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  • Grim Fandango music played live for 25th anniversary

    While celebrating 25 years of the game we all hold most dear, Grim Fandango designer Tim Schafer introduced the game’s composer Peter McConnell who then proceeded to tear up the stage with his jazz band. Enjoy performances of: That is one mean set! One can only imagine how it must have felt being in that…

  • Discounted Grim Fandango collectibles on iam8bit

    Presumably to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary, iam8bit is selling its Grim Fandango items at a discount. Unfortunately, at time of writing the PS4 version of the game is sold out. But the Switch version is up for grabs, as is the vinyl soundtrack. Check out the items!

  • Celebrating Grim Fandango’s 25th Anniversary

    Can you believe that Grim Fandango has been around for 25 years now? To celebrate the occasion, the Grim Fandango Network — which as it happens has also been around for 25 years — has been given a bit of a revamp. Primarily this comprises a new design with a colour scheme that pays homage…

  • Eight inspirations for Grim Fandango

    Did you know that Grim Fandango is now 20 years old? It’s been a good few years for our beloved classic, with re-releases on modern platforms which brought us remastered music and higher-definition visuals. Grim Fandango designer himself Tim Schafer has celebrated the occasion by posting a Double Fine video looking at eight things that…

  • Update #3

    Forums updated with archives now that they’re no longer online Various typos across site corrected

  • Grim Fandango Remastered sound engineer in coma following accident

    Update (April 24th, 2016) I’m very saddened to have just learnt from Tim Schafer that Jory didn’t recover from his accident and has passed away. I send my condolences to his loved ones. Original Article Sound engineer Jory Prum — who recovered and remastered Grim Fandango‘s audio and music for Grim Fandango Remastered, and has more recently worked on Day of the Tentacle Remastered — has…

  • Update #2

    Puzzle Document added to Downloads Various broken links and typos corrected

  • Update #1

    Dialogue added to Game Info Rubacava added to Locations Walkthrough added to Game Info Website made a little more suitable for phones and tablets (more being done here soon)