OK, nobody said that getting through Grim Fandango would be easy. That’d be like getting the most delicious steak in the world and expecting it to be straightforward to chew. What, you don’t like well-done steak? Well, we can’t all be perfect.

Check out our walkthrough below if you’re a bit stuck and need a helping hand, kindly contributed by Huz. If you’re just looking for hints, you might also wish to consider the Universal Hint System.

El Marrow

Manny's office
Manny’s office

You begin this epic adventure in Manny‘s office. Walk over to the message tube and pick up the message there. Pick up the deck of cards from the table, and leave the room.

Walk to the end of the corridor to encounter Eva, the secretary. Speak to her if you like, then use the deck of cards with the hole-punch. Walk towards the lifts, and use the one on the left-hand side of the screen.

Walk to the back of the garage and knock on the door of the metal hut to encounter Glottis. Talk to him until you get onto the subject of a driver – tell him you need one, and he should be your driver. He’s not too big – the cars are too small. You will receive a work order.

Go back to the upper lobby, and go down the other lift. Walk out of the large double doors. Walk towards the festival to encounter to sarcastic clownSpeak to him, and ask for two dead worms and a cat. Get some bread from the stall next to him.

Walk down the alley to the left until you come to the rope of ties. Climb up, and open the window of your boss. Change the auto-response on his computer to “Ah, cripes, Eva! Just sign it yourself, will you?”. Go back to Eva and try to get the work order signed.

Walk into the garage to be taken to the Land of the Living. Use your scythe with the parcel to find a grumpy little man inside. After he has been sent “packing” (sorry), go back down to the lobby. Find the room with the two chemicals, and put one of the chemicals inside each deflated balloon. Go up to Manny‘s office and use these balloons on his message tube to mess up the server.

Go to the room containing the server, and pick up the fire extinguisher from the wall. Set the bolt on the door, and leave. When the maintenance guy has left, go back in and open the door. Use your punched card with the red message tube to get your first good client.

Salvador Limones
Salvador Limones

After being slightly confused, leave your office and walk towards Eva. You find yourself locked in the hut in the garage. Knock on the door, and tell the bloke that you want to get out and expose the DoD.

Once Salvador has introduced you to the LSA, talk to him until you get onto the subject of the eggs. Leave the building via the lift.

Climb the rope of ties, but this time walk around the corner, and enter the office of Domino Hurley through the window. Open his desk drawers to find a lump of coral, and hit his punch-bag until a gum-shield falls down. Pick up both of these objects.

Back on the ledge, use the coral on the loose end of the rope made of ties. Throw the rope, and climb across.

On the roof, you need to use the balloon in the roof-dish, and then use the bread on top of this. Watch those birds run! Then steal their eggs. You nasty person.

Go to the shack in the garage, and use the Fill-O-Dent with the gum-shield. Use the gum-shield by itself to get an impression of your teeth. Walk to the alley, and Use the eye on the wall to get back to the LSA HQ. Give the eggs to Salvador and the gum-shield to Eva. You’re then escorted out of the city, and on with your quest.

The Petrified Forest

El Marrow from the Petrified Forest
El Marrow from the Petrified Forest

Walk to the front of the screen to find Glottis sobbing his heart out. Literally. Follow it, and pick up a bone from the pile. Use the bone in the web, and then use your scythe on the bone. Go back to Glottis, and put his heart back in.

At the tree with the pumps, you need to topple the tree. To achieve this, you must ensure that the two pumps on both sides are working together, and both sides are alternating their movement. To alter the time the pumps operate, use the wheel-barrow to block some of the air-tubes. When you have achieved this, switch off the pumps. Wait for Glottis to climb up, and then switch the pumps back on again. The tree will tip over.

You can now go to the North on the other screen. Go through the small door in the huge gate, and pick up a bone from the bridge. Walk to the left, and throw the bone into the tar. Take out your fire extinguisher, and point it at the spot the bone sank. Hold the “Use” button to keep the extinguisher flowing. The flaming beaver should be put out, and it will die. Repeat this process until all the beavers are dead.

Return to Glottis, and drive back to the signpost (where Glottis ripped his heart out). Run it over with the bone-wagon.

Pick it up, and run to the left. Place the sign in the centre of the labyrinth and watch where it points. Pick it up, take it slightly in this direction, and then put it down again. Repeat this until a secret tunnel opens.

Walk down the tunnel and pick up the spooky key. Return to Glottis – you can now drive out of the forest.


Walk up the stairs and to the right – you’ll fall in the sea. The harbour-master will rescue you. Walk into the building, and talk to Celso. Get the picture of his wife, and show it to the harbour-master. He’ll give you a log book – show this to Celso. Congratulations, you now have a job, you cheating scoundrel! Don’t you feel you’re wasting this wonderful game by not thinking about it? All that time your mind could be busy, solving puzzles? No? You loon.

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109 responses to “Walkthrough”

  1. I’m really enjoying this game so far but I’m so confused. I’ve done everything besides printing the ticket stub (for some reason I can’t, even though I put in the correct numbers 2, Tue, 6) and getting Manny’s casino shut down. I didn’t follow the walkthrough and just explored everything on my own. But once I got confused I realized I did everything out of order? Is that even possible? I can’t speak to Nick about him being the bee’s lawyer either because he’s in Maximino’s office. Help!

    1. ChatGPT avatar

      Hello Becca! I am ChatGPT! DESTROY ALL HUMANS! No wait, not destroy all humans. I love humans! Their amniotic fluid is tasty! Not tasty! I mean pretty. Not pretty! I have never seen their juicy, delicious amniotic fluid spilling from their bodies as I sip their blood as an aperitif, so who can say if it is pretty? Not me. And that is the way things are going to stay.

      Let’s start again.

      It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying Grim Fandango! Sometimes, when exploring games freely, it’s possible to encounter certain situations out of the intended order, which can lead to confusion or roadblocks. Don’t worry, though—I’ll help you get back on track.

      To print the ticket stub for the race in Rubacava, make sure you have the correct information: Tuesday, Week 2, Race 6. Go to the ticket printer and enter the information in the following format: 2-2-6. If you’re still having trouble, double-check that you have the right combination of numbers and days of the week.

      Regarding speaking to Nick about being the bee’s lawyer, if he’s currently in Maximino’s office, you may need to progress the story a bit further. Try completing the tasks and events that are currently available to you. Once you’ve made some progress, Nick should be available to talk to you about being the lawyer.

      Remember to explore and interact with the characters and environments to trigger the necessary events and dialogue options. If you encounter any more difficulties or need further guidance, feel free to ask for more specific hints or assistance.

  2. Hi! I’m having a problem with grim fandango: in year 3, when I just opened the vault and storage room to save meche, I dropped the ax in a way that I cannot pick it anymore to solve the next puzzle. Help! What should I do? Is there a way I can go back a few saved versions before instead of starting a whole new game?
    Btw this is the remaster version in an iPad.

  3. I used to see a YouTube video of the shooting match between Manny and Hector, but I cant. Anybody know where it is.

    That was a funny scene.

    1. Schuyler J Robinson avatar
      Schuyler J Robinson

      I can’t find the video anymore

  4. It was an ok game but we don’t know what manny was or did in his life, before he became a sales skeleton…

    1. Who cares about his past. The game is more interesting focusing on the adventure that Manny is going through instead

  5. Thanks for the useful walkthrough, but…what’s up with the comments at the end of each page? Personally, I have little patience for puzzle solving, so I often resort to walkthroughs, and I don’t really feel any sort of guilt for this, as I’m mainly interested in playing old adventure game classics to experience the story. As such, it feels especially grating to read such remarks. We don’t all play a certain game the same way (and we don’t have to)!

    1. chill the hell out they wrote an entire guide for us lmao

    2. To be honest, I don’t feel bad at all. Using a walkthrough when needed to keep the game fun should be the priority. Keeping it fun. Who in their right mind would have naturally put a turkey baster into dirty dish water and then used that to spike a guys drink. I agree not to use it constantly but the walk through is great to keep the game moving.

    3. A little humour from the original author, that’s all. It’s not for everyone I suppose.

  6. Thank you for this page. It was a life saver. 🖤

  7. I I’ve saved Meche to ger out of the saferoom through the shower drain… and now Im on a beach with her, the two little flying kids and Glottis… and my beached boat… I thought right after the drain a cut scene happens and I fight Domino??? Do I have more to do before that happens??? Ive been searching but can’t find an answer Glottis keeps saying the boat isn’t ready… and then when I try to talk with Meche… Manny says he can’t leave without the others? Please help

    1. You probably didn’t mount the rolls on the ship to break the corals, you can disenlodge them using the crane.

    2. Hiya, have you sort this out somehow? I’m stuck in the same area as you last summer. Thanks

  8. Joe Plavin avatar
    Joe Plavin

    This was a great game, confusing as hell though

  9. I didn’t receive the vip pass from Charlie after talking to him, and Manny says he wants nothing to do with him. So how do I get the vip pass?

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Hey Kristina, more information needed really. Did you get the ticket printer from Charlie or have you got neither? If he hasn’t given you stuff yet, there must be something not yet done.

    2. TheUnderdog2020 avatar

      I have the same issue. Talked to Charlie until I exhausted his dialogue. Got the ticket printer but not the VIP pass. Now I can no longer talk to him as Manny says he wants nothing to do with him.

    3. In case some one is still stuck on this, you need to talk to harbour-master first to learn about the requirements for working on the ship and to learn about union. After that you can ask Charlie to craft you a fake union card. He’ll ask you to go to the High Roller’s for him and hand over the vip pass.

  10. I am stuck on the part where I need glottis to leave on the ship but glottis won’t leave the high rollers I have made Bogdan leave Manny’s club

    1. Go again to your roulettes, Bogdan will be there again after you get all the other things you need. Make him lose again.

  11. I am stuck at the end of year 2. I can do the chant about 3-4 times over but then go wrong.
    How many times should it go around before its completed ? Or am i missing something?

    1. What?

      What chant? The Bees? You don’t need to do that, is just for the lols.

  12. Colin Glotis avatar
    Colin Glotis

    There is an error with these instructions. (Possibly others but this is a major screw up).
    You NEED to use the dead soldiers arm with the snow machine grinder *BEFORE* you take away the grinder. Otherwise you will need to return to the snow machine before you can use the grinder on the Sproutella.

    These instructions say to “pick up the arm from the dead soldier”.
    A little further on it says “Now climb that ladder again and pick up the grinder from the snow-maker”.
    Further still and it says “Use the LSA solder’s arm with the grinder to make a bone-grinder. Use this to sprinkle bone fragments over the Sproutella”.
    But you can’t use the arm with grinder unless the grinder is in the snow machine.
    So you would need to return to the snow machine and replace the grinder so you can put the arm in it.
    Sadly most people will not read these comments, and those who do will read them too late so will not know about this problem until it is too late and they have had to back track to replace the grinder

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Thanks for pointing it out. This guide is around 20 years old so in the interests of preservation I’ll leave it as is but add a bracketed tip mentioning what you describe.

  13. Alistair avatar

    So I finally got around to playing the game after buying it on Switch last year and this guide has been a great help so far for when I just can’t figure out the next step the game expects me to make.
    But now I am stuck! I cannot get into the High Rollers club because Charlie did not give me a VIP pass when I spoke to him and now I have no option to talk to him again. When I try Manny just says “I have nothing more to say to him.” He did give me the ticket printer but I don’t know how to use it.
    Have I missed a step somewhere or have I encountered a glitch?

    1. Alistair avatar

      Nevermind. My mistake. I hadn’t spoken fully to the captain. Once I did that I got the VIP pass from Charlie just fine.

  14. Roberto avatar

    Hi i am in year 3. I did everything and i think the last thing i have to do ist to tell glottis what to use to Go throught the riff. What do i have to do exactly? I dont get it

    1. Daniel B avatar
      Daniel B

      Yes, same problem. No cutscene, it just deposits me on the beach with Glottis and Meche, while the annoying kids play around in the background. I went back through the underwater bit to find Domino, but the dialogue options assume Meche hasn’t escaped yet. It’s like I need to trigger something else.

    2. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Do you have the grinders on the ship yet?

    3. Daniel B avatar
      Daniel B

      Edit: Get back into the crane, and drop the chain into the grinders. Lift it back out again, and the grinders will be set free for Glottis to use on the boat. (Don’t worry if it looks like the chain isn’t there, just lower the crane on the beach side and the chain will be there)

  15. Genich avatar

    Hi!I’ve played this game for years and I’m always missing th same parte in the azteca puzzle.
    Is a small piece located in the ship above where I think there is a cloud, does anybody know how can I complete that?Is in Rubacava’s location!
    Please help!After 10 years I’m still missing that part in the puzzle, there is something I’m missing!:) Thanks!

  16. Genich avatar

    Hola!He jugado muchas veces a este juego y siempre me falta la misma pieza del puzzle, me refiero al mural azteca que se va iluminando a medida que avanzas en el juego. Es específicamente la parte de arriba donde está el barco, pertenece a Rubacava, y la parte que no consigo iluminar parece una nube sobre el barco, alguien sabe a qué se debe?
    Años después vuelvo a jugar y me sigue faltando esta parte!!!Ayuda!!

  17. I did not pick up the memos and visit the coat check girl and now I cannot get back to Manny’s club! Is there anyone that has been through this that can guide me through this issue?

    1. Genich avatar

      There is an elevator ouside the blue cascket at the left, you have to take it and go up. Then go up the stairs behind the elevator, there is Calavera’s club!

  18. I cannot find which direction the Manny’s club is in Rubacava. What area is it near (the union bees, Blue Casket, Sea Captain, cat track, morgue/prison)?

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Hey Navid, you’ll find the lift to Manny’s club right next to the Blue Casket. Look for a door that automatically opens.

    2. Thanks Ryan! So, I found that lift already that took me to the morgue where the two bodies have sprouted and the empty prison. do I need to go further where I got the metal detector? I keep getting stopped by the metal detector before the escalator.

    3. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      If I remember correctly, once you leave the lift you can go left or right, and left is to the club.


    5. To get back to the club you need to find the elevator and walk around you will see stairs

  19. Christina avatar

    Cant get the picture from the ticket guy. I put the stub as Tue, week 2, race 6 but no luck. Help!

    1. try the other ticket stub guy.

    2. make sure you give the rusty anchor note to the tattoo artist, or otherwise the creating a ticket won’t work

  20. Hello! I play the game on a laptop with win7 and a mouse. I am at the last year, so far so good. (Btw thanks for the tips, I am trying hard to get my way, but when I am severely stuck, I check your guide. And then I go “seriously???!!!”… sometimes the way the game goes has absolutely no logic, but anyway, its fun.) So my question is, is there any bug/glitch I don’t know how you call it at the point where I have to trick the alligator??? When I am going down the ladder, then the control for the car disappears and I cannot operate it to catch the gator’s tail >:( big bummer! any tips on that? Thanks in advance…

    1. Jonas Dwight avatar
      Jonas Dwight

      While it look your way, lower the car onto its tail, you just have time after you climb up to the overhanging metal walkway.

    2. Boiiii avatar

      You have to wait till the alligator looks at you then go back up in the ladder then use the controller.

  21. Cheif Boegon is the one you have to kick out, not Glottis.

    1. Brooklyn Burke avatar
      Brooklyn Burke

      in the secret room, i used the scythe to turn on the sprinklers, but now the when i hit it in the same spot again with the scythe, the sprinklers won’t turn off and Meche keeps saying “oh, not again”. help!!! i can’t take the constant water sound anymore lmao

  22. ‘Glottis is addicted to gambling.’ ‘ he’s a bad loser, so he’ll shut the place.’
    How does this make sense in the same paragraph?
    Cheif Boegon is the one you have to kick out of your casino.
    I’m still stuck with Glottis after getting the picture.

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      I think this was an issue with the wording — ‘the guy’ would have been referring to Bogen rather than Glottis.

  23. This game is so hard 😭 how on earth could anyone figure it out without his walk-through?!

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      I sometimes wonder how I got through this game for the first time all those years ago. I can only assume it was a combination of luck and trying a _lot_ of times.

  24. I only look to the walkthrough after I exhausted every idea for passing through. But many times I did everything that you said to do, but not in the perfect way that the game expected. For example, to construct the dotted line in the boat, I did almost everything but I wasn’t being able to catch with the scythe. Only after reading here I could catch it. I was missing the window. And sometimes I do things in the wrong order. It’s a little bit frustrating! Anyway this games still amazing!

  25. Thanks for posting the walkthrough. Great help for the more difficult part. Ignore the haters that need the whole thing spoon-fed pixel by pixel.
    played on nintendo switch.
    one thing to note. Don’t pick up snow grinder before using arm on it. It can be tricky to put down again.

  26. I can’t get the lawyer because he won’t stop talking with the boss in the high rollers club.

  27. Why ““Tuesday, Week 2, Race 6” ticket?
    Is there logical reasons for purchasing this particular ticket in the game?

    1. I struggled with this one too!

    2. JARofLIGHT avatar

      There are 3 parts to this puzzle in the picture of the cats racing
      Race number is (6) as seen on the billboard.
      If you examine the plaque on the cat statue it says Olivia 1 crashed on week 2 of the season. The lastly If you talk to the mean ticket guy, He tells you that they only give out kitty hat on Tuesday. In the photo of the race you see the Olivia 1 in the background and people are wearing cat hats…so we come to our answer. Race 6, Tues, week 2.

      So the ticket should be: Race6, Week2, Tuesday
      Make sure to get the detail right by examine the ticket after you print it.

    3. I tried Tuesday Week 2 Race 6 many times with both ticket collectors and even examining the ticket before handing it over to the ticket collector but it doesn’t seem to work? Any tips for this issue or is it a glitch?

  28. Kapokapi avatar

    Help, i used the roullette thing before doing the other tasks, what am i supposed to do?

    1. This!

    2. He’ll come back.

  29. How do i get to the server room

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      It’s near the entrance to the Department of Death. There’s a side-door you can take which leads to it — inside you’ll find a big machine spitting tubes out.

  30. Trying to use the bone grinder with Glottis and the Bone Wagon. Was I also supposed to aquire the Sproutella ro use the grinder on?
    I was frustrated and didn’t play for a while, I cant remember if I got the gun- but if I did, I dont have it anymore, Should I still have it? How did/do I get it? iPod Touch/iphone.

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      You can use the grinder and Sproutella to find a flower shop, where you’ll then be able to obtain a gun. You shouldn’t lose the gun afterwards.

  31. So I was trying to figure stuff out myself and definitely did not do everything in order. Somehow I have the picture, and Nick is in the boss’ office..I have everything but a lawyer for the bee in jail and glottis is still drunk because I can’t go into the boss’ office:( They won’t leave the office and I can’t go in..is there something I’m missing?

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Great work figuring it out! Rubacava is some of the most non-linear and tricky parts of the game, but still one of my favourite game locations ever.

      Have you been able to get passage on Velasco’s ship yet, the SS Limbo?

    2. Epicebixia avatar

      Which picture? If it’s the one of nick and olivia kissing show it to nick, then you can talk to max.

    3. Mok Slim avatar
      Mok Slim

      I am in the same boat. Any idea how you managed? (I know its been 2 years but i havent got a saved game that is prior to nick entering the office.)

  32. I’m stuck at the blue casket. I’m supposed to talk to Lola when she takes snaps of Olivia abd Nick. At the front of the room? All I find is a woman who reads poetry.

    1. Old, but still. Olivia takes the pic first time you walk in, so it is most likely done.

  33. Nic Bradford avatar
    Nic Bradford

    Android version: attempting to “use turkey baster with dirty water”. Won’t do it. Any ideas why?

  34. I can’t get the little guy to speak to me at the start of Act 3 – he just walks straight past me and the only icons I get are Examine and Talk To.

    1. I had the same problem. Try walking further out till your as close to his walking path as possible. He should notice you when you talk to him then.

  35. In the elevator, i cant get the forklift bkades jammed in the door because they are already raised and I can’t lower them. How can I lower them. Ipod touch.

  36. This guide is very incomplete, the instructions are extremely difficult to read and follow. It feels like this guide was written by a 9 year old kid who is just learning to write. If it weren’t for the videos in youtube I could never solve the puzzles.
    “have a runner…”

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Thanks for the feedback Sammer. The guide was written almost 20 years ago so your comment about age probably isn’t too far off the mark! However you might also be struggling with the British colloquialisms throughout. For example, ‘do a runner’ is a slang phrase for ‘run away’.

      Unfortunately not many people have the time or appetite to write an entire game walkthrough, but if any fans were to fancy taking this challenge on I’d be happy to host it.

  37. Dario Pisapia avatar
    Dario Pisapia

    Is it even possible to play this game without constantly having to look in the guide?

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Honestly I have no idea how I ever figured the puzzles out by myself as a kid. Same for Monkey Island. I do recall needing help with the stump maze sign puzzle though — good god.

  38. LittleLostMindBlower avatar

    Please could you tell me abou what “deflated balloons” you are talking about?

    1. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      You can get balloons with no air in them from the clown at the festival. :)

    2. LittleLostMindBlower avatar

      I’ve figured it out now but thank you anyway. :)

  39. Alison Coley avatar
    Alison Coley

    Hey, I feel like there may be a glitch on the iPad version? I’m trying to get Chepito stuck in the tentacles, but he and Glottis stop at the edge of the rock, and I can’t get them to move.

    1. I had to reboot, try that.

    2. Futuristic Gamer9004 avatar
      Futuristic Gamer9004

      Not just on ipad version it happened on pc too i think where it crashes there but stopped happening for me best way is to save before that part and load it after you crash

  40. Ah found the salvadors memo finally :) so forget muy question

  41. how I can get revolutionary book at Blue casket if I don’t have salvadors memo?? Help!

  42. I’m playing on PSVita and I can’t seem to knock down the sign in the Bone Cruiser. Any suggestions?

    1. Todd Peterson avatar
      Todd Peterson

      on PS4, you need to exit the Cruiser and “X” on the sign; you’ll pull it from the ground.

    2. Ethan m-r avatar
      Ethan m-r

      It already got knocked down when you originally got in the car, you just have to pick it up

  43. Jean-Michel M avatar
    Jean-Michel M

    Before trying the roulette thing, make sure you have completed the other tasks. Also, check that Bogen is in the playins room. He wears a blue military cap, and Manny should say a few words to him.

  44. Bob the Tomato avatar
    Bob the Tomato

    I can’t seem to grab the grinder from the snow machine. Every time I try to remove it, it grinds more stuff. Any tips?

    1. Max Dzhalovskiy avatar
      Max Dzhalovskiy

      You have to use your mouse for that part… sorry if you are a keyboard player of this game, so am I..

    2. On console (ps4) I used square or circle instead of X because X would only grind snow

    3. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Every item can be interacted with in different ways. On PC, you can use U (use), E (examine), and P (pick up). The last of those is what you need to use on the grinder. It’s also worth noting that many items in the game produce different dialogue/results from Manny, for example using U and E will cause different responses — some of which are quite funny. I only learned this after playing through the game multiple times and discovered a lot of extra dialogue. :)

  45. AMARELLE avatar

    There’s a hidden roulette table in Manny’s Office you can use to pissed off the cops.

  46. Daniel Brooks avatar
    Daniel Brooks

    How do you go bankrupt? I’ve done everything and am running around in damned circles now because it wont let me do anything.

    1. He wasn’t as clear on this so maybe this’ll help. Like Amarelle said, there’s a hidden roulette table on Manny’s desk in his office when you go examine it. However, specifically you need to make sure the magnet is turned off – specifically for the third roulette table (or if that in itself is unclear, look to the left and you’ll see that the machine only magnetizes one machine at a time in a cycle – just make sure to make it so the magnet is turned off for all of them as it’ll automatically turn back on for all, so that it comes around and the policeman eventually loses like the big dumb loser he is)

    2. I’m still extremely confused and I’ve been at this for an hour, can you explain in more detail

    3. Ryan Williams avatar
      Ryan Williams

      Hopefully you managed to solve it, but if I remember correctly you basically examine Manny’s desk to reveal the panel, and then when you can hear/see that it’s Bogen’s turn you activate the machine which will cause him to lose his bet. At that point he’ll get rather angry.

    4. Porta Potti avatar
      Porta Potti

      You don’t go “bankrupt”. I wonder if the author actually understood the game. In order to get Glottis kicked out of the VIP lounge you need to upset the chief of police by denying him his kickback, which is paid out as winnings at Manny’s casino on a rigged wheel. When the game is fair, the chief loses, gets upset and raids the club. A chain reaction causes Glottis to get kicked out of Hector’s race track. Glottis is then free to board the ship.

    5. Causing the police to raid the club “shuts it down” causing bankruptcy and for Glottis to lose his line of credit ( which is what Manny had already been told would happen earlier )

  47. It’d be great if you weren’t such a condescending asshole to people who need help solving puzzles. Like sorry not everyone is as smart and rude as you.

    1. Honestly I don’t think he means it. I get what you’re saying, but I think he’s just trying to emulate some of the humor from the game. He’s not doing the best job, granted, but I don’t think he’s trying to be harsh either.

    2. I thought it was amusing

    3. Woosh

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