Official Grim Fandango poster
Official Grim Fandango poster

Grim Fandango is a LucasArts adventure game that combines inspirations from Aztec mythology and film noir, dressed in a wonderful aesthetic that combines art deco and nouveau. Set in the Land of the Dead, it follows the journey of Manny Calavera — travel agent of death — whose job is to reap recently deceased souls and send them on their way to a place of eternal rest, until he too can join them. Unfortunately, corruption and betrayal stand in the way of him ever moving on.

Designed and built by Tim Schafer and his team in 1998, Grim Fandango has become a widely acclaimed classic that is remembered by many as one of the last great LucasArts adventure games. A rich storyline, moving soundtrack, and extraordinarily memorable characters complement pre-rendered 3D visuals and masterful art direction that have stood the test of time.

Remastered edition

Grim Fandango Remastered was released in 2015, taking the original and loosening the technical limitations that it faced while carefully preserving everything that makes it so special. Unlike the original, it’s available on numerous platforms including consoles, making Schafer’s vision of a cinematic experience played with a game pad easier to accommodate.

Boasting HD resolution, re-recorded music with live band and orchestra, sophisticated lighting effects, director commentary, and stacks of concept art, it’s the definitive edition of the game that’s sure to be enjoyed by new and existing fans for years to come.


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