruise? Or, if you led a very good life, you may even be eligible for a ticket on the Number Nine itself!
Celso: The Number Nine?
Manny: That’s our top-of-the-line express train. It shoots straight to the Ninth Underworld, the Land of Eternal Rest, in four minutes instead of four years. But very few people qualify. Let’s take a look at your records.
Manny: Hmmm?
Manny: Hmmm… Well, the bad news is the train appears to be just out of your reach. But I still got a coupla tricks up my sleeve here…
Manny: Mmm-hmmm… Yah-ha. Yes… That’s the ticket…
Manny: …the “EXCELSIOR LINE”!
Manny: Yes, she’s a beauty. That compass in the handle will sure come in handy, too…
Manny: Oh, you’re going to have a great trip. Wish I was going!
Celso: Why don’t you? You could give me a lift.
Manny: Oh, I can’t leave here until I’ve worked off a little debt to the powers that be…
Celso: Community service, eh?
Celso: Well, I guess there are some folks worse off than me.
Manny: Oh, I’ll be leaving here soon enough!
Manny: No thanks to dead-end, no-commission, low-life cases like yours, menso.
Eva: Hey, Manny. The boss told me to tell you not to leave early tonight. He wants to talk to you about something when he gets back from his trip.
Manny: Tell Don not to worry…
Manny: …I’m not going anywhere.
Manny: Especially not with clients like that!
Manny: Where do they get these guys? They don’t qualify for anything good, so I can’t sell anything good, can’t work off my time, and I’m stuck. Stuck selling walking sticks to a bunch of burros for eternity.
Manny: I need better clients. I need a real saint. I need a lead on a rich, dead saint.
Manny: Eva, you gotta give this thing one more go for me.
Eva: All right, but he sounds pretty madÖ
Eva: Mr. Copal? Mr. Calavera has somethin’ out here that he says he needs your signature on–
Copal: Ah, cripes, Eva! Just sign it yourself, will ya? I’m busy!
Eva: You’ll have to excuse him, Manny. It’s probably a really hard crossword puzzle he’s got in there today.
Manny: Eva, I’m impressed.
Manny: I had no idea you had this kind of power.
Eva: Well, we all have our secrets.
Glottis: Gdak. Gahh. Ahh. Nuhh.
Glottis: Hey, I look good in this, don’t I? Heh heh.
Manny: Yeah, well, they say black is slimming…
Glottis: I’m drivin’! Yeah! I’m drivin’! RrrrrrrrmmmmmmAahaha!
Glottis: Brrrrrrr!
Manny: Por favor.
Manny: …but we offer several travel package upgrades if you’d care to–
Bruno: Cut the yap. I want something cheap where I can get some rest, and that’s it.
Manny: Ay ay ay.
Glottis: You know, Manny, I could make this car a little faster. If you wanted…
Manny: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
Glottis: Oh yeah, slam the front into the weeds, tub the rear end, dual blowers poppin’ outta the hood!
Glottis: Wah-wah-wah-wah-WAAAAAH! Wah-wah-wah-wah-WAAAAAAAAHAAAAHHH!
Manny: You’ll get plenty of rest this way, Mr. Martinez, and you’ll be safely padded by the foam created when these two chemicals mix, like this.
Bruno: Uh, on second thought, I wanna upgrade my package!
Manny: Sorry, Bruno, but you didn’t qualify for anything better.
Manny: But here, have this complimentary mug!
Bruno: No! Wait! Can’t you find me something where I can move my legs?
Manny: You know I’d like to, Bruno…
Manny: …but my boss is a real hard-ass.
Copal: I gotta be a hard-ass when I got lazy sickle-wavers like THIS jolly boy working for me! Manny, you couldn’t find a sale at a yacht club!
Manny: I got a sale right here!
Copal: I’m talkin’ PREMIUM sales, Calavera! Like the kind Domino makes!
Manny: How am I supposed to make premium sales with the scumbag clients you’re sending me?
Bruno: Hey!
Copal: Now you’re blamin’ the clients? I’ve had it with you, Manny! If you haven’t bagged a premium before the next sales report comes in, you’re out!
Bruno: Who you callin’ a scumbag? Why, I oughta–
Manny: Glottis! Are you loco? What got into you? That was a company car!
Glottis: Oh yeah! And it’s even better company now! Hop in! Yeeeeaha! Woo!
Manny: Buenos dÌas.
Meche: You’re not the nurse.
Manny: No.
Meche: You’re not here to give me my medication?
Manny: No, but I am here to ease your pain.
Meche: Guess they couldn’t save me, eh?
Manny: No, but there’s still a chance you could save me.
Copal: Hey! Funny Bones! In my office! Now!
Copal: You VANDALIZED company property in order to obtain SECRET INFORMATION so you could take your ILLEGALLY MODIFIED company car and your UNREGISTERED DRIVER and run Domino here off the road–
Copal: –all in order to steal a client from her legitimate agent!
Manny: There’s nothing legitimate about this place. You give all the good clients to Domino.
Domino: Manny, now I’m embarrassed for you.
Copal: You’ve embarrassed the whole office. I’m going to call the woman in here so you can apologize to her yourself.
Copal: Eva, send in Ms. Colomar, please.
Eva: She left about fifteen minutes ago, sir. She said she had a long walk ahead of her and she wanted to get started.
Copal: Walking? She had a ticket on the Number Nine! Why does she think she has to walk?
Manny: That’s the best package I could find for her…
Copal: That woman was a saint and a shoe-in for a Double-N ticket that she’s not going to get because YOU…
Copal: …just couldn’t find it! And now, because of your little stunt, she’s out there…
Copal: …on her own…
Copal: …walking by herself through the Petrified Forest, facing the demons of the underworld alone and unprotected.
Copal: Get in there and stay put until the boys downtown tell us what they want done with ya. Someone’s gonna take the fall for this, Calavera, and it ain’t gonna be me!
Manny: I’m going to blow the lid off this place!
Limones: Young man, you are an enemy of the Department of Death!
Limones: Salvador Limones and guest.
Manny: Where are you taking me?
Limones: To the headquarters of the LSA.
Manny: LSA?
Limones: The Lost Souls’ Alliance. We’re a small group, Manuel, but we’re always looking for new soldiers.
Manny: To do what, exactly?
Limones: We need help in our intelligence unit. You know Eva, of course.
Limones: I was once a reaper like yourself, Manuel. But I uncovered a web of corruption in our beloved Department of Death.
Limones: I have reason to believe that the Bureau of Acquisitions is cheating the very souls it was chartered to serve.
Manny: What’s your evidence?
Limones: That’s where you come in, Manuel. Or should I call you “Agent Calavera”?
Manny: “Manny” suits me fine. I’m not looking to join any military organization, Sal. I just want my job back so I can work off my time and get out of this dump.
Limones: Well, you won’t even be able to get out of this city without my help. Which means, of course, you won’t be able to find that woman, and you’ll never get your job back.
Limones: You must go to the town of Rubacava, my friend, if you want to find your lost soul.
Manny: How do YOU know where she is?
Limones: I don’t. But everyone who wants to get to the Ninth Underworld must cross the Sea of Lament, and therefore must go to Rubacava to get passage on a ship. As long as you get there before she does, you’ll find her, but it may be quite a wait.
Manny: I’ll wait as long as it takes.
Limones: Manuel? Are you…
Limones: …in love with her?
Manny: Love? Love is for the living, Sal. I’m only after her for one reason…
Manny: …she’s my ticket out of here.
Domino: Mr. LeMans, I assure you the missing woman will be found. I will personally track her down myself.
Hector: Just like you personally picked her up from the Land of the Living?
Domino: That was my intention, but Agent Calavera somehow got to her first.
Hector: We gave you the fastest car, Domino. We gave you all the best clients. You had all the advantages, so how was this Calavera able to sneak in there and eat your lunch?
Copal: Oh, now Hector, you can’t get too mad at Domino. That wasn’t his fault–
Hector: Oh, I can, Don. You should know I CAN get too mad. But not at Domino. After all, he wasn’t in charge of this operation.
Hector: At least, not until now.
Copal: Hector! No!
Copal: Agggggggk!
Hector: Marigolds… Hm. Funny…
Hector: For some reason, I was expecting tulips. Well, maybe Mr. Calavera, eh, Domino? Why don’t you personally go down to the basement and escort him up here? The sooner he’s sprouted and we can get back to business, the better.
Manny: (Panting) Hey, enough already!
Glottis: Oh? Walk through someone’s campfire? Ha ha!
Manny: I don’t want to talk about it.
Glottis: Manny, until now we scraped along the ground like rats, but from now on, we soar! Like eagles! Yeah! LIKE EAGLES…ON…POGO STICKS!!!
Manny: What a relief. I was getting concerned that our transportation wasn’t ostentatious enough.
Glottis: Get in! Or are you afraid of heights?
Manny: No, just motion sickness.
Glottis: Hello?
Glottis: Ms. Colomar!
Glottis: We’re here to save you!
Manny: Hey, lay off the racket! The whole town’s asleep!
Glottis: But I wanna drag race! When they get a load o’ my car, we’re gonna be the talk of the town! Heh.
Manny: You’re right. We’re gonna have to find a good place to hide that road show.
Manny: Speaking of hiding, I wonder if Meche’s here already? I’m gonna go see what I can stir up. Not a bad piece of real estate, actually. It’s got potential…
Manny: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Velasco: Ohhh, tourists!
Velasco: You gotta watch your step around here, stranger. Rubacava ain’t the quaint little port town she used to be.
Velasco: Wwwweeell-hell-hell. Looks like there’s a new vessel in town. Pardon me whilst I go check her out!
Lupe: Hey, Boss! You gonna come downstairs? I got a customer asking for ya.
Manny: You know I don’t like to mingle with the customers.
Lupe: Well, you may wanna mingle with this one.
Manny: Meche?
Meche: Manny. Help me. I’ve been lost for so long, why didn’t you look for me?
Manny: I did! You ran off!
Manny: Why?
Meche: Because you said I was no good. I’ve been all alone in the world for a whole year…
Velasco: This going to be an annual thing with you, Manny? Every Day of the Dead, you toss your bones into the drink, and I fish ’em out? Hmph.
Manny: I don’t plan to be around that long, Velasco. As soon as I find out where that ocean liner’s going I’m after it.
Velasco: Ha! That ship’s going to Puerto Zapato! That’s the other side of the world! There ain’t no ships going out that way but the ol’ Limbo hereÖ
Velasco: …but–
Manny: But nothing. If the Limbo’s my only hope, then I’m already on board.
Velasco: Weeeeeeell, good luck, son. That’s all I got to say. Ho ho! Ha ha ha ha!
Manny: Lola? What are you doing here? This crowd doesn’t go much for souvenir pictures. Except, maybe of LeninÖ
Lola: Shhh! Manny, I’m on a stakeout! I’m gonna prove to Maximino once and for all that Olivia’s no good for him.
Manny: Still hung up on Max, eh? Take my advice, Angel. Forget about him. He’s a gambling racketeer–
Lola: Ha ha. Like you?
Manny: Oh, that hurts, baby.
Lola: Shhh! Here they come!
Virago: Come on, sugar. A kiss for the road.
Olivia: Oh, ick. Don’t let me down, Nick. You’re a lawyer. You’re not supposed to have feelings.
Virago: I don’t but I know a good tort when I see one.
Virago: Hey!
Virago: If Maximino sees that, we’re gonna end up in matching terracotta pots!
Olivia: Don’t be silly.
Olivia: He wouldn’t hurt me.
Olivia: He LOVES me.
Toto: [Hey! Hold still!] Hold still!
Toto: What are you? DEAD! Ach!
Toto: What kind of sailor are you–OOF!–Can’t handle booze, huh?
Toto: Velasco? Toto! I got your boy Naranja here.
Toto: M.I.A, he is? Well, he sober up, I send him to Limbo. Yeah, yeah-he’ll make it there by morning. Promise!
Velasco: Ah, what?
Membrillo: Naranja.
Velasco: What? How? Ö Sprouted? But – Ah this town’s going to Hell! Sailor can’t even take a two-day shore leave without watching his backÖ Yeah, yeah. I’ll come down in the morning.
Velasco: (sighs)
Manny: I think these are the words you’re looking for.
Terry: …who will stop the fat cats of industry from building these ships with the pollen of the exploited working class?
Sea bees: Yeah! … sick ‘n’ tired … Yeah! … no more … Yeah! Yeah!
Terry: I say we fight back!
Sea bees: Yeah! … sick ‘n’ tired … Yeah! … no more … Yeah! Yeah!
Bogen: Hmmmm. What’s this? Maybe a bee agitator?
Terry: I say lay down your tools right now and show the man just who makes the honey around here!
Bogen: That does it!
Sea bees: (crowd chants “Union” over and over)
Bogen: You know, I always thought bees came in two colors: yellow and black. But you look all red to me, my friend.
Terry: Ah! Hey! What are you doing? We’ve got the right to assemble peacefully!
Bogen: Good. You’re going to need a lot of assembly after we take you apart, comrade.
Terry: Manny! Get me a lawyer! Get me a lawyer!
Sea bees: (grumble)
Manny: Bogen? That’s gonna make it tough to spring the kid and get him back out here…
Lola: MannyÖ
Manny: Lola?
Lola: Careful, Manny. You may not wanna see me like this…
Manny: Lola! Did Nick do this to you?
Lola: Yeah, he wanted that picture real bad. But he’s never gonna find it, that fink.
Manny: I’ll get him, Lola. I’ll show Max the picture for you and fix Nick for good. Just tell me where you hid it.
Lola: Oh, Manny, it’s all my fault. Always fallin’ for the wrong guys. Y’know, I even had a thing for you once. But you were so hung up on that Meche woman, I…I figured I didn’t have a chance.
Manny: Lola, where’s the picture?
Lola: Tell me, Manny. Would I have had a chance?
Lola: Never mind.
Lola: J-just warn Olivia for me. Tell her to improve her taste in men or she’ll end up just like me. Tell her to get a nice guy, Manny, like you…
Manny: Lola! Lola!
Manny: Look what I found at the photo finish boothÖ
Manny: Looks like “Naughty Kitten” and “Bad Tom Cat” are neck-and-neckÖ
Virago: What do you want?
Manny: I want to tell you a sad story of a young man, unjustly imprisoned, merely for speaking his mindÖ
Terry: It’s time to shake up the hive!
Virago: I guess our business is settled.
Manny: Almost.
Virago: What? Was that for the photo girl?
Manny: No. That was just for being you.
Croupier: Fourteen! Fourteen is the winner!
Croupier: Le quatorze! NumÈro quatorze est le gagnant!
Bogen: I think you mean two, am I correct?
Croupier: Eh, no monsieur. Fourteen is the winner.
Bogen: I think you’ve made a mistake.
Croupier: I’m sorry, sir. Fourteen is the winning number. Better luck next time, eh?
Bogen: That does it! That Calavera’s getting too big for his britches. I don’t like raiding businesses, and shutting them down, but someone’s got to teach Manuel a lesson in law and order.
Bogen: This way, back here. Open those paddy wagons up and start filling them. And somebody find Calavera. I want to interrogate him personally!
Glottis: Hey, come on! You gotta let me back in! I’M A VIP!
Manny: Does that stand for Very Inebriated Pianist?
Glottis: Aw, Manny. I don’t want to be a pianist anymore. I’m a mechanic!
Manny: I know. That’s why I got you a new job. Come on, let’s go pick up your tools.
Glottis: And I can do whatever I want to the engine? Make it faster?
Velasco: Sure, but you’ll be plenty busy just keeping her afloat.
Manny: Thanks for the gig. And for not asking too many questions.
Velasco: Hell, after what happened to Naranja, I can see why you’d leave town. Let’s just hope I don’t have to go fishin’ ya out of the drink again.
Manny: I’ll stay under next time, I promise.
Ensign Arnold: Captain? Captain Calavera?
Manny: Puerto Zapato, sailor! We’re here at last! Beautiful port, isn’t she?
Ensign Arnold: Yessir! There’s some customs officials down below, sir. They want to search the ship.
Manny: Fine, fine. We’ve got nothing to hide, eh?
Manny: No skeletons in OUR closets! Haha!
Ensign Arnold: Yessir!
Manny: Secure the bow, boys! Like a rock this time!
Limones: Manuel–
Manny: Salvador?
Small hitman: Hey! He’s back here!
Large hitman: Sack him!
Large hitman: Customs officials! Open this door!
Small hitman: Yeah, we wanna check your bags.
Glottis: Don’t worry, Manny. We’re safe in here.
Large hitman: Okay, let’s just set the explosives and get the Hell out of here.
Manny: Just a little farther, Glottis!
Glottis: Grrkpt! Manny!
Manny: Now, just act like a calm person until I figure out what to do hereÖ
Chepito: Ah! I’m being mugged! Uh, uh. Take my wallet! Just don’t hurt me!
Manny: All we’re gonna take is a little hike.
Glottis: Where to?
Manny: The Pearl.
Glottis: Is that it?
Manny: It must be.
Chepito: Hoo-wee! Let’s take it! We’re RICH!
Manny: Shhh! Something’s happening.
Glottis: Manny? What’s going on?
Chepito: Ahh! Lemme go!
Chepito: Aaah! My eyebrows are going native! This rock’s trying to pluck my barnacles!
Chepito: Aaaah, oooh, hey that’s my barnacle.
Chepito: Let go of that.
Chepito: Hey leave me alone.
Chepito: Stop it.
Chepito: Let me go!
Manny: She’s coming back.
Glottis: Let’s hide in here.
Manny: Looks like we’re heading south.
Glottis: But there’s nothing on that edge of the world. Except…
Manny: The edge!
Glottis: Manny?
Manny: Don’t ask buddy, because I don’t know.
Manny: Meche!
Meche: Manny! What are you doing here?
Manny: I wanted to see how your trip was going, Angel. I am your travel agent, you know. By the way, thanks for that bottle of champagne you sent me. It really hit the spot.
Meche: You were headed for a trap, I was trying to warn you. Domino was using me like bait. I didn’t want you to end up a prisoner here like me.
Manny: Prisoner? Where’s your cell? Or are you just sharing a bunk with the warden?
Meche: If that’s what you think of me…
Meche: Then why did you come here?
Domino: Because this is where he belongs.
Domino: Here. Working for me.
Domino: I knew you’d come around eventually. Right or wrong, Manuel Calavera is always with the winning team, right, Manny? That’s why you’re here now.
Manny: I’m getting off this rock, and I’m taking all of these people with me.
Domino: Hahahahaha! Manny, there’s no way off this island. I’m afraid you’re stuck here in my little executive training program. See, I need you to take my place here, kid. I’ve got to get back to the city where the action is.
Glottis: Sorry, Manny, but I had to come in. My skin was getting all pruney.
Domino: Him, I don’t need.
Manny: I’m gonna grind you to powder for that, cabrÛn.
Domino: Maybe later…
Domino: But for now, let me just show you your new office.
Manny: Oof.
Glottis: Yeaaaaahaha!
Manny: I can’t believe you got it to float. Incredible! Ha ha ha!
Glottis: That was the easy part. The trick’s gonna be bustin’ through that big coral reef out there!
Manny: Bust through a big coral reef, eh? HmmmÖ
Manny: Well, it just so happens I’ve got some hardware up the beach you might be interested inÖ
Manny: Works like crazy! Full speed ahead!
Domino: What?
Meche: So, are you really going to bring me back and try to get your old job again?
Manny: There’s no job for me now, except to bring you and everyone else here to the end of the road.
Meche: But if you aren’t going to use me to get your job back, why did you spend all this time trying to find me?
Manny: Meche, I…
Manny: …I needed to find you.
Domino: I give you ONE job, Manny!
Manny: Ooof.
Domino: And look at you, already screwin’ it up!
Domino: I suppose you realize that this IS gonna go down on your permanent record…
Domino: I don’t BELIEVE you, Calavera…
Domino: You’re losing a fight so you pick on one of my pets???
Domino: Why aren’t you more like me, Manny? I’ve been tryin to show you how, but you don’t listen. If you’d just adopt the proper attitude…
Domino: …just look what could happen to you!
Domino: Ahhhh!
Gate keeper: Name?
Pugsy: Pugsy Peligiano, sir.
Gate keeper: Hmmm. Waiting room number two. NEXT!
Glottis: Oooooh…
Manny: Glottis? Glottis? øEst·s bien?
Manny: Hey. Where is everybody?
Gate keeper: Waiting area two.
Manny: How long do they have to wait in there?
Gate keeper: Until they have tickets. They were issued tickets on the Number Nine and they don’t have them now. The punishment for selling Double-N tickets is VERY severe.
Manny: But they didn’t sell their tickets, their tickets were stolen!
Gate keeper: By who?
Manny: Hector LeMans stole them to sell to rich people who don’t deserve them.
Gate keeper: That might be them now. Let’s see just what they deserve.
Manny: What the–
Gate keeper: THEY didn’t have tickets either. Not real ones, anyway.
Manny: Fake tickets? That’s why Hector’s been hoarding all those counterfeit tickets! He’s selling them in place of the real thing. But then that means he must still have the real onesÖ
Manny: Bruno? Bruno Martinez?
Bruno: YOU! You were the guy who packed me in there! You could have at least given me a magazine! Four years with nothing to read but this damn mug!
Bruno: I’m getting out of here. This world’s for suckers.
Mechanic 1: We shoot you now like an arrow into the wind. May you pierce the heart of the wind itself and drink the blood of flight.
Mechanic 2: Speed is the food of the Great Glottis!
Mechanic 1: Speed bring you life.
Mechanic 2: Come back to us someday!
Meche: You sure this thing’s going to hold together?
Manny: Uh, at least most of the way. Hey, look! We’re already to Rubacava!
Glottis: Oh…Manny? MANNY? Manny, where are you?
Glottis: Ah, Rubacava! Whatta town! Remember the glory days, Manny?
Manny: Long gone, my friend. There’s nothing here for us now.
Glottis: Except maybe our old car?
Glottis: Alright! Time to suck up some road!
Olivia: If you’re going after Hector LeMans, then I’m coming along.
Meche: You can share a seat with me.
Meche: I think.
Manny: Looks like Hector’s taken over the whole town.
Olivia: He hasn’t had much resistance. There’s only one small group who oppose him, and they live out on the fringes of the city.
Manny: Places like this, you mean?
Meche: I hope they’re not hurting Glottis.
Olivia: Ha! Shows what you know about this group! Their leader is a great man who–
Limones: Manuel Calavera. We meet again. I see you have found what you were looking for. How fortunate for you to arrive now just as we, too, are about to achieve success.
Unicycle man: Trap! It was a trap!
Limones: Stand back! There’s only one thing to do.
Limones: What did you say about a trap?
Unicycle man: Hector uncovered our agent in his weapons lab.
Limones: No!
Hector: You idiot, Bowlsley! Your new lab assistant is a SPY!
Hector: Haven’t you ever heard of a BACKGROUND CHECK!
Manny: What?
Limones: No time to explain. Now I’ll have to take matters into my own hands…
Olivia: Take me with you. I’ve longed to be of service to your cause for years.
Bowlsley: Huh?
Bowlsley: One of Hector’s messengers…
Bowlsley: W-w-with a m-m-message for me?
Bowlsley: “I know what you’re up to. I’ve been watching? I’m coming to sprout you myself?!? Yours truly, Hector LeMans!” I knew it!!!
Bowlsley: I knew he was out to get me the whole time.
Bowlsley: You’ll never find my secret hideout, Hector. You’re going to have to find yourself another florist!
Hector: YOU! Are you the one who cracked the Flores couple just now?
Manny: Wish you could have seen it. It was old school all the way.
Hector: Stay put. I’ve got to get a couple signatures, but then I want you to take a little trip with me across town.
Hector: Am I talking about just a job here? Or am I talking about opportunity, in the general sense?
Hector: This could be your office.
Hector: Here. Try this on. See how it feels. That’s yours too.
Hector: And, as an added bonus…
Hector: Two percent of these, Mr. uh…
Manny: My name’s Calavera, and I want a bigger cut.
Hector: Hm-mm-mm,huh,uh,ah,oh, but Mr. Calavera… I’m going to need most of these to get myself out of this world. You see, I’ve been a very bad boy. Ha ha!
Manny: I’m going to deliver those tickets to their rightful owners…
Manny: …and I’m going to deliver you to the compost pile.
Manny: That one must be yours.
Glottis: Don’t forget to send for help!
Meche: Ahhhhhhhh!
Manny: Ay! Run! Find Salvador!
Olivia: Get in, quick!
Manny: We were supposed to have coverage back there! Where are all of Salvador’s men?
Olivia: I don’t know.
Olivia: He hasn’t told me yet.
Olivia: Time for you to swing, Daddy-O. Let’s see you walk.
Hector: She loves me…
Hector: …she loves me not…
Manny: Well, you’re half right.
Hector: Oh Manny… so cynical… What happened to you, Manny, that caused you to lose your sense of hope, your love of life?
Manny: I died.
Hector: I see, hm-mm, I guess Domino was right, you don’t have a shred of optimism.
Manny: Well, when it comes to shreds, Dom is the expert.
Hector: And by that same logic, Manny, you’re about to become an expert in botany.
Manny: Is this where you tell me all about your secret plan, Hector? How you stole Double-N tickets from innocent souls, pretended to sell them but really hoarded them all for yourself in a desperate attempt to get out of the Land of the Dead?
Hector: No.
Hector: Hee-ah, huh, uh, huh…This is where you writhe around in excruciating pain for about an hour because that idiot Bowlsley ran off with all the fast-acting Sproutella.
Hector: Manny? Where are you going? You’ve got some time, you know, before you have to…leave. Ha ha ha!
Meche: You can count ’em if you want. They’re all here.
Gate keeper: How about yours?
Manny: The company gave me one on the other end; sort of a retirement present. And, uh…
Manny: Demons ride free, right?
Glottis: Aw, Manny. You know I can’t go with ya. I’m a spirit of the land and all that. I can’t ever leave this world.
Manny: I guess I got so wrapped up in saving people, I just assumed I’d be able to save you, too.
Glottis: Yeah, but I…I don’t need to be saved. I like it here. I’m not all alone in that basement anymore, thanks to you. I got a new job, and all these new friends. I’m a big demon success story.
Manny: So…I guess this is it, then?
Manny: Oooof!
Glottis: C’mere. Gimme a hug.
Manny: Mmmf frm mrff mrf oof!
Meche: Manny?
Manny: Yeah?
Meche: When we get to the next world…
Manny: What is it, Angel?
Meche: Are we going to be together?
Manny: You know, sweetheart, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: nobody knows what’s gonna happen at the end of the line, so you might as well enjoy the trip.
Toto: Hey! Shut door! You slow down my grinder, very painful! Very painful, eh Naranja? Like torture, Hehehe…hehe?
Toto: Shut the damn door! Nothing to eat in there! You will want a snack, go get mother!
Toto: Stay out of my fridge! [Don’t make me come in there and kick your ass!]
Toto: I kill you!
Toto: Eh? Who is over there?
Toto: [What the hell?] Look! You broke it.
Toto: Now it won’t shut.
Toto: When I am done with Naranja here, I am going to tattoo big, floppy ears on the side of your head so people will know what a jackass you are!
Toto: (busy, dismissive grunt)
Toto: Argh. Not now, Manny. I’m in the middle of something with Naranja here.
Toto: I told you Calavera, not now.
Toto: You push me to edge, Calavera!
Toto: Why are you down here, anyway?
Toto: Ah, get lost!
Toto: Don’t you have some fancy club to run someplace?
Toto: Go mark some cards or something.
Toto: Shut up!
Toto: Yeah, I got to remember to get more liquid nitrogen from morgue.
Toto: Freeze the bones, less painful that way.
Toto: You got plenty of pain killer in that bottle of yours, so shut up and hold still!
Toto: I kill the pain. Turn off my drill, stop working. How about that?
Toto: I’ll ‘pop’ you, sailor-boyÖ
Toto: You need to hold still, or I need to strap you down.
Toto: Put that crazy blade away. No room in here for that kind of thing!
Toto: What is that? Am I being inspected? Are you with the health department or something? Go away. I pay my money this month.
Toto: Not impressed.
Toto: Too big — Take off the whole arm. Only do that if design turns out bad.
Toto: Ha! Communism is dead!
Toto: But at least there was a time when “I” worked! Eh? Ha ha ha!
Toto: What? Are you trying to sell me something?
Toto: Hmmm. I haven’t had a good piece of Lengua since you shut Rub-A-Mat down! (sigh) You and your fancy food, (muttering off) with the parsley and the foil swansÖ
Toto: Manny, do you mind? Artist at work here, eh?
Toto: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That is what I told him.
Toto: Are you kidding me?
Toto: I gave him the idea in first place!
Toto: Ah, tiger can’t change his stripes.
Toto: So you still going to go?
Toto: Hey, listen to me–you’ve got to take care of yourself.
Toto: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Toto: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Toto: Sure.
Toto: Sure, of course. I understand.
Toto: Definitely.
Toto: Mmmm-hmmmm. Mmmm-hmmm.
Toto: You said that?
Toto: You’ve got guts!
Toto: Yeah, but I wouldn’t exactly call that ‘quality time.’
Toto: So, what happened after dinner?
Toto: Ah-ha. Ah-ha.
Toto: Oh, you’re kidding me!
Toto: Oh, I don’t believe it.
Toto: What about kids?
Toto: That is just crying shame.
Toto: Well, if you didn’t tell me someone else would.
Toto: I’d tell you, but I cannot.
Toto: Someone else is here.
Toto: Let’s just say it is bad.
Toto: Yes. Yes. Tears were shed.
Toto: No, no, go…go ahead. Tell me the whole thing. I am listening.
Toto: Uh, hang on second.
Toto: AH AH AH! Get away from that!
Toto: No, no! What are you thinking?
Toto: Reach for that again, and you will pull back a stump!
Toto: You mean, besides the song, and the poem, and the bar, and the statue by that name?
Toto: Sure! It is one of my most famous designs! Here, I show you!
Toto: Let’s seeÖ uh, number thirtyÖ ah, thirty-six. Here. HeyÖ what is this?
Toto: Kissy people?
Toto: Oh, oh, yeah. Lola was here. Sweet girl. Like daughter to me. Tell her Papa Toto say hello.
Toto: Zzzzzzzz.
Toto: Zzzzzzzz.
Toto: Zzzzzzzz.
Toto: ÖHold stillÖ
Toto: Östop movingÖ
Toto: Öcolor cost moreÖ
Toto: Ödoesn’t hurtÖ
Toto: Öquit whiningÖ
Toto: Öshut your holeÖ
Toto: ÖI kill youÖ
Toto: ÖI “am”Ö I “am” an artistÖ
Toto: Öyou “asked” for bunnyÖ
Toto: Önot my faultÖ
Toto: Öyour mother will love itÖ
Toto: ÖLolaÖ
Manny: Hola, Toto. øCÛmo est·s?
Manny: What’s that you’re working on there?
Manny: Caterpillar?
Manny: A mouse?
Manny: A caterpillar eating a mouse?
Manny: Is that a shoe?
Manny: Is that supposed to be a bunny?
Manny: Looks good, whatever it is.
Manny: I think that art class has really helped.
Manny: Keep up the good work.
Manny: Can I try it for a while?
Manny: Missed a spot.
Manny: I can’t really make it out, but it looks like my parents fighting.
Manny: I think I hear you grinding your teeth. You really shouldn’t do that.
Manny: I’m thinking about heading out for donuts. Want anything?
Manny: It’s a little cabinet.
Manny: It’s empty.
Manny: Liquid nitrogen?
Manny: Strong stuff. That oughta kill the pain.
Manny: That’s one old fridge.
Manny: Nothin’ in there but stains.
Manny: Looks like a lettuce crisper.
Manny: Ö”smells” more like a “fungus” crisper to me, though.
Manny: Lot of stains for a guy with no bodily fluids.
Manny: I really doubt I’ll be touching that any time soon.
Manny: Oooh, that reminds me. I forgot about my date with Inez!
Manny: Hello, operator?
Manny: Yeah, it’s me baby. How’d you know?
Manny: Hey, don’t say that sweetheart. You know I meant to stop by–
Manny: I’m more happy about leaving town every minute.
Manny: I think I’ll stay off the phone for a while. Just until Inez calms down.
Manny: Doesn’t look like YOU’LL be showing up to work in the morning.
Manny: Let’s see what you got on ya sailor.
Manny: HmmmÖ
Manny: Seaman Anselmo Naranja. Ensign, third class.
Manny: So are we.
Manny: Never get “me” under that thing.
Manny: This mean anything to you?
Manny: Yes.
Manny: My friend Lola left that here for me.
Manny: Sure thing.
Manny: I’m sick of waiting around for a good lead, like it’s going to fly in here tied to a brick.
Manny: It’s time to TAKE one.
Bruno: MrmrMRRmr! MrmrMRRmr! MrmrMRRmr! MRR! MrmrMRRmr!
Lupe: She sounds like your type.
Unicycle man: Thank you, sir! You have saved me, but more than that, you have enabled me to continue to serve the movement.
Olivia: (gasp)
Toto: [Lola….]
Manny: (panting)
Manny: Dios mÌo.
Glottis: Whooooaaaa!…Ooof!….Ugh.
Glottis: Aw, man.
Manny: Amor.
Eva: Manny.
Manny: Ay, Chihuahua!
Manny: Ooomph.
Glottis: Whoop! Waaaaaaaaaa!
Manny: Ugh!
Manny: Aggk!
Manny: Aggh!
Manny: Argh!
Manny: Ughh!
Manny: Ogh!
Manny: (panting)
Manny: Oof!
Glottis: Wooooo-hoo!
Manny: Hmmmm… øQuÈ es esto?
Manny: Domino!
Copal: Now you see why I give all the good clients to Domino!
Limones: Welcome to the club!
Olivia: Manny! At last we’re alone. Tell me, how are the bourgeoisie?
Toto: [Wake up!] Wake up! I don’t work on drunks! [Idiot!]
Toto: [Think you’re not paying me, you’re crazy]
Membrillo: All day long, Manny, I sort through pure sadness. I find evidence, and I piece together stories. But none of my stories end well — they all end here. And the moral of every story is the same: We may have years, we may have hours, but sooner of later, we push up flowers.
Terry: ‘The workers shall control the means of production…’ The workers…. shall control the means of production! Yes! That’s it! That’s what I’ve been trying to say!
Manny: …good thing I know a lawyer who owes me a favor.
Manny: I’ll let you know when I think of it. Better stick around.
Maximino: Raided? How long they going to close it for? Ah. Yeah, you better cut off the big guy’s credit, then. Yeah, yeah. Throw the drunk out on his big orange butt, and bring me Calavera so we can talk about his debt.
Limones: I hope this very urgent message gets to you in time. Our man in Zapato says Ms. Colomar never made it to the port. It’s said she threw herself overboard at the Pearl.
Manny: I don’t know, but I don’t like the way that thing’s looking at us.
Domino: Ahhh!
Manny: The only thing here that’s going down is you, Hurley.
Hector: Get it? Leave! Ha ha ha!
Toto: [What a pain in the ass. Wish he’d shut the hell up.]
Clown: Don’t you think Sparky?
Clown: Are you picking up on my drift, Sparky?
Manny: Say hello to my little friend.
Unicycle man: Trap!
Unicycle man: It was a trap!
Manny: Is this where you tell me all about your secret plan, Hector?
Manny: How you stole Double-N tickets from innocent souls, pretended to sell them but really hoarded them all for yourself in a desperate attempt to get out of the Land of the Dead?
Chepito: Hey! Where you goin’?
Chepito: You can’t leave me here all alone!
Chepito: Come back here!
Manny: I coulda walked faster than this!
Manny: Rrr, hÌjole, I’m gonna miss the poisoning!
Glottis: You were the best boss… I… ever… had! … Bye.
Virago: You didn’t have time to save her either.
Virago: Oof!
Virago: Oof…
Manny: Why would Hector & Domino be hoarding cases of counterfeit Double-N tickets?
Manny: Oh, right.
Gunnar: Hssss!
Terry: Did you hear that guys? He thinks we should register a complaint.
Screaming1 Aaaaaaahhhhh!
screaming2 Aaaaaahhhhhhh!
screaming3 Aaaaaahhhhhhh!
moaning1 Aaaaaahhhhhhh…
moaning2 Ooooohhhhh….
moaning3 Rrrrhhhhh…..
moaning4 Aaaaaahhhhh…..
moaning5 Eeeeehhhhh….
moaning6 Aaaahhhhh….
Manny: Let me see that.
Manny: Yeah.
Announcer: Hissing Pretty
Announcer: Tiger Lily
Announcer: Claws of Fire
Announcer: Katastrophe
Announcer: Windward Windy
Announcer: Leeward Louie
Announcer: Kitty Meow
Announcer: Twinkle Toes
Announcer: El Gato Gordo
Announcer: Kentucky White Paw
Announcer: Kat Man Doo
Announcer: Kitty Kitty Bang-Bang
Announcer: Cat-Scratch Speeder
Announcer: Siamese Express
Announcer: Screeching For Vengeance
Announcer: Paws II
Announcer: Big Furry Bastard
Announcer: Scratch Pole Junky
Announcer: Rusty Anchor
Announcer: Meowy-Wowy
Announcer: Litter-lover
Announcer: One-Life-Left
Announcer: Nose for Trouble
Announcer: Fulov Curiousity
Announcer: Paws ‘n Reflect
Announcer: El Pussy Pancho
Announcer: Chow Down Charlie
Announcer: Pick of the Litter
Announcer: I Am Not Spot
Announcer: Lalo Esqualo
Announcer: Dribble for Kibble
Announcer: Smitten Kitten
Announcer: You’re Not My Paw
Announcer: Prince Winki-Taka
Announcer: Vengeful Pounce
Announcer: Fluffy’s Rampage
Announcer: Old Maid’s Madness
Announcer: Snowball’s Triumph
Announcer: BunBun’s Hope
Announcer: Smokie’s Ride
Announcer: Old Scamper
Announcer: Momma’s Love Ball
Announcer: BankTeller’s Dream
Announcer: Fleaball’s Cure
Announcer: Drooling Monkey
Announcer: PorkChop’s Ransom
Announcer: BadAss Bella
Announcer: CatWetty’s Wompum
Announcer: Tail Puller’s Delight
Announcer: The Littlest Buffalo
Announcer: Toe Bite Special
Announcer: Hairball Surprise
Announcer: Tunafish Bonanza
Announcer: Myron’s Memory
Announcer: Snowballs Chance in Hell
Announcer: Desdemona
Announcer: Abicrombie
Announcer: Aloof poof
Announcer: Tail of Two Kitties
Announcer: How now, Brown Meow
Announcer: It’s a beautiful day here at Feline Meadows…
Announcer: Getting ready for the next race…
Announcer: Don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen…
Announcer: Tuesday is Kitty Hat Day…
Announcer: Please do not leave children unattended.
Announcer: For your own safety…
Announcer: Please keep off of the track.
Announcer: Do not pet the cats, please.
Announcer: We have a lost child here in the press booth…
Announcer: We’re looking for a set of lost keys here…
Announcer: We ask that if you find a set of keys, please return them to the track betting area.
Announcer: Thank you.
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, you have fifteen minutes to place your bets…
Announcer: Ten minutes to post…
Announcer: Five minutes to post.
Announcer: Post time, no more bets!
Announcer: We’re about ready to start…
Announcer: AND WE’RE OFF!
Announcer: …in the lead, right out of the gate…
Announcer: …having a little trouble…
Announcer: …making up for lost time…
Announcer: …and it looks like…
Announcer: …but here comes a challenger…
Announcer: …someone’s gaining on the outside, it’s…
Announcer: …losing ground…
Announcer: …catching up…
Announcer: …in first place…
Announcer: …in second place…
Announcer: …coming around the bend…
Announcer: …bringing up the rear…
Announcer: …oh no, she’s gone down…
Announcer: …she’s getting up, licking herself off…
Announcer: …one more lap to go…
Announcer: …what a race!
Announcer: …could go either way…
Announcer: …right on the heels of…
Announcer: …gaining ground…
Announcer: …coming into the home stretch…
Announcer: …it’s…
Announcer: …and then…
Announcer: …followed by…
Announcer: …in the lead…
Announcer: …out of nowhere!
Announcer: …it’s a miracle!
Announcer: …closing in…
Announcer: …and…
Announcer: …standing her ground…
Announcer: …coming up on the finish…
Announcer: …WE HAVE A WINNER!
Announcer: …in first, followed by…
Announcer: …and in third place…
Announcer: It looks like we have a photo-finish here folks!
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, we appreciate your patience while we await the race results.
Announcer: …and again, the winner…
Announcer: The next race will begin momentarily!
Manny: Aaah!
Manny: Oooh!
Sea bees: (Grumble grumble)
Sea bees: (Grumble grumble)
Sea bees: (Grumble grumble)
Sea bees: (Cheers)
Sea bees: … we’re not gonna … no way … Yeah! … isn’t right … Union! Union!
Sea bees: (Cheers)
Sea bees: Union! Union! Union!! Union!! UNION!!!
Sea bees: (crowd chants “Union” over and over)
Sea bees: (crowd chants “Union” over and over)
Sea bees: (grumble)
Sea bees: (grumble)
Sea bees: (grumble)
Hector: Huh?
Hector: Haaaa.
Hector: Aaahhh!
Manny: Oof.
Manny: Here–what good’s a relationship without trust?
Manny: Meche, you don’t know what you’re–
Manny: Would you just listen to MY escape plan first?
Domino: Hahaha.
Manny: Eee…eeeaah!
Manny: Ugh!
Manny: Aah!
Manny: Aaah!
Glottis: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
Glottis: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
Glottis: Wooooo-hoo-hoo! Whooooaaaa!
Glottis: Whooop! Whooooaaaa!
Glottis: Whooop! Waaaaaaaaa!
Glottis: Whooaa! Waaaaaaaaa!
Manny: I don’t plan to be around that long, Velasco.
Manny: As soon as I find out where that ocean liner’s going I’m after it.
Velasco: Ha! That ship’s going to Puerto Zapato!
Velasco: That’s the other side of the world!
Velasco: There ain’t no ships going out that way but the ol’ Limbo hereÖ
Manny: But nothing.
Manny: If the Limbo’s my only hope, then I’m already on board.
Velasco: Weeeeeeell, good luck, son.
Velasco: That’s all I got to say. Ho ho! Ha ha ha ha!
Manny: Lola? What are you doing here?
Manny: This crowd doesn’t go much for souvenir pictures.
Manny: Except, maybe of LeninÖ
Lola: Shhh! Manny, I’m on a stakeout!
Lola: I’m gonna prove to Maximino once and for all that Olivia’s no good for him.
Manny: Still hung up on Max, eh?
Manny: Take my advice, Angel.
Manny: Forget about him.
Manny: He’s a gambling racketeer–
Virago: Come on, sugar.
Virago: How about a kiss for the road.
Olivia: Oh, ick. Don’t let me down, Nick.
Olivia: You’re a lawyer.
Olivia: You’re not supposed to have feelings.
Toto: [Hey! Hold still!]
Toto: Hold still!
Toto: What are you?
Toto: DEAD! Ach!
Manny: I don’t even have lungs for crying out loud.
Manny: Neither do I.
Manny: You don’t need air, remember?
Manny: You’re a demon!
Manny: Hey! Snap out of it, sailor!
Toto: What kind of sailor are you–OOF!
Toto: Can’t handle booze, huh?
Toto: Velasco? Toto!
Toto: I got your boy Naranja here.
Toto: M.I.A, he is?
Toto: Well, he sober up, I send him to Limbo.
Toto: Yeah, yeah-he’ll make it there by morning.
Toto: Promise!
Olivia: Manny! At last we’re alone.
Glottis: Don’t worry, Manny.
Glottis: We’re safe in here.
Olivia: Tell me, how are the bourgeoisie?
Toto: Wake up!
Toto: Wake up! I don’t work on drunks!
Toto: [Idiot!]
Membrillo: A sailor by the name ofÖ
Membrillo: It looks like I’ve got one of your boys down here in the morgue.
Membrillo: Velasco.
Membrillo: All day long, Manny, I sort through pure sadness.
Membrillo: I find evidence, and I piece together stories.
Membrillo: But none of my stories end well — they all end here.
Membrillo: And the moral of every story is the same:
Membrillo: We may have years, we may have hours,
Membrillo: but sooner or later, we push up flowers.
Bruno: YOU! You were the guy who packed me in there!
Bruno: You could have at least given me a magazine!
Bruno: Four years with nothing to read but this damn mug!
Bruno: What are you doing here?
Bruno: And if you were headed this way, why didn’t you offer me a lift? Ah, phooey!
Manny: Bruno?
Manny: Bruno Martinez?
Velasco: What?
Velasco: How?
Velasco: Ö Sprouted?
Velasco: But – Ah this town’s going to Hell!
Velasco: Sailor can’t even take a two-day shore leave without watching his backÖ
Velasco: Yeah, yeah. I’ll come down in the morning.
Terry: The workers shall control the means of production…
Terry: The workers…. shall control the means of production! Yes! That’s it!
Terry: That’s what I’ve been trying to say!
Hector: I’ve got something that might interest you.
Manny: I’ll let you know when I think of it.
Manny: Better stick around.
Manny: Wish you could have seen it.
Manny: It was old school all the way.
Glottis: That was the easy part.
Glottis: The trick’s gonna be bustin’ through that big coral reef out there!
Toto: Let’s see… uh number thirty… ah, thirty six here.
Manny: I can’t believe you got it to float.
Manny: Incredible! Ha ha ha!
Manny: Bust through a big coral reef, eh?
Manny: HmmmÖ
Manny: Oooh, that reminds me.
Manny: I forgot about my date with Inez!
Manny: There can’t be too much in here.
Manny: Yeah, it’s me Manny!
Manny: I was just passing through town and–
Manny: I’d better save it.
Manny: Yeah, it’s me baby.
Manny: How’d you know?
Manny: Hey, don’t say that sweetheart.
Manny: You know I meant to stop by ‘n —
Manny: I’m thinking about heading out for donuts.
Manny: Want anything?
Toto: Oh. Oh, yeah. Uh. Lola was here. Sweet girl.
Toto: Like a daughter to me.
Toto: Tell her Papa Toto says hello.
Toto: Hey! Shut door!
Toto: You slow down my grinder, very painful!
Toto: Very painful, eh Naranja? Like torture, hee hee hee, hee hee hee.
Toto: Shut the damn door! Nothing to eat in there!
Toto: You will want a snack, go get your mother!
Toto: Argh. Not now, Manny.
Toto: I’m in the middle of something with Naranja here.
Toto: Stay out of my fridge!
Toto: [Don’t make me come in there and kick your ass!]
Toto: [What a pain in the ass.]
Toto: [Wish he’d shut the hell up.]
Toto: [What the hell?]
Toto: Look! You broke it.
Toto: What is that? Am I being inspected?
Toto: Are you with the health department or something?
Toto: Go away. I pay my money this month.
Toto: Mmmm. I haven’t had a good piece of Lengua since you shut Rub-A-Mat down!
Toto: (Sigh) You and your fancy food, with parsley and the foil swans…
Glottis: (Gasp) AH HEART! HEART IS GOOD!
Glottis: Hey, is that my car?
Manny: I don’t have time to get you for Lola, but I’m sure somebody will.
Virago: But don’t feel too bad about that Manny.
Virago: I hear saving women really isn’t your forte.
Velasco: You gotta watch your step around here, stranger.
Velasco: Rubacava ain’t the quaint little port town she used to be.
Velasco: Wwwweeell-hell-hell. Looks like there’s a new vessel in town.
Velasco: Pardon me whilst I go check her out!
Copal: Get in there and stay put until the boys downtown tell us what they want done with ya.
Copal: Someone’s gonna take the fall for this, Calavera, and it ain’t gonna be me!
Toto: Too big–Take off the whole arm.
Toto: Only do that if design turns out bad.
Manny: Buenos DÌas.
Manny: Everybody here is just as dead as you.
Manny: That’s why we call it the “Land of the Dead.”
Meche: Manny! What are you doing here?
Manny: I wanted to see how your trip was going, Angel. I AM your travel agent, you know.
Manny: I coulda walked faster than this! Rrr, hÌjole, I’m gonna miss the poisoning!
Bruno: Cut the yap. I want something cheap where I can get some rest, and that’s it.
Copal: If you haven’t bagged a premium before the next sales report comes in, you’re out!
Meche: Guess they couldn’t save me, eh?
Manny: No, but there’s still a chance you could save me.
Limones: I was once a reaper like yourself, Manuel. But I uncovered a web of corruption in our beloved Department of Death.
Limones: I have reason to believe that the Bureau of Acquisitions is cheating the very souls it was chartered to serve. I think someone is robbing these poor, naÔve souls of their rightful destinies, leaving them no option but to march on a treacherous trail of tears, unprotected and alone. Like babies, Manuel. Like babies.
Manny: What’s your evidence?
Limones: That’s where you come in, Manuel. Or, should I call you “Agent Calavera?”
Manny: “Manny” suits me fine. I’m not looking to join any military organization, Sal. I just want my job back so I can work off my time and get out of this dump.
Limones: Well, you won’t even be able to get out of this city with out my help. Which means, of course, you won’t be able to find that woman, and you’ll never get your job back. When you’re ready to join the cause, Manuel, come talk to me. We might be of some use to each other.
Copal: Hector! No!
Membrillo: It looks like I’ve got one of your boys down here in the morgue.
Lola: Tell me, Manny. Would I have had a chance?
Domino: Hahahahaha!
Domino: I’ve got to get back to the city where the action is.
Velasco: You gotta watch your step around here, stranger. Rubacava ain’t the quaint little port town she used to be.
Limones: Manuel? Are youÖ
Limones: Öin love with her?
Manny: Love? Love is for the living, Sal. I’m only after her for one reasonÖ
Manny: ÖShe’s my ticket out of here.
Bruno: Ah, phooey!
Bruno: I’m getting out of here. This world’s for suckers.
Bogen: This is an outrage!
Bogen: I bet on number two, why didn’t it come up number two?
Bogen: Well, please tell the “Man Upstairs” that Police Chief Bogen was very upset when he left…
Bogen: …and when he returns later this evening, he would prefer to have better luck!
Croupier: Ah Monsieur, je suis vraiment dÈsolÈ, I do not pick the winners.
Croupier: These things are all controlled by the man upstairs.
Croupier: Oui, Monsieur. Bon soir.
Croupier: I will definitely tell him.
Croupier: Zero.
Croupier: One.
Croupier: Two.
Croupier: Three.
Croupier: Four.
Croupier: Five.
Croupier: Six.
Croupier: Seven.
Croupier: Eight.
Croupier: Nine.
Croupier: Ten.
Croupier: Eleven.
Croupier: Twelve.
Croupier: Thirteen.
Croupier: Fourteen.
Croupier: Fifteen.
Croupier: Sixteen.
Croupier: Seventeen.
Croupier: Eighteen.
Croupier: Nineteen.
Croupier: Twenty.
Croupier: Twenty-one.
Croupier: Twenty-two.
Croupier: Twenty-three.
Croupier: Twenty-four.
Croupier: Twenty-five.
Croupier: Twenty-six.
Croupier: Twenty-seven.
Croupier: Twenty-eight.
Croupier: Twenty-nine.
Croupier: Thirty.
Croupier: Thirty-one.
Croupier: Thirty-two.
Croupier: Thirty-three.
Croupier: Thirty-four.
Croupier: Thirty-five.
Croupier: Thirty-six.
Croupier: Le zÈro…
Croupier: Le un…
Croupier: Le deux…
Croupier: Le trois…
Croupier: Le quatre…
Croupier: Le cinq…
Croupier: Le six…
Croupier: Le sept…
Croupier: Le huit…
Croupier: Le neuf…
Croupier: Le dix…
Croupier: Le onze…
Croupier: Le douze…
Croupier: Le treize…
Croupier: Le quatorze…
Croupier: Le quinze…
Croupier: Le seize…
Croupier: Le dix-sept…
Croupier: Le dix-huit…
Croupier: Le dix-neuf…
Croupier: Le vingt…
Croupier: Le vingt et un…
Croupier: Le vingt-deux…
Croupier: Le vingt-trois…
Croupier: Le vingt-quatre…
Croupier: Le vingt-cinq…
Croupier: Le vingt-six…
Croupier: Le vingt-sept…
Croupier: Le vingt-huit…
Croupier: Le vingt-neuf…
Croupier: Le trente…
Croupier: Le trente et un…
Croupier: Le trente-deux…
Croupier: Le trente-trois…
Croupier: Le trente-quatre…
Croupier: Le trente-cinq…
Croupier: Le trente-six…
Croupier: Rouge,
Croupier: Noir,
Croupier: Red.
Croupier: Black.
Croupier: …pair et passe.
Croupier: …pair et manque.
Croupier: …impair et pass.
Croupier: …impair et manque.
Croupier: Mesdames et Messieurs, faites vos jeux s’il vous plaÓt.
Croupier: Ladies and Gentlemen, please place your bets.
Croupier: Mesdames et Messieurs, rien ne va plus.
Croupier: Les jeux sont faits.
Croupier: Ladies and Gentlemen, Betting is closed.
Croupier: No more bets, please.
Croupier: Le deux. Noir, pair et manque.
Croupier: Number two, two is the winner.
Croupier: Your chips, Monsieur…
Bogen: Oh, why thank you!
Bogen: Thank you very much!
Bogen: How nice!
Bogen: Again?
Bogen: This must be my lucky day!
Bogen: Merci.
Bogen: Merci beaucoup.
Croupier: House pays all winners…
Croupier: La banque paye…
Charlie: Alright, Manny!
Charlie: Give me the case!
Manny: Charles, I thought we had a bargain!
Charlie: Oh, we do. But I thought I’d bring some muscle along just in case.
Manny: What’s the matter, Chuck?
Manny: Can’t afford to hire goons to do this sort of work for you?
Charlie: I’m all the goon I need. Now drop it!
Manny: You said it, boss.
Manny: Got a card for me?
Charlie: Here. Welcome to the union, Manny. Meetings first Tuesday of every month and-uh, don’t forget to pay your dues.
Manny: Don’t forget to pay my duesÖ
Manny: It’s looks like a glowing hunk of coral.
Manny: I heard he was a total slave-driver.
Manny: No room for that.
Manny: Don’t think that’s gonna work.
Manny: Not here!
Manny: It’s Toto Santos, Rubacava’s friendly scrimshaw artist.
Croupier: Le numÈro gagnant…
Copal: Out on the street! No job! No way to work off your time! Just your fancy suit and your big smile and a whole lotta time to kill!
Limones: I don’t know if you believe that, but whatever you do, do not land in Puerto Zapato! It’s a trap. Assassins will attempt to board your ship disguised as customs agents.
Limones: Beware! And Viva la RevoluciÛn!
Hector: This slow stuff WILL sprout you, but it’s going to take a long time, I’m sorry to say.
Limones: I think someone is robbing these poor, naÔve souls of their rightful destinies, leaving them no option but to march on a treacherous trail of tears, unprotected and alone.
Limones: Like babies, Manuel. Like babies.
Limones: When you’re ready to join the cause, Manuel, come talk to me. We might be of some use to each other.
Hector: We’ve had a lot of openings in this office in the last couple of years, and frankly we’ve had trouble filling them. I could really use a closer like you on the team.
Copal: This is her reward, after a lifetime of hardship and public service? Her destiny stolen by some overreaching salesman looking for a fat commission he didn’t deserve!
Limones: Our army has grown, and right now our top agents are in Hector’s weapons lab, about to close in on the enemy in his own den. I couldn’t have done it without you, Manuel.


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