Grim Fandango music played live for 25th anniversary

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While celebrating 25 years of the game we all hold most dear, Grim Fandango designer Tim Schafer introduced the game’s composer Peter McConnell who then proceeded to tear up the stage with his jazz band.

Enjoy performances of:

  • Casino Calavera
  • Swanky Maximino
  • Mr Frustration Man
  • Smooth Hector
  • She Sailed Away
  • High Roller
  • Gambling Glottis
  • Blue Casket Bop
  • Hi-Tone Fandango
  • Manny & Meche

That is one mean set! One can only imagine how it must have felt being in that room — the atmosphere looks absolutely fantastic.

You may also enjoy the Black & Bone version of the video:


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  1. Sandor of Two Chickens avatar
    Sandor of Two Chickens

    I would like to personally thank any and everyone that Built this Page. Also,the eminence quality is second to none.

    Much Thanks,

    The Hound

  2. Sandor of Two Chickens avatar
    Sandor of Two Chickens

    Yeah, “What a long strange trip it’s been” Jerry Garcia…
    Not in a million years,if you told me this is how things would of turned out with our tiny Interwebz. I woulda fell outta my chair. And I was a hardcore gamer in 99′. [ Diatribe Over ].
    I did get to play this when it first came out on my bros compaq. Whelp, it’s still a benchmark to this day,unlike some of the beaver biscuits we have to deal with. [ Appears Diatribe has Commenced ]
    This has been well received.


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