Celebrating Grim Fandango’s 25th Anniversary

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Can you believe that Grim Fandango has been around for 25 years now? To celebrate the occasion, the Grim Fandango Network — which as it happens has also been around for 25 years — has been given a bit of a revamp.

Grim Fandango Network, circa 2001
Grim Fandango Network, circa 2001

Primarily this comprises a new design with a colour scheme that pays homage to the design we had during the community’s most active and exciting era, when the forums buzzed with activity and people were still widely discovering the game for the first time.

There will surely be other sites celebrating this wonderful milestone, so check back soon and we’ll see if we can compile some of it together. We are also of course a Mojo site, so be sure to keep an eye on the news over there.

Note: The game’s release date is described as October 30th, 1998 on Wikipedia, which is potentially up for debate but we are all too old now to worry about that too much.


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